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What were the pyramids of Teotihuacan built for? We compare it with modern defense systems

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What were the pyramids of Teotihuacan built for? We compare it with modern defense systems

Stalkers and fans of photographing abandoned bases and landfills put all this on the Internet. One day, looking through several such databases, I saw something familiar. And when I remembered that, there was no limit to my surprise. In the official history, any box seems to be a sarcophagus, even if there are no mummies in it. It is often called a tomb, a monument to the nobility, and so on. Let's use comparative analysis to look at this problem in a different way.

 View from the Pyramid of the Moon to the square.

View from the Pyramid of the Moon to the square.

In this case, we will talk about the pyramids of Teotihuacan.

The Mexican pyramids of Mesoamerica differ in many ways from the Egyptian ones. They are composed of smaller blocks, stepped, and have flat tops. It is possible that their purpose was completely different. Which one? And I'll tell you about it. But first, briefly about the subject of the study.

In the municipality of Mexico called Teotihuacan de Arista, 50 km north-east of Mexico City, there is an ancient city with a similar name-Teotihuacan. Which means "the place where the gods touch the earth" in Aztec. I want to note that I always pay attention to local legends, which, albeit indirectly, prove the existence of an older civilization. If you take this expression literally, then in the light of modern technology, the idea is absolutely simple - the "gods" landed. Consequently, they had aircraft.

The pyramid of the Moon and the square in front of it.

The pyramid of the Moon and the square in front of it.

Teotihuacan is also considered one of the oldest and largest Indian cities in pre-Columbian America. The age of the settlement is estimated from the 3rd century BC. However, in the middle of the 7th century AD, the population for some reason abandoned the city, and it was deserted. It would be strange that it was not abandoned, it is impossible to live there, since it is not a city at all, but an anti-aircraft defense system of the ancients. Why do I think so? Justify it.

The main buildings of Teotihuacan are the pyramids of the Sun and Moon. In the square in front of the pyramid of the Moon and the main avenue leading to the pyramid of the Sun, there are several four-stage pyramids with flat tops. At the top of each pyramid, you can climb the steps built in the form of stairs from the main alley.

Four-stage pyramids.

Four-stage pyramids.

The most interesting thing is that it was their location that turned out to be surprisingly similar to the location of the abandoned launch positions of the S-25 Berkut air defense system. This is a stationary anti-aircraft missile system, created for the defense of Moscow from air attack and adopted in 1955. At one time, it consisted of 22 long-range radar stations, 56 anti-aircraft missile systems with technical bases and command posts.

S-25 Berkut missiles. Musk deer.

S-25 Berkut missiles. Kabarga (Musk deer).

The location of the starting positions of the S-25 can now be found in the public domain on sites that tell about the abandonment. I suggest you look at one of these positions called " Kabarga"

Abandoned starting positions.

Abandoned starting positions.

Abandoned starting positions 2

Abandoned starting positions 2.

As you can see, the concrete remains of the platforms and the roads to them have a very specific structure. From the central alley, there are branches to the places where the missiles are installed. Similarly, the four-stage pyramids of Teotihuacan stand. Hence, there was a version that Teotihuacan is not a city, but an ancient air defense complex, later abandoned.

Most likely, as the Mahabharata describes, there was a "war of the gods". Subsequently, it was occupied by the Aztecs, calling the abandoned buildings "the place where the gods touch the ground."

Google maps. Pyramid of the Moon in Teotihuacan

Google maps. Pyramid of the Moon in Teotihuacan

the four-stage pyramids could have been parking areas for aircraft (something like vimanas) of the air force of an ancient civilization. Otherwise, why were the stairs to the flat top made? Clearly climb them up to the one that stood on the upper platform. And the stairs go only on one side of the pyramid from the central alley, that is, from the path leading from the command post, which could well be the pyramid of the Moon.

And in addition, I would like to note that in the abandoned Soviet complex, many note that underground passages are dug under the base throughout its territory, reinforced with concrete and iron. And visitors were unable to lift the quadrocopters into the air for shooting, because " the electronics failed and swore at magnetic anomalies." Does it remind you of anything?

Of course, it reminds me. After all, near the pyramids and other megalithic structures, all sorts of mystical cases constantly occur, associated with the failure of electronics, the failure of compasses, and the failure of phones and cameras. Apparently, even in Teotihuacan, there may be some forgotten equipment of an ancient highly developed civilization.

Here is a version of the purpose of the Mexican pyramids formed in me. Perhaps they are deliberately hiding their true purpose from us.

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