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New Zealand UFO sightings. UFO sightings at Paraparaumu Beach

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UFO sightings at Paraparaumu Beach. Residents of New Zealand captured a UFO

A husband and wife living in New Zealand witnessed a mysterious phenomenon provoked by an unidentified flying object. We are talking about a "burning" UFO that appeared in the New Zealand sky at dawn on March 18, 2018. The UFO, by the way, was documented - watch the video below. The place where the video was shot is the Paraparaumu Beach area.

UFO sightings at Paraparaumu Beach. Residents of New Zealand captured a UFO

We stopped near the ocean in order to admire the sunrise, but at some point, we saw something very strange in the sky — a bright, simply glowing object that gradually disappeared. We thought it was some kind of star, but experts say that there are no stars that would be so bright in the predawn sky,"

the authors of the video said:

So what was it? Some believe that the object may well pass for a drone patrolling the island, others suggest that the camera simply captured a bright star in the sky. In addition, there is a version that this is an airplane that flies in the direction opposite to the subject. And of course, the favorite version of all skeptics is the Chinese lantern. In the vicinity of Kapiti Island, according to local residents, mysterious events often occur.

UFO sightings at Paraparaumu Beach. Residents of New Zealand captured a UFO

Maybe the author of the video witnessed a real UFO? We will make an examination of this video if it gets at least 500 reposts on Twitter. In the meantime, we leave it to your judgment.

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