Interview with an alien. Part 3

Interview with an alien. Part 3. Final

And we continue the story of a visitor to our site about a conversation with aliens. You can read the second part of this interview here.

The contactee's dialogue with the alien

- Is Elon Musk an alien or a human?

- Elon Musk is definitely a man. A good cover for the business behind it.

Is Elon Musk an alien or a human?

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- UFOs in the ocean are Aliens or who?

I will remind you once again that it is necessary to separate those highly developed civilizations that are here, and there are aliens. The technologies of highly developed civilizations allow the devices to move not only above the water but also under it. Study the territory you are in, and you will understand a lot.

- How many people have contacted you?

There are people on Earth with certain genes carrying those first settlers. And only they come into contact with them, unlike ordinary people who were not caretakers on this Earth - they have the opportunity for painless contact for themselves. The number of contacts is classified information

- What experiments are other aliens conducting and for what purposes?

This myth is inherent in your civilization and it appeared in the last century, it was formed intentionally. All highly developed civilizations have a wide range of knowledge in all fields, and they do not need to conduct additional experiments.

- That is, presumably abducted people who talk about taking biological material can lie?

Each case is individual, someone wants to become famous, someone confuses borderline states of sleep with reality, someone stimulated himself with drugs. Not everyone is telling the truth.

- Why don't you provide us with any technologies to take care of us less, for example?

When settling in, we provide the necessary set of knowledge that allows us to develop into a highly developed civilization. We make small mistakes so that the evolutionary process of development is not accidental. Your science has gone the other way and has come to a dead end. You will not be able to develop along the current path. Instead of using the knowledge given to you to make new discoveries, new laws, you are not trying to explain something, all this time you have been adjusting the knowledge you have received to the result of what you already have. It was often possible to look at it as a sketch show, especially what conclusions astrophysics sometimes makes based only on secondary data, and this is just a drop in the bucket, a small example. Instead of going forward, you are marking time for a long time. and no development is happening. We do not provide a second attempt.

- What are triangular UFOs?

It's something like your boat or helicopter. Small in volume. It is used near the surface of the earth. A kind of research and patrol ship. Many believe that this is a military development, but based on unearthly technologies. We would like to see how your developments with the use of technology will preserve the characteristics both in the air and under the depths of the oceans. Earthlings strive to repeat what they saw. It often turns out, as they say, you have a "cargo cult".

Belgium T3Rb

- How is the process of moving in space with you?

To do this, we use a subatomic electromagnetic installation, it forms a disturbance and curvature of space-time waves, something like Crystallization occurs, which allows you to select the correct location points based on its particles. The force field surrounding the device has a flow function, which allows it not to dissolve in space even in case of equipment defects. You are 700 years behind the implementation of this technology.

- What is the life span of your species?

You have to understand that consciousness never dies, it is placed in a certain body, of a certain kind, which corresponds to certain tasks. The duration of our species in this shell is up to 1000 years on your calculation. Let me remind you that the concept of time exists exclusively in your measurable space, we apply other categories and principles. Outside there is no future, no present, no past. You can be anywhere. Therefore, the main thing that should be done is to go to your goal and reach a new level by achieving it. This is not measured by time.

- Why does a person live so little?

Because there would be overpopulation in the small enclosed area where you were placed with a long life expectancy. You were simply destroyed by a lack of resources.

Okay, stop! Then what are comets and meteors?

In your civilization, there is not a completely correct opinion about celestial objects. You classify everything under one comb. Some of the objects are primary and service ships. Some are cargo transporters. It is surprising, instead of inventing non-existent objects and laws describing the anomalous trajectories of comets, your scientists should be engaged in a careful study of the behavior of these celestial bodies themselves. But your world is based on a culture of enrichment with material goods. It is not surprising that even if they find inconsistencies, no one will risk destroying the established paradigms.

- Is Mars, the Moon, Jupiter, Venus inhabited?

You have an incorrect idea of space, hence the incorrect formulation of the question. Even your planet is not flying, as you say, a piece of stone in space. The moon and its purpose are separate topics for conversation, today I have no desire to discuss it.

- Well, you don't want to answer the question, then I'm interested in the Roswell base. Was there really a crash of a saucer with aliens?

Do you really think that with our level of technological development we could leave any traces? Roswell is a political issue, a question of financing, a question of an informational occasion. But not the alien shipwreck. Whether force is used against our troops if they have started a pursuit. We do not use aggressive attacks. We can neutralize the technical means of destruction of your devices.

- Why did you choose me for contact?

Because you followed this topic a lot, followed the starry sky and the manifestations of the atmosphere, and wanted to get in touch with us yourself.

- Can I take a picture of you?

No, because we are part of management circles, and we can be recognized. You can sketch us.

The contact ended there. The alien turned around, after which I instantly found myself at home.

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