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The men in black. Secrets of a secret organization

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Men in black. Secrets of a mystery organization

Have you ever wondered if there are such organizations that hide the truth from unenlightened people? Let's try to understand this issue. I just want to draw your attention to the fact that you will not be able to find reliable information. Treat this information with a certain degree of skepticism

The secret department at the Pentagon

Naturally, according to the documents, this organization does not exist and cannot officially exist. Needless to say, government agencies are doing everything to smooth out and refute all the inconvenient facts. Moreover, according to the testimony of some Pentagon employees, they allegedly have an entire department that retouches photos received from the satellite before their official publication.

If all the photos and videos of UFOs are allegedly fake if all the eyewitness accounts are explained either by delusion, or deception, or a trick of light and shadow, then why do we need some secret organization that would solve non-existent problems?!

Men in black

Interview with the Apollo 14 astronaut

For many years, the most authoritative expert on UFOs was astronaut Edgar Mitchell, who died in February 2016, he was a member of the Apollo 14 expedition and is believed to have been the sixth person to land on the moon. When asked directly what Mitchell thought of the legend of the Men in Black, the former astronaut replied that the Men in Black is already the harsh truth of life. Mitchell said that he spoke with many representatives of the military and intellectual elite, who directly or indirectly confirmed that the aliens have repeatedly come into contact with earthlings and this interplanetary communication has lasted for at least 60 years, moreover, world governments are doing everything possible to hide information from the population about this.

Apollo 14

Mitchell confirms many strange incidents related to UFOs, starting with the famous Roswell disaster and the most interesting thing is that according to Mitchell, former American President Harry Truman was so excited about the strange events that he created a special committee "Majestic 12" of high-ranking military officers, whom he gave special powers. The committee was supposedly allowed to dispose of all information about the aliens at its discretion, and even the president had no right to interfere in the activities of the committee.

Majestic program

Extraterrestrial employees of NASA

Another famous witness is Garry McKinnon, a unique Scottish hacker. McKinnon became famous for hacking into US military computers in the late 90s, and in 2001 he hacked into NASA computers. He wanted to know what the military knew about UFOs and alternative energy sources. Among other things, the hacker managed to find information about the existence of a certain project " Concealment (Hiding)”, the employees of this project we're engaged in collecting data about UFOs from civil and military aviation specialists and, apparently, ran away from these people not to say too much.


McKinnon hacked a file with a strange name “Extraterrestrial employees”, which contained the names and ranks of officers of the US Air Force, and the strangest thing is that data on these militaries could not be found in any official source. Who these people were, no one ever found out.

And here is another strange detail of this case, although McKinnon was charged, but not that he opened US state secrets, that allegedly because of his actions, two thousand military computers were turned off for a day, which led to damage of almost $ 1 million and an American court in absentia sentenced the hacker to 70 years in prison. McKinnon insists that he could not have caused such damage and that the case is fabricated to put him in jail and shut his mouth forever.

The appearance of the men in black

But let's figure out what these mysterious people are. John Keel in his book “UFOs: Operation Trojan Horse” collected dozens of testimonies of people who were in contact with representatives of this mysterious organization. John Keel was able to make a rough portrait of the men in black. All of them are of normal build, up to 2 meters tall, a remarkable accessory is sunglasses "apparently, their eyes are sensitive to light,” said John Keel, they have thin lips and black hair, very pale skin.

Eyewitnesses note the monotonous voice of these people, many had the impression that they were communicating with a robot that is not able to show emotions.

Men in black

Most often, people in black appear in pairs or threes, move around in classic black cars, and are always dressed in classic black suits. Witnesses note that people in black appear when it is necessary to intimidate or put pressure on “knowledgeable” people. It is also believed that the men in black are responsible for many of the deaths of known UFO witnesses.

Mopping up

The murder of Phil Schneider, who worked at a secret US base, is blamed on the men in black. According to him, research was conducted at the base in cooperation with extraterrestrials. Schneider repeatedly communicated with American ufologists and often told about strange calls from an unidentified number, unknown people demanded that he keep quiet about everything he knew, but Phil Schneider ignored their threats and told everything that he saw with his own eyes.

Phil Schneider

He gave a famous lecture, the recording of which immediately became a sensation, and seven months after that lecture, the police found Schneider dead in his home, he was strangled with a medical catheter cord, and the case was never solved.

Interview with a scout

Among all the collected evidence in his book, John Keel highlights one of the most reliable pieces of evidence of contact with the men in black. In 1976, Herbert Hopkins, a doctor of psychology, worked in Miami as a consultant on possible UFO contacts. One September evening, when the doctor's family was not at home and the scientist was left alone, the phone rang and a male voice, who introduced himself as the vice president of the ufo organization of the state of New Jersey, which later turned out to be fictitious, asked the doctor for permission to come to him that evening. The man claimed to have survived an alien abduction and asked for advice and help. The doctor agreed, but a few seconds later he saw a stranger on the threshold of his house.

Men in black

I thought then that he looked like an undertaker, he had a deathly pale face, and his lips seemed to be painted with lipstick, the visitor had no eyebrows or hair on his head, he was dressed in a classic suit with a white shirt

the doctor said.

Among all the collected evidence in his book, John Keel highlights one of the most reliable pieces of evidence of contact with the men in black. In During the meeting, they talked about common topics related to ufology. It was as if the man was trying to find out how much Hopkins knew about certain things, but nothing else was going on. At the moment when the strange man began to say goodbye, the doctor noticed that he seemed to be very tired. The man in black spoke some strange words, went out, and disappeared.

In any case, it has not yet been possible to find completely reliable information that would confirm the existence of a secret organization of men in black. Do you believe in this organization?

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