Bob Lazar documentary - After 30 years, they are still watching me": Legendary Bob Lazar gave a new interview. Area 51

Bob Lazar documentary - After 30 years, they are still watching me": Legendary Bob Lazar gave a new interview

59-year-old American physicist Robert Scott Lazar or simply Bob Lazar is often called the Messiah of ufologists. It was he who 30 years ago told the world that the military base "Zone 51 "(Area-51) hides in its bowels alien technologies and develops on their basis secret aircraft. The stories of Lazarus had a powerful effect and influenced not only the development of UFOlogy and conspiracy but also the film industry, including the famous TV series "the X-files". In the 1980s, Lazar worked at the Los Alamos research facility and later at a base near Area 51, and according to him personally participated in the development of gravity engines based on technologies derived from alien ships.

Bob Lazar documentary

In May 1989, Lazar appeared in a special interview with journalist George Knapp from a TV station in Las Vegas under the pseudonym "Dennis" and with a hidden face. He described how he worked at the S-4 facility, which is near base 51 and Groom lake, and that there are hidden aircraft hangars at the foot of the mountain.

Bob Lazar 30 years ago

Bob Lazar 30 years ago

Further, Lazar said that he was attracted to work on flying objects similar to UFOs, of which there were 9 pieces in the hangars. 

according to Lazar's descriptions, hangars with aircraft looked like

according to Lazar's descriptions, hangars with aircraft looked like

A few months later, Bob Lazar was interviewed again by Knapp and this time appeared under his real name and without hiding his face. He said that the objects worked on element 115 (after 4 years in 2003, this substance was officially discovered and named Moscovium). And the principle of operation of the engines of the devices was based on gravitational waves.

Bob lazar art

Lazar went on to say that he had personally seen documents that described the involvement of "Gray" aliens in human history for at least the last 10 thousand years.

Lazar's stories immediately appeared on the front pages of many newspapers and magazines and caused a wave of discussions with critics, but also with crowds of fans. In the history of UFOlogy, this was the peak moment when millions of people around the world became interested in UFOs and aliens.

Since then, Lazar rarely gave interviews, but recently with his participation was released an hour-long documentary "Bob Lazar: Area 51 and Flying Saucers" directed by Jeremy Corbell, who at the age of 13 saw Lazar's performances on TV and has since become a big fan of his.

Bob Lazar documentary

According to Lazar, the US government has since been unable to forgive him for "disclosing state secrets" and in the 90s regularly threatened him and even his wife. In particular, he was threatened with great responsibility for "espionage". 


Judging by the footage from the new film, Bob Lazar has changed little since 1989. He is still neat and still with the same hairstyle, as well as calm and reasonable. He never looked like a "crazy UFO fan" or a person with mental health problems, so it's not surprising that a lot of people believe that his words are really true.

"My performances changed my whole life," says Lazar, " and mostly for the worse. There was very little positive for me during all this time and if I was given a second chance, I probably would never have told the whole story. Now I am sure that it would be better for me to remain silent."

Bob Lazar

Bob Lazar documentary

According to Lazar, he still receives a lot of letters from fans who are also interested in how his life turned out after his performances, and also retell those "fictional and funny stories" that the press regularly distributes about him.

Lazar lives with his wife in Michigan and works for the United Nuclear project, which sells chemicals and tools for laboratories. To the surprise of fans, he is not interested in UFOlogy and does not follow articles about UFOs in the press.

I do not follow UFOs and I am not interested in theories about extraterrestrial life, in this, I am attracted only by advanced technology. If we can control and develop such things, we will change our entire world.

Bob Lazar

Lazar doesn't consider himself paranoid, but he's sure that government agents are still watching him, even after 30 years. He often has the feeling that he is being watched covertly.

Journalist George Knapp, who helped Lazar tell the world about the secrets of Zone 51, is sure that Lazar's fears are not groundless.

His house was repeatedly broken into, as well as his car. There was a time when unknown people called me and him on the phone with threats. They called those people, too. that they worked with the Laser at the base. It was all a scare tactic.


The film's director Jeremy Corbell also agrees with these words:

All these thirty years, they have been constantly trying to 'dehumanize' Lazar, make him a laughing stock and a psycho, and his stories have been called fake and tried to distort them. In my film, you will see the real Lazar and his ordinary life and ask yourself whether he lied all these years to his wife, his neighbors, his friends, telling them all the same information. For 30 years, only Bob Lazar's critics have had a say, and my film is his long-awaited answer to all of them.

Bob Lazar

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