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Paul Hellyer, UFOs and aliens have been here for a long time.

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Paul Hellyer, UFOs and aliens have been here for a long time

Former Canadian Minister of Defense, Paul Theodore Hellyer. Speaker at the Toronto symposium on UFO secrecy. Which about 150 people gathered in the auditorium of the University of Toronto.

For a fascinating overview of the old politician about what worries the country, the world economy, and our entire planet. Hellyer explained to those present that the secret Kabbalistic group of people. It is currently strangling the international banking system. And it doesn't give humanity the technology available from alien visitors.

Most of us don't know what's going on. And the problem is that what you don't see is what you get

said Paul Hellyer.

Apparently, those gathered at the symposium on UFOs turned out to be quite a lot. The audience passed through the lobby, where exhibits hung on the walls. Telling about the doctors Banting and best. And on the tables below, vendors offered copies of the books "science was wrong", "flying saucers and science," " UFOs and Aliens." And of course, Paul Hellyer's own books.

Paul has raised a devout Baptist, adding a rich baritone voice to his church choir and studying to be an engineer. After being elected, he served for several months in the Cabinet under Saint Laurent in 1957.

Paul Hellyer, UFOs and aliens

Before becoming Secretary of Defense under Pearson. In this position, he played a key role in changing the policy of the liberal government. In the field of nuclear weapons and the integration of the Canadian armed forces. And then everything went wrong.

Paul ran for the Liberal leadership but lost to Trudeau in 1968. He then left the Trudeau cabinet and the Liberal Party a year later. Then he took a seat as an independent MP. Joined the Conservative Party of Canada. And ran for party leader in 1976. It was then that he denounced the Canadian Progressive Party for not being true conservatives.

After this dangerous phrase, he unsuccessfully tried to negotiate a merger of the two parties. Which he founded, with the New Democratic Party. But he failed and returned to the Liberals. By making a few more doomed bids for the election. Before you turn your attention to UFOs, great conspiracies, and the like.

UFOs and aliens have been here for a long time

Hellyer said that when the aliens landed on a flying disk in New Mexico. Shortly after the end of World War II. The war that established the United States of America. As the most technologically advanced nation in the history of mankind. It was extremely upsetting for Americans to learn that there were actually other civilizations. Which were many "light years" ahead of them.

Much of what has happened in the last 60 years. It was an attempt to keep the public in the dark about the technology available from the aliens. Why all the lies and disguises? Hellyer said he receives daily emails from around the world. From people reporting UFO sightings.

From time to time, aliens have interfered with the control systems of nuclear missile launchers on Earth. The aliens conducted an "inventory" of Earth's events. They have a complete picture of what is happening on the planet. And believe me, they are not amused by what they see. I think they look at us and think the kids are playing with matches

said Paul Hellyer.

There are several decades, if not years, left on our planet. To put our house in order. Paul says that resources need to be released. To solve the problem of climate change and pollution of the planet. Partly through cooperation with extraterrestrials.

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