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L. M. Eisenhower: "Reptiles do not let us "wake up""

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L. M. Eisenhower: "Reptiles do not let us "wake up""

Has our planet already been colonized by extraterrestrial life forms? Laura Eisenhower, the great-granddaughter of former US President Dwight Eisenhower, has no doubt about it. Aliens invaded us a long time ago. Laura M. Eisenhower talks about technologies that are being used against the world population. To avoid the awakening of human consciousness, including chemical technologies.

This article contains an excerpt from the interview of Alfred Lambremont Webre with Laura M. Eisenhower. Dr. Alfred Lambremont Webre, Doctor of Law, Master of Pedagogical Sciences and writer, interview with Laura M. Eisenhower.

Mass concealment of extraterrestrial contacts

In an extremely impressive statement, you say, and I quote verbatim:

There has been a massive cover-up of extraterrestrial contacts with our governments. And great secrecy from those who were abducted or with whom contacts took place


And the key is what you say

This is due to the fact that the invasion has already happened and they don't want us to know

There are many things. We are fighting reptilians who have gone underground. But those who came from the Dragon star system participate in the enslavement of humanity. So, we are dealing with many different species, and the invasion relates to manipulation, mind control, and dark technology. With which they want to control nature and people. This manipulation of the masses makes most people even admit what is happening. Because it seems like it's part of human development. This level of manipulation and control constitutes an invasion that extends for thousands and thousands of years

L. M. Eisenhower:

Treaties with Roosevelt and Hitler

The two reunited with the Pleiadians, however, both the Nazis and the US government rejected them in favor of the Grays and their technology. It looks like the Nazis got mind control technology. And the US government has received technologies related to metals, alloys, free energy and other things that would improve our lives.

Mind control technology would have appeared only after the Second World War. When the "Paperclip Project" became part of the US government. That's when they started implementing the Montauk Project and others. In some cases, the technology was used negatively.


Shadow Government

Now it all depends on who uses these management technologies. She also believes that Zionists and Nazis are in the Shadow Government. And that they are somehow on the same side of a kind of chess game. Everything was planned, and this is what we are facing. It's not something that arose spontaneously, like someone saying, "Go! We made a deal and sold out to these Grays! I mean, everything was strategically planned. And this is due to the Rockefellers and Bilderbergs.

From the very beginning, everything was part of the strategy

As far as I understand, in relation to the incidents that occurred, such as the incident in Roswell and others, various technologies were obtained in exchange for abductions. In which they used human genetics to help their dying race. They said they were a dying race, that they needed our help and that they would only abduction a few people. We have to take into account military abductions (MILAB). And the fact that the army intervened, starting to clone and create hybrids that looked like real abductions.

So now we have to choose, or we will turn into Grays, obeying these control plans in some way. Either because of ignorance, without realizing, we will have the opportunity to be the advanced beings that we really are. So it's kind of a game of energies, it's a battle of frequencies, a battle for our consciousness.

Mind control, fumigation

In this opportunity that we have now in this period of change, in this stellar activation cycle. When most people wake up, they will fumigate a lot more and intensify their actions so that this does not happen. So as not to lose control. This is how scenarios arise that give the impression that they are invading us for the first time. Therefore, they are already going to move to the next level of their New World Order agenda. And as for the economy and its potential collapse, most likely a controlled collapse, then microchipping begins. She thinks the government will never tell us the truth. Therefore, we ourselves must reveal it.

Now we are a new generation, and we have to expose all this. We have highly developed DNA, and this is due to the invasion. And part of the nature of all this is that they don't want us to wake up and realize who we really are. Because it would lead to the fact that they would not be able to continue being parasites.

Parasites of the mind

So the Archons feed off the fact that we consider ourselves much smaller. What we really are. The purpose of the Archon system programs is to perpetuate beliefs that limit us, and therefore they feed on us like parasites. They are parasites of the mind, they get inside and make everything worse.

For most of us, that's what the awakening is spreading. And it will connect many open-minded and sincere people, which will help them get out of all this. And if the number of people is enough, and I believe that it will be. The transhumanist agenda and the possibility of a visionary development of humanity may not happen.

In fact, it would be more correct to just do what we think is best. If our intentions are in tune with what brings the greatest benefit to us and the planet. I don't think we're wrong. So I really encourage everyone to do it that way. Because when the heart is where it should be, there can be no mistake.

Skeptical view

Despite the brightness of the statements of this person, in our opinion it is worth treating this with a certain degree of skepticism, especially in terms of agreements with aliens to provide US technologies. Many inventions were born evolutionarily not in the USA, but we use them in modern times. In order not to be unfounded , we will give a few examples from the set:

  1. In 1956, a mobile communication system for cars was already in operation in Sweden.
  2. The first laser, it was called a maser, was made in 1953 - 1954 by N.G. Basov and A.M. Prokhorov. In 1964, Basov and Prokhorov received the Nobel Prize in Physics.
  3. Boris Semyonovich Jacobi invented the electric motor in 1834.
  4. The world's first artificial Earth satellite is considered the beginning of the space age of mankind. Launched in the USSR on October 4, 1957 (Sputnik-1). Scientists M.V. Keldysh, M.K. Tikhonravov, N.S. Lidorenko, V.I. Lapko, B.S. Chekunov, A.V. Bukhtiyarov and many others worked on the creation of an artificial satellite of the Earth, headed by the founder of practical cosmonautics S.P. Korolev.
  5. The first motion detector that acted as a burglar alarm was invented in the early 1950s by Samuel Bagno. 

As for the abducrions. The question here is very complicated. Many abductions, as you can learn from the materials of our website, are not abductions, but are a dream or the result of the action of potent drugs. But in fairness, not everything. In any case, how to treat the words of this person - the choice is yours.

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Ufologist, PhD, blogger, I go on my own expeditions for UFOs. I use scientific methods to investigate the UAP phenomenon

Serg Toporkov

Ufologist, Ph.D., blogger, I go on my own expeditions for UFOs. I use scientific methods to investigate the UAP phenomenon. Write to me

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