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American astronaut Leroy Chiao - about a UFO encounter in space.

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American astronaut Leroy Chiao - about a UFO encounter in space

Leroy Chiao is an American engineer and astronaut who has four space flights, a serious reputation, and a skeptical attitude to unconfirmed theories. However, he does not hide what he observed during his stay in space in 2005. He saw something that, as he himself says, took his breath away.

American astronaut Leroy Chiao - about a UFO encounter in space

Astronaut observation - over high-speed objects

In October 2004, Leroy flew to the International Space Station to become its commander and remained in this post until April 2005. During one of the spacewalks together with Russian cosmonaut SALIZHAN SHARIPOV, he witnessed a unique spectacle.

Two men were regularly checking the solar panels at the station, whose speed exceeded 28,000 kilometers per hour, and suddenly Leroy saw strange lights flying past them with even greater speed. The lights were arranged in the form of two connected lines forming an obtuse angle. CHIAO describes this incident as an extremely strange case.

UFO sightings

NASA astronaut Leroy Chiao, left, and Russian cosmonaut Salizhan Sharipov served on Expedition 10 in the International Space Station.

Unfortunately, his Russian colleague SHARIPOV was looking in a different direction at that moment and does not see an amazing kind of UFO.

The astronaut can't explain what he saw, what was it?

To this day, the astronaut has no explanation for what he saw in space, but he admits that it made him think even more seriously about the question - are we alone in the universe? He believes that our planet is probably not the only one inhabited by intelligent life forms, although he is not sure if humanity has ever been visited by alien ships? However, the American does not rule out that this has happened in the past, is it happening now or will it ever happen in the future?

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