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Jimmy Carter sighted a UFO

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Jimmy Carter observed a UFO

UFO sightings are one of those things that there are very different views on. Some people firmly believe in the existence of UFOs, others think that the whole idea is ridiculous, and anyone who believes in it is crazy. The large third group has the looks to be somewhere between the two poles. It seems logical that there should be another life in the infinite universe, at least as intelligent and evolved as we are, and that has discovered space travel. However, no one has ever given convincing evidence of this.

Jimmy Carter

President Carter's experience

Many reports of "sightings" and reports of" abductions " come from less than credible sources - but not all. One of these reports came from Jimmy Carter before he became President of the United States. Boredom Therapy published an article about President Carter's experience. This happened in 1969 when he was on his way to a lecture at the local Lion's Club in Leary, North Georgia. At the time, he did not report the incident, but in 1973, when he was already governor of Georgia, he was approached by the International UFO Bureau in Oklahoma City to get a conclusion.

Recalling this event, he said that someone warned him about an object in the sky. So he looked up and saw a glowing object that seemed to be flying towards him and stopped above the pines. It is reported that the green light appeared first, then this strange object began to change color, first to blue, then to red, and finally back to white, and then flew back into the sky. He described that the light was getting brighter and brighter before it disappeared, and appeared to have no core. He said it was a rather strange experience.

The Carter family Business (part of Carter's childhood farm) in Plains, Georgia

The Carter family Business (part of Carter's childhood farm) in Plains, Georgia

President Carter was one of about 20 witnesses who claimed that the object hovered over the trees for about 10 or 12 minutes before it flew away. Needless to say, it was almost impossible to prove that he witnessed that night, but nevertheless, this event left a lasting impression.

When Carter ran for president in 1976, he even said that he would allow people who wanted to report UFO sightings to do so, and after that, any information collected would be shared with professionals and the general public.

President Jimmy Carter and Admiral J. Hyman Rickover, USN (far right) aboard the USS Los Angeles in 1977.

President Jimmy Carter and Admiral J. Hyman Rickover, USN (far right) aboard the USS Los Angeles in 1977.

I will never laugh at people who have seen UFOs

Carter reportedly said: "One thing is for sure: I will never laugh at people who say they have seen unidentified objects (UFOs) in the sky. If he becomes president, I will make available to the public and scientists all the information about UFO sightings that this country has."

He also said that he was sure of the existence of UFOs because he had seen them himself. When he became the newly elected president, he approached CIA Director George W. Bush to ask him what the organization knew about extraterrestrials. Bush refused to answer this question, so Carter backed down and later said that the government was not hiding information about UFOs.

Over time, President Carter has downplayed the importance of those early statements and withdrew their comments regarding the disclosure of information about UFOs. He said that the publication of such documents could have implications for national security issues.

Inside Edition cites a 2007 interview with the former president in which he points out that the object he saw was, after all, "unidentified" and that he did not believe that aliens were visiting our planet.

What has changed?

This conversation seems like an interesting departure from the former president's loud and public stance, which raises the question: what has changed? How did he go from being so sure to deny the very possibility of extraterrestrial visitors? It could have been something as simple as that time, which suppressed the immediate impression of the experience, and more rational thinking prevailed.

Perhaps he just decided that he was tired of being in the public eye and in the press for decades. So now we have something to think about ...

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