She met with aliens with Miriam Delicado

She was dating aliens. Camelot interview with Miriam Delicado

I don't want to talk to you. Really, I would not like to. I would like to put on a mask and not be here. But I am here because I feel and know with my heart, with my mind, with my whole being that we are on a path that is truly frightening.

... There are people everywhere on Earth who have had experiences similar to mine, and we have all been waiting for the right moment to stand together – in unity – and come forward and speak to the world.

... and immediately it hit me. I thought, " Oh, oh, that's it. ... it's him

And he asked: "Have you worked for the CIA or the FBI before?”. And, of course, I am 22 years old. I don't want anything to do with this. I think “ " Why is this happening to me?".

Surprisingly, the child grew up, my father repeatedly told me the story about himself, how he wandered the streets of Paris during the war – after all, he is from Europe – and how a man approached him. And so, my father told me, they asked him to join the Army of Mediums, the Russian army of Mediums.

And he kept telling me: “If they ever come to you, never go with them. Do you understand? Never go with them, because if you do, you will become their property… They showed me an image of the underground base, what ... what happened there was so disgusting and disgusting and terrible for me that I couldn't control myself.

... "What are you doing here? Why can't you just leave me alone? And then I boarded the ship.

The knowledge that we are not alone, that we are being watched, that what we are doing is currently being viewed by other entities that have certain knowledge that we do not have.

... I saw the future through them, with their help. I believe that since we are awakened and begin to exchange this information with people, that great changes are coming and all we need is to understand.

Whether it is a Meteor that will collide with the Earth, whether war or famine will break out, or other changes will occur on Earth – any of these things – a person has the ability to change the timing of their implementation, that what should happen will be postponed.


Kerry Cassidy: Hi, I'm Kerry Cassidy from the Camelot Project, and Miriam Delicado is here with us. 

And she has her own website and she's going to tell us a very interesting story. She is a contactee, and she has a special relationship with people from the Hopi and Maya, as we will see later.

Hi, Miriam, how are you today?

M: Okay, thank you. Thank you very much for meeting me, Kerry.

K: Of course. I'm very glad. I've read your book. This is a wonderful book. Why don't you start from the beginning, feel comfortable, and tell people your story? So let's continue.

Miriam Delicado: All right. To begin with, this is a very, very long story, and it is quite difficult for me to convey to people the story of my life, which I tried to tell a little in my book “Blue Star”, to acquaint people with the various things that happened to me.

The last twenty years of my life have been extremely interesting, then I had numerous contacts with aliens from different places. And people often ask me where these entities came from. And this is a very broad topic, so let's touch on it a little. But, let's give the audience a general overview: You know, my life started very strangely from the very beginning, and there were a lot of unusual things in my life while I was growing up. For the first time, I began to notice that I was not like everyone else, probably when I was about two years old. And I actually have memories that could take me back to the time when I was still a child, and also ... most of my memories come up in my memory when I was about two.

Therefore, when I was about 9 years old, I developed psychic abilities and numerous strange things began to happen to me. I had very vivid dreams and things like that that I really couldn't explain.

Usually, as a child, I would play a little game, look at people sitting in cars ... while I drove past them in a car. And I tried to guess what they were talking about or thinking.

And when I did this, what amazed me most of all was that sometimes I heard some things that they were thinking about. But at the same time, I was always afraid that they would find out that I was eavesdropping on their thoughts, and I never wanted to get caught in this class.


So, all this is very, very fresh in my memory since I was very young. Not at all what I'm doing now. This is not something that I consciously, constantly do, of course, I always now ask permission from someone before doing such a thing. So, from the very beginning, I was a little different from everyone else.

And, as I grew older, my abilities only developed, became stronger and stronger. And when I was a teenager, I did all sorts of things. I had prophetic dreams. And, you know, to use terms that people will understand, I had a number of visions that actually came true within a very short period of time. And I also had meetings with, how should I say this, entities that I remember quite vaguely, who they are and where they came from. And this increased my nervousness because although I knew that my father also had similar abilities, we did not have such a trusting relationship that I could talk to him about this topic. And these circumstances alone poisoned those early years for me, for this reason alone.

My father was an interesting character in my life, as he also seemed to have some abilities. And when we were little, we were always a little nervous around him, thinking that he always knows what we are doing. Therefore, when-if we switch immediately in 1988, 20 years ago, when I met aliens on a highway in northern British Columbia, I was amazed. And it was a physical contact that radically changed my whole life. But when it happened, I immediately realized that my father also had contact, simply because … According to a number of things that these entities told me about, I realized that my father, when we were children, used to talk about the same things, what changes will happen on our earth, and what we need to learn in order to survive, and similar things that we need to do. This kind of thing. So I always knew that he had contacts.

Q: He also worked for secret agencies ... you know, like intelligence?

M: No, I'm not aware of that.

K: After all, you say that these entities approached him. And he also warned you about these entities at some point. Isn't it?

M: Yes.

Q: And how do you know that you still applied?

M: This is a very interesting story, my father always told it to me when I was little. It was a fascinating story, it always, you know, made me very nervous, and I had no idea what he meant. So, here's what I should have done in the first place, back in 1988. A couple of years have passed since then and I worked in a small store selling yogurt. And this is really an unsolved part of the puzzle of my life, and it even still, and to this day, bothers me a little.

So, it was a year, about a couple of years after 1988, and I was working in this yogurt shop. And it was an ordinary day, or so it just seemed to me. And one guy walked past the window of the store and looked me straight in the eye.

And when he looked like that, he walked right through the door, came right up to me, looked me straight in the eye, and said “ " Do you work for the CIA or the FBI?

And I said, " No. I'm not working.” And immediately it hit me. I thought | / Oh-oh-oh, that's how it is. …

And he asked again: "Have you ever worked for the CIA or the FBI?” Well, of course, I'm 22 years old. I don't want anything to do with this. I think “ " Why is all this happening to me? Why?” I replied “ " No, I didn't work.

And then he started working on me… He asked: "Have you ever thought of working for the Russians?"And, of course, I replied “Of course not.

Then he started telling me how the Russians had been working with people like me for a very long time. And that if I join them, I will never be alone again, that I will be surrounded by people just like me. And I said that I was not interested in it at all.

And what he was talking about was only about the Program for studying supersensible perception. And he told me that this program has been involved for a very long time, and, of course, I knew all about it. And I looked at this person very well, politely, with a smile on my face, and said that I was not interested in his offer.

And he shook me, saying, " Do you know what strength you have?

I smiled at him. She replied ” " Yes, I know how strong I am.

And he asked “ " But can you control your abilities?

I said “ " In principle, I can.

And then he said that they would still be very interested in working together with me. And I told them that I didn't have any opportunity for this.

I said “ " What I would like you to do is to return to those who sent you here, thank them very much for their interest in me” and said that there was no point in coming back to me all the time because I would never be interested in their proposals. The most remarkable thing is that the child was growing up, my father constantly told me a story about himself, how he lived on the streets of Paris during the war – he is, of course, from Europe – and how that person approached him. And here's what my father told me, that they offered my father to join the Army of Psychics, the Russian Army of Psychics.

And he kept telling me: “If they ever come to you, don't follow them for anything."Do you understand? Never go with them, because if you do, you will become their property.

You will not be able to escape from them, and you will not be able to hide, because they will take over your consciousness.

And so, of course, I have always been very afraid of this situation. And there was no point for me in growing up. But at that moment, as soon as that guy walked into the store and said “ " Do you work for the CIA or the FBI?” I knew exactly who he was, what he was there for, and I was very firm in my intentions and replied that I was not interested in his proposal. And I am not interested in anyone so that they do something in this direction.


K: Good. Yes. I remember this story from your book, and I think it was a wake-up call. I think your father ... what? Maybe there was some Indian blood in him? He definitely had, although I don't know, because he is European ... what would you say about your origin, only from the point of view of genetics, I think?

M: My mother is German and, as far as I know, she is German anyway. My father is from Yugoslavia. And, as far as I know ... the history of his family goes back to the distant past, if you go back and go back along with his pedigree, I think there is a lot of different interesting blood mixed there. But it probably wouldn't be fair to say something about him or someone else, because I'm not sure.

But as far as there is Indian blood there, no, I'm not sure that there is. But, regarding my pedigree, if someone is interested in finding it, and could go far back/ along the pedigree line/, somewhere, you know, for thousands of years, I think it would be interesting to see where it would lead.

K: Good. So, let's go back to your incident in 1988 and tell us a little more about it.

M: In 1988, I lived an ordinary life of average income as a fairly adult young man. I just moved from a small town to a big city, in Vancouver, British Columbia. I decided to take a trip to my hometown with my friends. And on the way there, everything was fine. We were driving by car and everything was fine. But on the way back, everything changed.

There were four of us, four adults, and one small child in the car. And the trip ... we've been driving for several hours. I was sleeping in the backseat. It was getting dark. The one who was driving the car wanted to take a break, and moved to the back seat, and I sat in the front, in the passenger side next to my friend. Suddenly, large balls of light immediately appeared ... they looked like the headlights of a truck, it seemed to us that a very long time had passed... the flow behind us intensified and drove the car quite quickly. And as it happened, we were surprised why they were driving so fast.

These strange lights chased us for hours in the dark. And every time another car passed by us or we passed a house or a building, the lights seemed to recede and disappear.

Thus, after it lasted for hours, we finally drove through the town, where, as we hoped, for sure, the lights would disappear. And as soon as we got to the end of this town, to the forest, absolutely sure that everything was over, we said then: "Finally, we were left alone." There's no way they can catch up with us here... and literally in the blink of an eye, they appeared, these balls of light that were about this size.

The UFOs followed us. And then-bang – and from that moment, after a few hours, they appear and disappear, then appear and disappear, in the blink of an eye. So my friend was very, very nervous, just like me. None of us felt comfortable against the background of what was happening to us, while our friends were sleeping peacefully in the back seat.

So all of a sudden, I screamed, and said: "Pull over to the side of the road, right now!” They don't want you. They need me! And I grabbed the steering wheel to push the car to the side of the road, when suddenly the car began to chatter, you know, like a Raggedy Ann doll, shaking my head, I started to press myself to the side of the road again and stopped next to the highway.

And by that time, the car was flooded with light from all sides. And these balls of light are located behind the car. So at that moment – I was the only one conscious at the time – when I looked from the back of the car to the front, I saw a spacecraft on the road.

Now, I couldn't see everything clearly, because everything looked blurry and extremely bright. And these creatures, about four feet tall, were coming ... coming towards me. They were completely asexual, almost like children by nature. And they had big round black eyes. They did not have oval-shaped eyes. They had perfectly round black eyes.

And they came to me to get me out of the car, which I did myself. And I was very scared. Although it was not scary, I want to emphasize this. I wasn't terrified. I was scared.

So, I got out of the car. They took me along the highway for a while, and then I didn't even think about my friends, I was just curious where they were taking me.

To the embankment to the left of the road ... they led me to the embankment, where I saw, when I looked up, a larger device, where two more creatures were standing in the doorway. And they had blonde hair – and I mean blonde, snow-white blonde hair – and bright sparkling blue eyes, like the waters of the Mediterranean, which I had never seen before, and it was incredible. And the smaller creatures took me to the ship, and when I got to the door, I boarded the ship.

But what is interesting is that I just had a dream just before, in the back seat of a car. And in this dream, this man and woman said to me “ " We will come back to you soon. Do not be afraid. We are your friends. We are your family. Don't be afraid.

Later, when I saw these two tall creatures on board the UFO, at the moment when I fixed my eyes on them, I mentally asked: “What are you doing here? Why can't you just leave me alone?” And then I went on board the ship.

K: Do you have any memories of what happened on the ship back then?

M: From that moment I got off the ship, I remember everything very clearly. And I kept these clear memories for twenty years.

K: And the clear memories of what happened on the ship? Or do you just not remember anything from the moment when you interrupted your story?

M: Both. As soon as I got on board the ship, I remember a lot of things that happened to me. I am by no means claiming that I have memorized all the full three hours. No. And I do not know if I will ever remember or not, starting from that moment … I mean, I wasn't hypnotized to restore my memory. So this is a very important moment for me to ask someone to observe whether these memories come up from the memories of consciousness.

So, in other words, I went to the ship, I had a meeting. The meeting lasted for some time, but I realized that it lasted about three hours. It was very easy to calculate, which I did. Because three hours are missing when I was absent. And I remember they gave me quite a lot of information at that time.

There were ... there were things that were imprinted in my mind so clearly that even when I look at you, I can still see images in my mind every time I hear about … You know …

Aliens contactee

K: Can you give us an idea of what was transmitted to you at that time? And does this have anything to do with what you are doing here, visiting Sedona and Hopiland, the square of the Four Corners?

M: Everything is connected with this. Twenty years ago, I received a message. And these messages and the information I received were so clear to me that two days after I got off the ship, I had a clear understanding of all my psychic abilities, and where they came from, and how I got them, and why exactly I was.

I began to understand my father very well, which had never happened in my life before. I knew he had contacts. I am clearly aware that there were many other people in the world who were like me, and that all these things are interconnected.

And two days later, I began to write down a little. I did not write down everything in a row, but I captured the key moments on paper. Now, over time, even with some of the records, I did not fully understand what exactly the information was talking about, but it indicated the area near the square of the “Four Corners” as one of the “islands of security” regarding what they call the End of the World – if these Last Times come in the form in which they warned. So they warned me about possible futures in which the planet could potentially be destroyed, and people could face very difficult times.

Now, these were warnings only of possible events, but they were such things that they tried to make me very clearly, very clearly understand for myself that humanity has a choice, either we ultimately choose the path of self-destruction, or we take the saving path. So, many of these things were handed over to me twenty years ago. But, diving a little deeper, they also told me a lot about the "Four Corners" area, in particular.

So, of course, I didn't understand about it at that time, I was trying to understand with all this information, to really understand that the place they were talking about, this particular area is an “island of security”, and that at a particular time certain people will gather together in this area.

The place of the "Four Corners" is a really important area for these creatures, and this is because it is one of the main points on Earth where the gathering will take place for many people. And it does not mean at all that everyone should get together, leave everything, and go to that safe area of the "Four Corners".

This means that even if someone passes through that area, he will be able to receive information coming to them from their inner self in order to help him and let them know exactly where they should be on the planet. If a major cataclysm occurs, there are certain places on Earth that will be safe zones.

But this does not mean that you should go there and worry about it. What this means is that these areas will not be subjected to serious destruction, but there will still be chaos. Therefore, it is necessary for everyone to understand this, and that there are such special " islands of security” and safe places everywhere on Earth.

Now, indigenous people all over the Earth have known these things for thousands of years, and they are the ones who have all this knowledge, where all these special safe areas are located. And if we look at their mythical stories, we can find similar information.

And, at the same time, this information has been carefully guarded by them for thousands of years, so if we need such information, it will be made public at the right time. So, this is really important. The Hopi, and others like them on the planet, play a role in this.

Now, you should be very clear about what I'm going to tell you because I have friends among the Hopi. And I talked to people there, but in no case am I their representative-speaker or I speak in some way on their behalf.

So, I would just like to share my experience with you. I'm not going to talk about the Hopi. I'm just going to share my experience that revolves around them.

UFO sightings

K: Maybe you can tell us how you contacted them? Did those beings tell you about it in 1988, somehow? I suppose this is when you were also told to come to the Hopi in a certain place. Was there also some, I don't know if it was a stone or a necklace or something like that that you buried in your backyard? Would you like to share this story before we move on to a broader topic?

M: Yes. The relationship between these creatures and the Hopi, for example ... again, this is just from my experience, and it's amazing. Even for me, this is unusual.

When I was onboard the spaceship, I was sitting on what I call the " chair of light”, and it was … You could look at it exactly like this. Except, it wasn't a chair by itself, it was made up of pure light, so it almost glowed. And I was sitting in this chair, and I was looking around the room, and I was being circled by creatures. And the screen appeared. And the screen was actually quite large. It was probably like this ... the size of a chair. Two or three feet high. And when I looked at the screen, and information began to appear there. And images.

These images seemed to go together with the information that these beings transmitted to me, either with the help of telepathy or-you can say, they directly communicated with me – or I felt it as a continuous flow of information that the beings placed in my consciousness.

Now, one of the topics they shared with me was the Creation of Man. And in many ways, it concerned the Hopi and all the first peoples, and ourselves.

So, to make our story really shorter, they explained that they had a hand in the creation of humanity, but they were not Gods at all. They were helpers on this Earth to make sure that … They were observers, so they could be here to observe the Earth, to help a man become something more than they are currently.

Life was created and did not arise by itself. So they are … We can say that they threw the seeds of life into the soil just to see what would happen. And the idea was that the vessel/body/ would be made in such a way that the spark of life entered – into us – could enter and gain life experience in this world. But nothing happened.

During the Second World (according to the Hopi, the second race after the first cataclysm), they gave this life an additional form, still hoping that it would develop into something more. And again, nothing so significant happened.

During the Third World/the time of the existence of the third race/, they created ... And, again, all this was shown to me and told about everything. During the Third World, they said that the form – meaning our bodies – was created, and then our souls could incarnate into bodies. And when they did that, we had all this knowledge, we could communicate with each other, we had telepathy, we understood much more than we currently understand.

But it was like giving children to play matches, without giving them a chance to develop properly, especially regarding emotionality, and giving them the opportunity to apply all this knowledge. So they kind of went crazy. They have played out too much everywhere. They began to bring destruction. And what they were doing was very dark and evil from that moment on.

So, once again, the world was somehow cleansed, cleaned, and again these new vessels were created – meaning the bodies that we have now. So, for a long time, there was a slow evolution of "humanity".

While this was happening, here's what happened … I was shown what people looked like in the Third World. It was as if I was watching them from above. And I looked down that room, and I saw these people. And these people, as I was informed, lived a life that was intended for spiritual existence. So, because they had Great Knowledge, and because they had a true understanding of what they were here for, and the bodies they had seemed to function very well, so they were spared and transferred from the Third World to this, the Fourth World.

Aliens contactee

Now, one more thing, in this vision, they told me that one day, I would have to find those people, and I would know what to do. So when I went to the Four Corners area for the first time in 2003, I knew that I should deal with Hopi, but for what, I really didn't know. The only thing I knew was that there was a good reason for this, a very good reason, and it was very, very important.

So when I went to the Hopi, I had what I would call a " psychic insight” when I saw some of the Hopi people and they were changing right before my eyes. And it was with this insight that I had all the visions that were given to me on board the ship, as well as what they wanted me to do, as well as what is happening on Earth, where we came from, and where we will go.

It was just mind-blowing. There were so many visions. But most importantly, I realized what kind of people they were, what they wanted me to find. I realized that the Hopi were people who were transferred – "personalities”, in the sense of people – who were" transferred” from the Third World to the Fourth World, and that they have a great purpose for the present times.

So, it wasn't a surprise to me that I came across them all. And their role on the planet is extremely important for the future of all of us.

I hope, and I hope with all my heart, that all of us – that is, Hopi, indigenous people from all over the world, and everyone else, understand and worry and have the desire and desire to help this planet-really come together and be able to save us from this destructive path that I was shown.

K: You came to the Hopi, and there were a number of interesting events that led you here. And then also... and I don't know if this covers the period after 2003 ... but your experience of meeting with... I don't know his name. He's a Hopi elder, I guess. And you continued to stay in his house. Would you like to tell us a little about this story? After all, this is something… It's really very unusual in the sense that here you are, a complete stranger, a white woman, entered the local environment, and in what strange way they seem to have accepted you and let you into their lives.

M: In 2004, I took a trip myself again. And during this unusual journey, I knew in advance, even before I went there, that something was going to happen. And I was very worried.

On my first trip, I bought a ring in a small Hopi store. And I went back there in 2004 and talked to the woman who sold me that ring. And I tried to tell her about some of these things that were happening to me. I kept telling her that I was having visions or having these dreams, and how I came to all this information. And she was amazed at what I was saying.

And she said to me “ " I think you should talk to one of our elders. So she itched and mumbled about who I should be sent to. And then she said to me ” " Let's go to Mass.” That person will be there. This is their name.

And I thought: "Wow!”. That's all. I knew this was going to happen.

So I went to Mass and found this man there. And he, at first, was not very happy when I found myself on the threshold of his house. And he started humming and muttering, like “ " What are you doing here? I can't help you.

And I said, " No, I'm just here to share this with you. That's all. So, I began to retell that amazing story again, about how I have visions and dreams on a certain topic, and how I discovered that they are completely related to Hopi prophecies. And that they are connected to each other for a reason. They were almost – almost-identical in nature. And their story about the history of creation, again, is exactly the same as what the “tall blondes”, entities and beings, gave me.

So I told him all this. And finally, he looked at me and said, " Wait… Are you talking about ... ?” He kind of leaned across the table and said “ " Are you talking about aliens?

And I thought, " Aha!!!” It became so easy. There was such a relief at the moment because I had to wait for him to agree to a conversation. And I said, " Yes."And he said,' Okay, now talk to me. Now tell me your story.

So, I continued the conversation with him, and he obviously understood and knew what I was telling him. And at that moment, you know, after I had been talking to him for several hours, he looked at me and said:” Why are you here?”

I said, “ ' I'm here to share with you."And he said,' No. What are you here for? I don't understand.” And he was kind of hesitating about it. And I said: "Well, I'm just here to share this story with you."And he said:” You know, people come to me from all over the world. They are, in themselves, the same as the Hopi. They have people from all over the world.” And he said:” They come with similar stories, but not like mine. And you haven't asked me a single question. Why? And I said that I could ask a question that I don't have an answer to yet.

So, this made him even more excited. And not because I think I have all the answers to all the questions. This is because I know that I personally don't need the Hopi to tell me anything. I know what I should know, and I'm quite happy with it.

Now, what happened next, after I stayed with him for a while – is even more surprising, because I left at that moment. He asked me to leave because someone came to his house. And I left his house. And I walked along a small plateau, from which I went to the house of the Hopi woman who sold me the ring. She told me where she lives. Her daughter was outside. So I sat down and started talking to her daughter.

UFO sightings

And very quickly after that, she started talking Hopi with one of her friends. And I think that was the moment when I said to myself: “That's it. There is absolutely nothing more to ask about”" After all, from that moment on, she switched to the Hopi language, in which I recognized one of the words that the “tall blonde” alien uttered when talking to me. And I asked the girl. I said “ " What does this word mean?"And she answered: “This is a word of gratitude, so the Hopi women say” thank you". And I'm like, " Wow! That's great!

So the two of us walked for a while, and I went in to buy popcorn at that store, and something to drink. And when I was in that place, I suddenly heard in my head: "What are you doing here?” The question sounded very clear as if someone was standing next to me. And when I looked to the right along the long counter, there was one of these creatures standing at the counter: blonde hair, blue eyes. They're probably about, I don't know, 6'4"(six and a half feet) tall, strong as if they've been working, you know, all their lives – just very, very strong in appearance.

And he stared at me and asked:” What are you doing here?” And I answer:"Well, I'm going home. What are you doing here? Why are you asking me this?" this kind of thing.

No conversation with him took place, but I knew who he was. And I wanted to go up to him and ask “" What are you doing here? Let's sit down and talk.” But again, I kept walking with this girl, thinking: "No. This is not a good time. I came out of there, and asked the girl “ " Did you see that person there?” “[She said:]:”Yes."

I asked “ " Did you recognize him?” She replies: "No, I've never seen him before. I say, " Okay.” And I thought, ' Wow! How strange.

I would like to share something that is not in the book, it is so interesting, so let me tell you. But I will continue, I returned to this elder's home. And when I came back, I told him:” That's what happened when I was with a girl. I heard a word from her, this is one of those words with which these creatures spoke to me.

And here I am, sitting on this old man's desk, pulling a piece of paper out of my back pocket, and opening it. And I say: “That's the language they spoke to me in.” And I handed the paper to the old man. So, he tried …

I say “ " The words are all written phonetically because I do not know how to write them.” And he says “ " Well, why don't you just tell me what those words are?” So I read them out. And, as I did, at least 6 of all the words on the paper were written in Hopi. One word for sure, I know for sure, belongs to the Navajo. And he told me that the other words that were on that piece of paper, he believes, belong to the Navajo language.

So these creatures ... in 1988, when I was not intertwined with Hopi or Navajo in any way, in any form, for a 22-year-old girl leading a normal lifestyle, these creatures spoke to me in a language that I knew for twenty years from that moment to today. I knew all this time that one day I would like to find people to whom this language would belong. I just didn't expect it to belong to the Hopi. I always thought I'd find them in the jungles of South America or something.

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Thus, I saw this creature on a small plateau… That's what happened after that trip in 2004 when I returned home, I went to lunch with my friend, and told him everything about my trip and similar things. We took the disk from our car. He and his wife were in the front seat. And I was in the back seat behind the driver, and his nine-year-old daughter was on my right.

And here we are driving along a very busy street in Vancouver, very busy, one of the main streets, some jeep “cuts off” our car. And when he did this, I looked, and I saw this blond, blond, blue-eyed creature sitting in the car, and completely ... the head is raised on one side and he looks directly at me, not looking at the road, at others. I didn't follow the road at all. He just sat there and ... with his head ... just stared at me. And I thought “ " He doesn't look at all."That's all I could think about.

But here's what's great. The girl said, " Oh, my God. Look at this man. He looks so strange. He doesn't even look like a human.

M: Everyone in the car just sat and thought, you know, trying to quickly remember this person. And here, again, there were witnesses who can still confirm all these things.

And within two weeks after I returned from that trip, I had three meetings like that: one in the store, another on a transit bus, and then one in the car with my friends. Very strange. Very, very strange. Even I was surprised by this.

K: Good. Maybe we could just kind of continue now a little further on what you've heard, and maybe share a little bit about what you … How you began to move on. And especially how you came to write the book.

After all, I should say that I stumbled upon you… I think I heard a little bit about you on a radio show, and then I saw your website. I saw your face and immediately realized that we should meet and talk. And it was a drawing of your face, it wasn't, in fact, you yourself. But I just wanted to get in touch, and I just knew. But the book ... then I got the book and that just confirmed what I thought. So can you tell me about how the book was written?

M: A difficult question. A very important question. And especially relevant today. The whole purpose of writing this book was … First of all, it was a request made by them / entities/. So, in 1988, when I was onboard the ship, I was actually asked to do this for them. They asked me to come forward and share this story to tell people who they are and where they are from, so when the time comes to ... should they declare their presence here on a global scale … will we not be afraid?

So, it was very important for them. The common goal for them was to exchange knowledge, which they did for me and helped me try to understand the Earth, to understand ourselves, and to understand them.

The reason why the book was written at this time … I have to show you the timeline. In 1988, I had what I call my awakening for a meeting, and this is the starting point from which everything kind of started. I always go back to 1988 when I tell people what happened. So they told me all these things in 1988 and asked me to share them. So I started doing some of these things that they asked me to do. And then suddenly they said, " No, no, no. Stop, stop, stop. Quiet, quiet. No more talking.

And I knew that, eventually, one day I would say when the time came, I would have to come forward and start sharing with all of this.


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Ufologist, PhD, blogger, I go on my own expeditions for UFOs. I use scientific methods to investigate the UAP phenomenon

Serg Toporkov

Ufologist, Ph.D., blogger, I go on my own expeditions for UFOs. I use scientific methods to investigate the UAP phenomenon. Write to me

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