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MALAGASY REPUBLIC - UFO in the shape of an egg

In May 1967 a curious incident befell a French Legionnaire named Wolff and twenty-seven of his colleagues serving in the Malagasy Republic. On a training exercise, they halted for lunch in the bush, when they were astonished to see a solid object like a "shining egg" fall swiftly from the air with a motion like a falling leaf, all the while emitting a piercing whistle. Immediately after it thudded onto the ground, the soldiers discovered they were paralyzed, but regained the use of their limbs when the object took off again — as if "sucked up into the sky" — apparently within seconds. Yet when they checked the time, they realized that three hours had passed . . .


Legionnaire Wolff described the object as being about 23 feet (7 m) high and 10 to 13 feet (3 to 4 m) in diameter. There were traces of the UFO: three holes in the ground where the "feet" had stood, beside a 10 foot (3 m) crater with a layer of vitrified crystals at the bottom.

MALAGASY REPUBLIC - UFO in the shape of an egg

The soldiers had no idea what had happened to them during the missing time but felt the after-effects of their experience for some time. They all suffered intense, pulsing headaches and had a buzzing sound in their ears for days afterward. Unfortunately, they took no photographs of the craft or the landing site, but M. Wolff did tell his story to the French research group Lumieres dans la nuit (Lights in the night) some time afterward.

A source: The mammoth book of UFOs by Lynn Picknett

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