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Rh-negative blood is evidence of alien visits

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Rh-negative blood is evidence of alien visits

Rh-negative blood, its existence proves the visit of the planet earth by aliens and the possible hybridization of part of its population. Regular studies conducted in recent years have established an absolute difference in the origin of some groups of the population. 

Between the border of Spain and France is the Pyrenees mountain range, and the people inhabiting this isolated region are known as Basques. They have long baffled anthropologists and historians. The language spoken in the enclave is not related to any other in this part of the world, and the population also has the highest concentration of Rh-negative blood type in the world. Up to 35% of Basques have Rh-negative blood and it is Rh-negative blood that is the most unusual blood group. This is one of the blood groups that is least likely to mutate or interact with other blood groups. Human blood groups are grouped into four different groups, but there is another difference between them, known as Rh factor, which is a measure of Rh-based antigens in the blood.

85% of people in the world are Rh-positive and have no problems receiving blood from positive or negative donors, but for a Rh-negative population, receiving Rh-positive blood can be fatal, as the body will try to destroy foreign antigens. For women who are Rh-negative, mating with a Rh-positive partner can be deadly harmful to the fetus. The facts are that the body of a Rh-negative mother will actually try to kill the Rh-positive child it generates.


All this produces incredible theories that are not discussed, and sometimes even taboo in the scientific community. How on earth could there be a complete separation into Rh-negative and Rh-positive people? In fact, these groups are profoundly different. Rh negative studies show that their blood pressure is below normal, their pulse rate is below normal, and in some cases they have an extra vertebra in their back. Rh negatives are very rare, in most countries of the world they did not exist until colonization began in the 15th century. Until that time, Rh-negative did not exist in America, did not exist in South Africa and in Asia. They were only in Europe. The theory says that all people originated from Africa.

aliens of the past


In the case of the origin of mankind from one African ancestor, the blood of all people would be completely compatible, but this is fundamentally not the case. It is the countries located within the Sahara that have a population 100% Rh-positive. They just don't have a single Rh-negative. So where did Rh-negative 15% of people come from? The reality is that scientists have no idea where they came from and can only assume their origin from another species. This does not mean that only 15% of the population have alien roots, perhaps we all come from two different alien races.

One thing is obvious, the Rh-negative blood type indicates a completely different pre-human evolution than the one that history textbooks make us believe in. It serves as an indisputable proof of extraterrestrial interference in the distant past and this knowledge is amazing.

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