A unique case when a UFO crashed with a abducted person on board

A unique case when a UFO crashed with a abducted person on board

Aliens abducted a resident of Los Angeles from her home and took her to a huge mothership, where they changed clothes and did some experiments with her. Then they decided to take her back home, but something happened and the ship crashed on a field near a military base...

In the archives of ufologists, you can find several incidents when alien ships crashed and strange bodies of dead and sometimes living crew members were seen among the wreckage. There are also a huge number of stories about how aliens abducted people and on board their ships subjected the abducted to strange painful medical procedures. And could it be that the alien ship crashed at the moment when there will be an abducted person on board? Maybe! Although this happens even less often than "normal" accidents with alien ships. In the history of ufology, only one such case is known.

It was a calm summer evening in 1971 when California resident Debbie Clayton was getting ready for bed. Her house was located not far from the Edwards Air Force base, so Debbie was already used to the fact that military planes regularly fly through the sky with noise

UFO crashed

However, the terrible noise she heard that evening was completely different and unlike anything else. Most of all, it looked like a rolling explosion or an extremely loud thunderclap. Debbie cautiously left the house and heard the neighborhood dogs start barking loudly.

And then she saw a dark trail of smoke in the sky, which twisted and fell down and in the same direction in the distance, you could see something fiery as if there was a big fire. Debbie decided that there was a plane crash, and she did not want to go in that direction, realizing that she could see burned bodies of people there. But something strangely pulled Debbie there and she decided to go and see what was there.

When Debbie approached the indicated place, she saw that the grass in a large area had burned down, and in the center of this charred earth lay a large object shaped like a mushroom. It was made of dull gray metal, on which there were dots flashing green light.

Debbie was amazed that the object seemed to be a single piece of metal, without welded joints, without any seams at all, even without portholes and doors. However, this metal was dented and torn in some places, apparently from a strong impact on the ground.

aliens crashed

Then Debbie saw that humanoid bodies were lying on the burnt ground next to this object. They were thin, with grayish skin and small stature. And among them, Debbie suddenly saw the body of a man. It was a woman who looked completely ordinary, dressed in a pink jumpsuit. The woman was alive, but she sat and looked around with a frightened and stunning look, while not saying a word. Debbie wanted to go to her and help her, but she didn't have time. Suddenly there was a noise of helicopter propellers and military helicopters circled in the sky.

At the same time, soldiers appeared from all sides, who surrounded the area of the burnt field, and Debbie (and some other people who came to the scene of the accident) were told to leave here or they would face unpleasant consequences. Debbie managed to see how the military covered the mushroom-shaped object with a large piece of tarpaulin and how several people crowded around the humanoid bodies at once, carefully examining them. What they did to the woman in overalls remained unknown to Debbie.

The next morning Debbie eagerly read the local newspaper, hoping to find in it a mention of the night's incident, but there was not even a tiny note about it. No articles appeared in the following days, and in the nearest districts, too, this was not published anywhere. Debbie carefully checked all the newscasts on TV, but nothing was reported there either. Soon, several people who, like Debbie, saw the crashed UFO, began to publicly resent and demand that the leadership of the military base answer them why they were hiding this incident.

In response, they received the fact that nothing unusual was actually happening here, and what they saw was just a military transport that had a small breakdown. That is, as in a popular Internet meme.

Things got even stranger when the alien abduction victim was found, who was the same woman in a pink jumpsuit that Debbie had seen. The woman's name was Lorraine Dvorak Cardini and she remembered very little about how she was abducted by aliens, but she remembered well the moment when she woke up next to the fallen ship and could not understand what was happening. Lorraine said that the military took her from the field, put her in a military truck, and brought her somewhere, where they questioned her about the incident for a while. Lorraine was still not thinking clearly and felt as if she was under the influence of drugs or alcohol, her speech was slurred, and her eyes hurt from the bright light.

Aliens abduction

Then Lorraine was put back into the transport and taken somewhere in San Francisco, which was far enough from her home, which was in Los Angeles. Lorraine was just dropped off there and left. She somehow got home by herself. A little later, Lorraine began to look for a specialist to undergo regressive hypnosis and remember everything. This specialist turned out to be ufologist Albert Rosales. Under gnosis, Lorraine began to tell that one night she was abducted right from her house by strange creatures. Somehow they carried her through the walls of the house and lifted her onto their ship. This ship, in turn, flew somewhere, and then Lorraine was moved to a huge alien mothership.

There, these creatures dressed Lorraine in a pink jumpsuit. Lorraine describes the creatures as short, thin, translucent, and it also turned out that she saw them as a child. These creatures have been abducting Lorraine since she was very young. They did not hurt Lorraine and at some point, she even learned to distinguish them and divide them into men and women, although they all looked equally asexual. These humanoids had a leader who looked much more human-like than they did. He was female and from a distance, he could be mistaken for an ordinary woman.

The humanoids and their leader communicated with Lorraine telepathically, and they also did something to her, but she could not remember these moments even under hypnosis. Then she was put back on a small ship and it flew. to take Lorraine to her house. It was then that their ship crashed for some reason and fell near the Edwards Air Force military base.

I remember standing at the scene of the accident and being confused and disoriented. I saw how the military kicked the bodies of two dead aliens and I heard in my head the voice of the leader who said that they could not come to the rescue for fear of being discovered. I cried when I saw how the military mistreated dead bodies

Lorraine said:

All this amazing story is known only thanks to ufologist Rosales, who described it in detail in his book.

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