Analysis of UFO cases in Australia

Analysis of UFO cases in Australia

UFOs in Australia are often observed and thoroughly investigated. This country plays one of the main roles in the ufo world. Although there is a strong belief among the population in the so-called "extraterrestrial hypothesis" about aliens visiting the Earth, Australian Keith Basterfield became the founder of the "fantasy theory", which he put forward in 1987; in his opinion, UFO witnesses are unusually imaginative.

There are cases of UFO sightings in previous centuries, and reports of airships, planes and "fu-fighters" appeared here before 1947. Fishermen in the Tasman Sea often reported UFOs during World War II, prompting the Australian Air Force to launch an investigation. Contacts of all types have been marked recently. Little importance was attached to kidnappings in this country, and individual cases were made public only since the late 1980s. Nevertheless, based on the materials of numerous investigations conducted retroactively, it was possible to compile a very impressive list of cases that took place from the 1950s to the present day.

The Australian Air Force has been officially responsible for conducting UFO investigations since 1952 and performs these functions to this day. Specialists work in close cooperation with the Pentagon, and video materials are even sent to the CIA for analysis. In turn, the US Department of Defense has withdrawn from publishing Australian materials on UFOs (as well as British data), although it periodically publishes materials from other countries received through diplomatic channels.

An amazing fact occurred in 1982, when, on the eve of the release of the Freedom of Information Act, the Australian government invited the most prominent ufologist Bill Chalker to Canberra to analyze the secret documents stored there, allowing him to make copies and distribute them to members of the ufo community. These materials revealed to ufologists a long history of interest in UFOs from the Australian authorities.

Bill Chpker

However, investigations conducted by the Air Force have rarely been productive or sufficiently thorough. Many cases were explained, although mysterious facts remained. The materials handed over to Chalker do not give grounds to talk about the concealment of information and even to believe that the authorities generally shared an opinion about the reality of alien aircraft.

Nevertheless, surprise at the most plausible evidence slips through the documents. However, in general, the position of researchers, clearly dictated from high offices, states that during the investigations "no hard evidence" of alien contacts was found. This position remains in force to this day, although an average of 100 cases are reported to representatives of the Australian Air Force annually.

Close encounters

In Australia, there are impressive cases of UFO contacts. On August 23, 1953, in Port Moresby on the island of New Guinea, Tim Drury, Deputy Minister of Civil Aviation, filmed a UFO resembling a rocket that swept across the sky in broad daylight. Thanks to Drury's authority, the surveillance was taken extremely seriously and subjected to a thorough analysis in Canberra and Washington. The case never received an explanation, but when the film was returned to Drury a few months later, all the UFO footage disappeared. Only 30 years later, Bill Chalker took up the case, who managed to find photocopies of the film frames made by military experts and eventually return at least part of the material seized from him to the eyewitness.

Another notable incident occurred on May 28, 1965, during the wave of observations in Queensland. The DS-6 plane, flying over the Bougainville Reef, part of the Great Barrier Coral Reef, encountered an oval object that ejected a jet of gas. The crew filmed the UFO on videotape, which, along with the onboard video camera, was allegedly confiscated upon landing. The details of this case were not made public even in the published archives of the Air Force.

During the same protracted wave of observations in the jungles and swamps of the northeastern part of Australia, in the reed beds of the Tully River south of Cairns, the precursors of modern crop circles appeared. A film taken by a video camera installed on the spot in order to catch a UFO at the moment of landing — and the reason for the appearance of circles of crushed reeds was considered to be a UFO - also disappeared during the investigation. It seems that the disappearing film frames make up the leitmotif of Australian ufology.

But, by far, the most famous case is the disappearance of pilot Frederick Valentich over the Brass Strait on October 21, 1978, in the midst of another large-scale wave of observations. Valentich reported to the flight control center about close contact with strange lights that caused engine outages, after which neither the pilot nor his plane could be found. Opinions on whether there really was a UFO sighting with fatal consequences or it was a staging designed to hide the reasons for Valentich's deliberate disappearance still differ. The investigation conducted for 3 years has not given an answer to this question.

UFO sightings Australia

A close contact that took place in 1973 near Kimba in South Australia: a creature in a "frame" appeared in front of car drivers in the form of a light projection.

In Australia, there have also been contacts of the TK4 type, classified by some ufologists as particularly significant — the so-called "abductions with witnesses". The incident occurred in August 1993 in the Dandenong Mountains north of Melbourne. A UFO hovered above the ground near the car in which Kelly Cahill and her husband were sitting. The couple experienced the classic symptoms of a hidden abduction with a lapse in time, physical ailments and nightmares, which gradually turned into memories of contact with tall creatures in black suits who tried to kidnap Kelly's husband. In the end, Kelly remembered the signs of another car that stopped near the UFO.

Kelly Cahill abducted by aliens

Kelly did not know the occupants of this car, but as a result of a large-scale investigation, it was possible to trace these eyewitnesses. They were all extremely surprised to hear that another car was present at the scene, since no one had seen it. Nevertheless, they managed to remember about UFOs and aliens and make a description of them, similar to the story of Kelly Cahill.

Moreover, they reported a third car, in which only the male driver was sitting. According to the description, it was possible to find him. The driver did not report what he saw, believing that he was the only eyewitness and no one would believe him, but confirmed the fact of contact. No evidence of staging was found. This case, perhaps more than others, brings us closer to proving the objective reality and physical nature of aliens and abductions. Eyewitnesses said that these creatures were gray, but not short, like the popular heroes of stories published in modern media.

Although there are other reports of short creatures, especially more frequent after 1987, in most cases, as in the above, tall and more human-like aliens appear.

The largest waves in Australia were repeated periodically: in 1954, in early 1966, in early 1969, and also in May-June 1973. In addition, there was an intense surge over Victoria in October 1978. Cases with traces of landing are concentrated in the Queensland Marshes and the Mallee Wheat zone in South Australia. The town of Kempsey in New South Wales is considered to be the most active special zone, although the inhospitable Nallarbor area located to the south, lying between Adelaide and Perth, accounts for a much greater number of close contacts.

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