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Perseverance spacecraft makes successful landing on Mars

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Perseverance spacecraft makes successful landing on Mars

The American Perseverance spacecraft made a successful landing on Mars. This was reported in the NASA broadcast.

The landing took place in automatic mode and lasted about 7 minutes. To reduce the speed of the rover released a parachute, and then dropped the protection cover from high temperatures.

Just before landing, the vehicle activated the lander's braking engines. After that, the rover descended to the surface of the planet on cables.

"We have just received information that Perseverance is operating on the surface of Mars," the broadcast controller said.

According to the latest data, NASA was able to get the first image from the rover.

On July 30, 2020, the Perseverance spacecraft was sent to Mars from the Cape Canaveral space center using an Atlas V launch vehicle. NASA said that the rover will conduct a study of the surface of the planet for the analysis of minerals. As a result of the expedition, experts of the US department hope to find traces of the existence of life on Mars.

Preserverance photo first Mars

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