Are there ancient Anunnaki statues on Mars?

Are there ancient Anunnaki statues on Mars?

The American Space Agency NASA has been exploring the surface of the Red Planet for a long time with the help of its charismatic all-terrain vehicles. A huge number of images come from Mars. We are all incredibly curious about what is happening in this beautiful cold world. And what if a jerboa decides to slip through the red sand unnoticed? Well, or will the Martian bird get into the frame by accident? Well, if a Martian shows his real face, it will be just great!

With such thoughts, some particularly interested people study all the images in a row received from NASA's heroic robots. These enthusiasts are full of hope to find evidence in photographs from Mars that the planet was once inhabited by intelligent beings. And you know what? They find them all the time!

Where do you get these Anunnaki?

These people were able to see a lot of things on the surface of Mars. These are huge domes, lemmings, monkeys, scorpions and even statues depicting you know who? Anunnaki! No more, no less. If all this is true, then perhaps someone still lives under the surface of the Red Planet! After all, someone has thrown an object of fine art that has become unnecessary to the surface!

But there are other people. Boring. They are called skeptics. They claim that all these artifacts on Mars are a vivid example of what psychiatrists call pareidolia. It's just our brain having fun this way. And it makes us see "familiar things and forms" where they are not in sight. And they also say that all the photos of Mars are fake, based on the fact that png files that are characteristic of three-dimensional modeling programs get on the site. They say that NASA can deliberately mislead us to hide the true state of affairs. Well, let's not judge anyone. Let's just look at these photos.

Are there ancient Anunnaki statues on Mars?

Above you can see an image that some researchers consider extremely strange. And the strangest place on it is circled with a red circle. Do you know what attracted the attention of lovers of all sorts of secrets in it? Keep the truth: it was interpreted by them as the remains of an ancient statue, frighteningly reminiscent of those made by representatives of the ancient Sumerian civilization. They did this so that the younger generation would not forget the Anunnaki. These are some gods, the creators of mankind, who came to Earth in ancient times in search of gold.

Where do you get these Anunnaki?

Are you going nuts?

However, what is interesting is that there are real scientists, academics, with diplomas, who agree that Mars is not a lifeless place at all. And that in the distant past the Red Planet was inhabited by some intelligent species.

Such people can be safely attributed to John Brandenburg, Ph.D. and plasma physics theorist from the University of California. This scientist, who worked with NASA, claims that everything is not so simple with Mars. And that there is a lot of evidence of the habitability of the planet in the distant past.

According to Brandenburg, there is sufficient evidence that at least two large nuclear explosions occurred on the surface of the Red Planet. And it happened in the distant past. Brandenburg bases his hypothesis on the fact that traces of uranium and thorium have been found on the surface of Mars. Scientist believes that the Martian civilization was destroyed by another hostile alien race that arrived in the Solar System from other parts of the universe. And he warns that our civilization may face the same problem.

Kind of scary, isn't it?

In addition to stating that Mars was once inhabited, Dr. Brandenburg once stated the following:

The lunar mission "Clementine" at one time transmitted to Earth a huge number of photos. In many of the images I've seen, you can see all kinds of complex structures. But the most impressive is the image of a rectangular formation a mile wide. It looked obviously artificial. And it seemed that he clearly shouldn't be here.

As a person who belongs to the community of friends of space defense enthusiasts, I look at any such structure on the moon with great concern. Because it's not ours. And there is no way we could have built such a structure. It means that there is someone else there

Here's what it says:

And yet. What kind of curious "object" was photographed by the Curiosity rover at the time? Is it really an ancient statue depicting one of the Anunnaki, lying aimlessly on Mars? Or is this object, along with countless artifacts that are said to be the definitive proof of the existence of aliens on Mars, just another joke of our brain?

You know, friends, I have seen various curious figures in the clouds many times. Maybe that's exactly what's happening on Mars. But, in the end, it's not interesting. And that's why everyone frantically wants to hear: yes, guys! There is someone on the Red Planet!

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