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Impossible image of pyramids found on artifact over 7000 years old

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Impossible image of pyramids found on artifact over 7000 years old

The Nubian Archaeological Museum has one very strange artifact dating between 4000 and 3500 BC. BC. The ostrich egg is supposed to depict three mountains ...
But ... look carefully


Many experts note that in fact these are not mountains, but pyramids (!) - the Great Pyramids on the Giza plateau, in Egypt. But from the point of view of modern information, this is impossible, since archaeologists and historians tell us that the pyramids on the Giza plateau are about 4,500 years old.

In connection with this contradiction and the shape of the objects depicted, I had my own assumption. It is possible that the ostrich egg depicts pyramids, but not Egyptian, but Sudanese (Nubian) in Meroe!

And after all, the shape of such pyramids (the angle of inclination) coincides with the Nubian ones almost one in one!

Artifacts and pyramids

But then an unexpected conclusion is drawn: the Sudanese pyramids of Meroe are rooted in very ancient times. How "gray"? - we address this question to future researchers of this amazing phenomenon...

In my opinion, along the way, you should have more carefully explored the surroundings of mount Jebel Barkal, which in Ancient Egypt was considered the southern residence of the God Amun

Art pyramids

It is near this mountain that the Meroe pyramids are located, and local legends say that ancient spirits still live inside the Jebel Barkal mountain...

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