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UFOs and a broken windmill

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UFOs and a broken windmill

In 2009, the British tabloid The Sun published an incredible story that attracted worldwide attention. After a night in which strange lights were visible in the sky, residents of Lincolnshire woke up to find a 90-meter wind turbine smashed to smithereens.

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And it looked as if some flying object had crashed into it at high speed. For several days, the subject of UFOs did not leave the front pages of the newspapers in Lincolnshire, but then there was a simpler explanation for what happened to the windmill. The Guardian published an article saying that the lights in the sky were just fireworks.

The company that produces wind turbines, conducted its own analysis and found out that the windmill collapsed due to a single bolt, which, due to the high speed of the windmill, simply unscrewed and flew out.

But a headline like "A bolt flew out of a windmill" is not nearly as attractive to tabloid newspapers as the headline "UFO strikes down windmills".


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