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Contactees who believe they are communicating with aliens

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Contactees who believe they are communicating with aliens

The first mention of contacts with extraterrestrial civilizations appeared in those ancient times, when writing appeared. The appearance of the term "contactee" occurred at the end of the twentieth century. The first people, who are now commonly called contactees, sincerely believed that they had a chance to meet the gods who descended from heaven. Some ancient records even contain technical descriptions of alien spacecraft.

Indian Mahabharata these apparatuses are described as flying spheres, which had a mercury engine that created a strong wind necessary for the movement of the apparatus. In addition, people who were in this area could move very quickly over long distances. In the ancient Indian Ramayana there is a story that early in the morning Rama went inside the heavenly chariot, which began to move.

It had two floors, many rooms, and, in addition, when moving, it made a steady humming sound. As for the later evidence, the people who told about the meeting with the aliens tried to keep from spreading such information. To do this, all available methods were used: such people were declared mentally ill, isolated from society. Therefore, very often the fate of those who claimed to have been abducted by aliens remained a secret to the public.

Contactees who believe they are communicating with aliens

One of the stories about the encounter with aliens is told by former military Charles James Hall. The man said that he had repeatedly seen alien spacecraft in the US state of Nevada at the Nellis military base. In the 1960s, Charles worked for the weather service at the base. He was then transferred to the Indian Springs Artillery Unit. As Hall recalls, during his years of service, the aliens were called "Nordics". The aliens, according to him, were quite tall, about 2.5-3 meters, and the age was about 600-800 years. However, the man could not tell anything more specific, because he did not have to communicate directly with aliens. The only thing he knew was that the specialists at the base were studying extraterrestrial technologies for their further application in terrestrial conditions.

Nordic aliens

Bob Lazar told a more detailed story. He was a physicist and took part in a research group that studied UFOs. The work was carried out at a secret military base in Nevada. According to the scientist, in 1988 he learned that for a decade and a half some governments have been actively cooperating with extraterrestrial civilizations, in particular, with those of its representatives who arrive from the constellation Reticulum. Lazar said that the aliens, pursuing some goals of their own, themselves offered earthlings to study their technologies in exchange for cooperation. In addition, the scientist described his work in the group in great detail – he was studying the technology of the propulsion systems of alien vehicles.

Lazar described the aliens themselves. According to him, the humanoids had thin necks on which tendons and muscles clearly showed. They did not have auricles, but at the same time, aliens are able to perceive higher frequencies of sounds than humans. They have a gray skin color, and inside there is only one pear-shaped organ that replaces everything. It should be noted that in all known stories about meeting with alien beings, there is something in common.

Alien sightings

Most people said that they expected to see the means of communication familiar to humans: pipes, cables, and so on. However, much to their surprise, there was nothing like that. Contactees say that they saw spacious rooms with armchairs, monitors and control panels, well lit (while no lamps were visible). Some indicate that they saw various strange devices, similar to panels, on which stars and dots shone. Of course, these stories can be treated in different ways. You can believe, and you can perceive nothing more than funny stories. According to some researchers, the source of such stories may be the special services. It is also strange that many ufologists have been trying to meet aliens for many years, but for some reason they do not succeed. At the same time, everyone who had a chance to meet with alien beings was not looking for these meetings at all.

Contactees who believe they are communicating with aliens

In the stories of contactees, the descriptions of aliens are very different from the usual ideas that aliens are little green men, ugly, with big eyes on a big elongated head. According to the contactees, the aliens with whom they communicated were light-skinned, white-haired, with regular facial features. They have disproportionately large smooth heads, mouth, nose and ears are small, expressionless, devoid of facial expressions. They communicate by telepathy. Very often they are considered beautiful and trustworthy. However, in some cases, the aliens are not friendly at all. And sometimes it happens that after encounters with alien beings, people's psychological and mental state deteriorates. As a result, rehabilitation courses are needed.

And since the contactees remember almost nothing about what happened to them, the doctors have to turn to hypnosis. And even it doesn't always help unlock memory. Sometimes foreign objects and implants are found in the bodies of contactees. However, there are no signs of surgical intervention. Scientists are very interested in the stories of contactees about what happened to them inside the spacecraft. In most descriptions, people say that the aliens visited them in a kind of laboratory, where they performed operations on them, implanting implants of unknown origin under the skin. In addition, the aliens examine people in detail under a microscope, trying to understand how they breathe, think, develop. By the way, after such stories, some scientists even hypothesized that indigo children are the result of genetic engineering of alien beings.

alien beings

Here are just some of the stories of those who happened to meet with an alien mind. An American named David from California, said that he was repairing the roof when he saw a bright dot in the sky. This point dropped and stopped, watching the man. His wife thought that a plane was descending over their house. But when the man took the binoculars, he saw that this object looked more like a cylinder and was flying at high altitude at high speed. And here is another interesting story. A man from Louisiana, hunting in a large swamp, saw a certain creature. At first he thought it was a bear, but when he got closer, he saw a silhouette that looked like a human.

The creature's eyes were amber in color, and its arms were very long. The creature was so terrible that the hunter decided to shoot at it, but was afraid to miss. Therefore, he ran away from there, constantly looking around with fear, whether this monster was chasing him. The man did not go to that swamp anymore.

Bablina Balieva lived in the small village of Chegem-the Second. One evening she left the house and literally saw a large mesh luminous canvas in front of the door. Its cells were square and shimmered with all the colors of the rainbow. The woman at first did not understand what was happening, and then she got scared and ran into the house. A few days later, history repeated itself. The woman told her relatives about what she saw, and it turned out that she was far from the only one who saw a strange canvas.

Alien beings

There was a woman who lived in Nashville who repeatedly met with aliens. Her name was Elena Rieger. According to her stories, in the evening, lying on the sofa, the woman saw a creature with huge eyes in the window. After that, she was in a state of apathy and followed all the commands that began to appear in her head. First, the woman walked around the table three times, and then went out onto the balcony. At a short distance from him, an object resembling an airplane hovered, but small, and portholes shone on its side.As Elena Rieger recalls, questions sounded in her head, to which she answered in detail, but she does not remember what exactly was asked. Some contactees, mostly women, talk about artificial insemination, to which they were subjected on an alien ship.

So, a woman named Katya Davis, told that aliens kidnapped her daughter. It is noteworthy that others claimed that the woman had never had children. But the woman insisted that the girl was not born on Earth. From the woman's stories, it turned out that for several years she was visited by a certain humanoid creature, as a result of which the woman became pregnant several times. But at the same time there was never direct contact, and conception took place either under hypnosis or in a dream.

Similar stories can be found quite often among contactees. Therefore, in order to exclude the possibility of cheating, scientists tested several people under hypnosis. And they all mentioned the same details: they got into the "saucer" with the help of an unknown force, which returned them back after the procedure. Very often a light pole was mentioned, which flashed, and a person fell into the center of the hall, feeling helpless and lost in time. After analyzing these stories, scientists hypothesized that aliens are conducting genetic experiments on humans in order to create a hybrid species. To believe it or not is probably not so important. The main thing is that if it is true after all, and meetings of people with alien beings do happen, then they should be treated with great caution.

Thus, it can be noticed that contactors come in different types. However, the indications of most of them are similar in many ways. Details may vary. To claim that all of them had a dream or were crazy would be naive. We believe that each case should be studied separately, be attentive to details, then there is a chance to get to the truth. One thing is for sure - contactees exist, and not everyone wants to tell their experience. Remember this, maybe your loved one just doesn't want to tell you something, because he is afraid to meet with a wall of misunderstanding.

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