How aliens almost killed a ufologist, pulling vital energy out of him

How aliens almost killed a ufologist, pulling vital energy out of him

American Albert K. Bender (1921-2016) was one of the first professional UFO researchers and one of the three most influential ufologists in the 50s and 60s of the last century. During World War II, he served in the US Air Force, and after the end of the war, he became interested in the UFO phenomenon.

American Albert K. Bender

Bender was the first to collect and try to systematize the cases of visits by Men in black. He also created the first major society of ufologists - the International Flying Saucer Bureau (IFSB). In 1962, Bender gained great popularity by publishing the book "Flying Saucers and the Three Men", but before that he opened his ufo magazine Space Review and soon after that another event happened that influenced the whole subsequent life of the ufologist.

Late at night in March 1953, someone knocked loudly on his house. Bender didn't even have time to get down from the attic where he was sleeping and working, as three men in black had already somehow entered the house and climbed the stairs to him.


They turned out to be typical representatives of the Men in Black, about whom he had previously heard only from frightened eyewitnesses. They had shiny eyes, pale skin, and classic black suits with black shoes and a white shirt. Hats on the head.

When they came almost close to the ufologist without saying a word, he suddenly felt sick and weak. According to him, the feeling was like a diabetic who missed breakfast, lunch, and dinner. A chill also enveloped him and he began to shiver slightly from the cold.

Finally, unable to stand it, Bender fell on the bed from weakness and immediately received a telepathic message from the Men in Black. They demanded that he leave the subject of UFOs, otherwise something bad would happen to him. Then they turned around and left. Bender took their threats seriously, but the study of UFOs had already become the meaning of life for him and he could not give up everything. And he continued his work. Soon the Men in Black visited him again, and again during their visit, Bender felt painfully weak and exhausted. It was as if they were drawing vital energy out of him, and much more than on the first visit.

UFO sightings

Bender also noticed that with each visit, the eyes of the Men in Black shone brighter and more menacingly. But he again did not dare to drop the subject of UFOs and then they came to him for the third time and now Bender felt very sick. After the second visit, his stomach ached, as if with an ulcer, and migraines occurred daily, and after the third visit, Bender began to lose a lot of weight and he began to have problems with his eyesight or psyche, it began to seem to him that People in black were chasing him even on the streets of the city.

He saw Men in black in every shadowed nook and cranny, and meanwhile his stomach problems were getting worse.

According to Bender:

And now the ufologist couldn't stand it. He closed his magazine Space Review, closed the international bureau, and decided to move away from studying UFOs. After that, his health improved. Released in 1962, the book was his last swan song, after which, until his death in 2016, Bender no longer touched on the subject of UFOs.

I would like to warn everyone once again who is starting to deal with the subject of UFOs. Ask yourself. Do you want to know the truth? Yes, that terrible truth as it is, and not as it seems right to you? You may not like the answers. And it's really dangerous. Remember this.

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