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Analysis of UFO cases in South Africa

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Analysis of UFO cases in South Africa

Africa is in the rearguard of ufo life, only gradually opening itself up to the inquisitive gaze of scientists over the past 20 years. Although there have been a number of observations in northern Africa and occasional reports from war-torn tribes living inland, the most populous and prosperous southern regions, especially South Africa and Zimbabwe, make the greatest contribution to the development of ufology on the continent.

Until recently, most of the known reports came from European settlers or their descendants. The stories of the locals were rare. However, the situation has changed — largely thanks to the activities of one woman named Cynthia Hynde. Having the opportunity to travel freely throughout the continent, she collected numerous stories from the inhabitants of remote villages, noting that Africa is replete with observations that the indigenous people, alas, rarely report. Superstitions and taboos are widespread within the tribes, prohibiting such stories. In a number of localities, the idea that UFOs and unusual creatures can come from outer space does not even occur to people. Aliens are considered tribal spirits, and therefore UFOs are among the topics closed for discussion.

Government research is conducted only on a limited scale, but it is not shrouded in secrecy. In one incident that occurred in Zimbabwe on July 22, 1985, two fighter jets were sent in pursuit of a conical object hovering over Bulawayo and spotted by dozens of local residents. The device was detected by radar at an altitude of more than 2 kilometers, but when the fighters approached, it soared up, leaving the access zone.

Perhaps it was a high-altitude balloon, the authorities did not try to hide information about what happened. Air Force Commander David Thorne confirmed, speaking on behalf of his department's staff:

... we admit the existence of UFOs

David Thorne confirmed:

Thorne further noted that, in their opinion, the objects may be of extraterrestrial origin.

Close encounter

All types of UFO facts have been recorded in Africa, including airships at the beginning of the century and TKZ in the 1940s.

UFO sightings Africa

UFOs often appear from the sea, as happened in Togo, where the appearance of UFOs caused a tidal wave.

In 1950, a report was received from Dar es Salaam about a creature with gray skin that appeared in the bedroom of a little girl. In 1951, a British engineer working in the Drakenstein Mountains gave water to a little man who said that he needed water for his UFO hidden in a crevice, which he showed to an eyewitness. When the engineer asked the creature where it came from, the little man pointed to the sky and replied "from there." Elizabeth Klarer, who lives near this place on a farm in Drakenberg, became the first African contact-abducted; the events that happened to her in April 1956 have signs of both types of contacts. The woman made an amazing message about regular contacts with a "Nordic" named Akon, who flew from Alpha Centauri and wished to use Elizabeth to produce offspring. In due course, she had a child, whom she allegedly gave birth to on the planet Meton — the birthplace of the alien. The hybrid child stayed there with his alien father!

Unusual physical traces were discovered near Rosmid in South Africa on November 12, 1972. A high school teacher decided to find out what kind of strange light appeared over the school tennis court. That evening, the object was seen by many local residents, including police patrolmen. Approaching the school, the teacher found a scene of destruction. Large chunks of asphalt were turned out and lay a few dozen meters from the court. The trees surrounding the court were badly singed and dried up after a few weeks. Probably, a certain NAYA was responsible for the damage caused.

Since the early 1980s, the UFO mystery has attracted the attention of the media of all South African countries, and reports of contacts and abductions began to appear in the press. Soon there were news of contacts of all types, which began to resemble cases occurring in other parts of the world. In 1978, visitors to the Grendal Nature Reserve saw a strange object that they found it difficult to describe, talking about the "shining stone" and "silver people", but not mentioning the aliens. Local workers of the La Rochelle estate in Mutare in Zimbabwe faced even greater problems in 1981 when they saw a fireball and several figures dressed in silver suits with ray guns in their hands. There was no word for silver in the language of the locals, and there were difficulties with translation. Nevertheless, it could not have occurred to the eyewitnesses that someone other than God could appear from the sky, and they refused to believe that people had already been in space.

UFO sightings zimbabawe

In 1988, a mother and daughter claimed that they had been abducted from their car, which was flooded with light hovering above the ground and enveloped in eerie clouds of fog — as in cases occurring in England and the USA. The creatures that the mother and daughter met in the UFO also corresponded to the typical description of the greys; they took medical tests and DNA samples from the abducted.

By 1995, stories of kidnappings, medical procedures and visits to people in bedrooms had become commonplace, so that among the locals there was a strong attitude towards them not as generic myths, but as alien contacts. Cynthia Hynde founded a community of researchers, began publishing a magazine and printing books in order to familiarize the local population with ufological issues. The days of ufo innocence were coming to an end, but in the agricultural areas of Africa, little has been heard about UFOs. So, witnesses of the incident that occurred on March 6, 1996 in Bindur, saw a small creature with a large head making a strange noise near the training center. A student and an employee of the center who noticed the creature decided that it was a ghost, because they had never heard of UFOs or aliens. The woman was so scared that she refused to return to work.

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