Mysterious encounter with a green alien in Spain

The Badajoz UFO incident

The incident with a UFO in Badajoz is one of the strangest UFO phenomena that have occurred in the history of Spain, associated with its air force. This incident became popular under the name "The Green Man of Talavera la Real" because two Spanish soldiers, Jose Maria Trejo and Juan Carrizosa Luján, claimed to have seen and shot at a creature of unknown origin.

At about 1:45 local time on November 12, 1976, Jose Trejo and Juan Carrizosa were on duty (each in his booth, about 60 meters from each other) in the so-called fuel zone of Talavera la Real Air Base (Badajoz, Spain). Suddenly, they heard some strange noise. At first it looked like radio interference, but turned into a shrill whistle that hurt the ears.

The soldiers thought that the sound was made by someone who had entered the military zone, but after five minutes he just stopped. Trejo shouted to his partner Carrizosa if he had heard the noise, and he replied "yes." They prepared their weapons, Z-62 submachine guns, and conducted a visual inspection of the surroundings. They heard the sound again, which was so powerful that it seemed like their heads would explode. Five minutes later, and they saw a vertical light in the sky, similar to a flash that lasted about 15 or 20 seconds.

The Badajoz UFO incident

Hosé Hidalgo and another companion, accompanied by dogs, approached the boxes, asking them if they had seen the flash. Fearing that someone entered the military facility with the intention of sabotage, they decided to notify the corporal of the Pavon guard. He ordered them to check the entire area.

They walked parallel to the wall separating the main road from the base. Seeing that the dog, specially trained for these cases, did not show any signs of anxiety, they also remained calm. But suddenly, when they had walked about 300 meters, they felt a whirlpool and heard the branches of a nearby eucalyptus tree break.

The military became alert and, clinging to their submachine guns, released the dog, which went straight to the place where they heard the noise of branches. They waited for the dog to make some noise or bark, but after a few seconds it came back sluggish and staggered. After a while, the dog started running around the soldiers (this is what dogs are taught to protect humans).

They stopped several times, but no one answered until José Trejo got the feeling that someone was following him. 15 meters away from them, they saw a greenish figure consisting of points of light, about 3 meters high, with a small head and a kind of helmet. The stranger had a fat body and long arms.

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Trejo tried to shoot, but could not do it, and feeling the general stiffness, fell to the ground. Hidalgo and Carrizosa started shooting. From 40 to 50 rounds were fired at this creature, which flashed and disappeared. The eerie sound they had heard earlier appeared again. This time the duration of the sound was 10 or 15 seconds. Colleagues helped Trejo to get up and the entire base was put on high alert.


Soldiers Jose Manuel Trejo and Juan Carrizosa with the same wolf dog that found the ”intruder" on the night of November 12

The next day, 50 people examined the area where the event took place, but found nothing. Not a single shell casing, not a bullet that hit the perimeter wall, nothing.

A few days later, when Trejo entered the base's mess hall, he went blind and fell unconscious to the ground. He started having health problems. He was hospitalized on November 30 at the Madrid Air Force Hospital with a diagnosis of "nervous imbalance". In the future, these "nervous imbalances” were not repeated.

The Air Force experts confirmed that the cartridges were used up, but what happened to the bullets that flew out? What or who was shot?

We don't know what it is. But what we don't doubt is that we saw it perfectly, and it “looked like a man, but very tall...

According to the main characters of the story:

It would seem that this whole story could be attributed to the category of a strange-looking intruder, an animal or just a disguised attacker... but it is confusing that, according to the description of the soldiers, it was a giant-sized figure, and before the appearance of this creature, they saw a long flash aimed at the sky. Of course, there is no 100% explanation for this situation, but one thing is for sure, the soldiers met with something unusual, which clearly plunged them into shock.

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