Classification of reptilians and ways to detect them

Have the reptoids enslaved humanity? Classification of reptilians and ways to detect them

The Reptilians (Lizards, Draconians, Anunnaki, Anunnaki, Nifelim, Chitauli) are a humanoid reptilian civilization that rules our world from behind the scenes. According to the assurances of conspiracy theorists, they represent the world government and manage through third parties, which are pure-blooded people, or hybrids of people-reptiles.

The word "Anunnaki" is translated as "those who came from heaven", "those who are of noble blood". This knowledge comes from the oldest civilizations of Mesopotamia (according to official data, about 4 thousand years BC). According to the information from the found written sources, the ancient people considered the Anunnaki their gods.

Historical background

Origin of the reptoids

The hypothetical home of the reptilians is located in the Zeta Reticuli star system, in which two connected stars are the center. An interesting fact is that one of the stars is almost a copy of our Sun: the similarity is 99% of the mass and diameter, 102% of the luminosity. According to other sources, the Anunnaki come from the star system Tuban (alpha Draconis — one of the stars in the constellation Draco), or from the mythical wandering planet Nibiru - this version was especially popular until the end of 2012.

Zeta Reticuli

At this time, it was expected that an alien civilization would visit our planet again in order to collect the gold mined by earthlings. They predicted the end of the world because of the collision of Nibiru with the Earth.

Science fiction writer Harry Harrison wrote three science fiction novels on the subject of reptilians (the first of them in 1984), and perhaps this is what contributed to the development of modern theories. Recommended reading. Also, pay attention to the feature films "Alien" and "Prometheus".

The 'Eden' Trilogy

There is an assumption about the planet of the reptilians. In the United States, there is a theory called "Project Serpo", which considers a top-secret project between the reptilian civilization from the planet Serpo and the US government. There is no denying another version, according to which the home of the aliens is very close — in our star system on neighboring planets and satellites.

Arrival time on Earth

There is no consensus on the date of the first appearance of reptilians on Earth. It is impossible to reliably answer this question, since the very existence of an alien race of invaders is in doubt, and this theory does not have significant evidence.

Figurines found in the area of Ancient Mesopotamia. The age is about 7000 years.

Figurines found in the area of Ancient Mesopotamia. The age is about 7000 years.

The estimated date range is incredibly wide: from millions to, literally, several decades ago. If we assume the real existence of a Secret World Government in the person of reptiles, then it is unlikely that their first arrival on our planet was recent. Ancient rock carvings dating from around the fifth millennium BC contain images similar to reptilian humans.

Goals and objectives on Earth

Against the background of the lifeless expanses of space, our planet looks like an oasis in the desert. In addition to good living conditions, the bowels of the Earth are filled with huge riches. Surely, the minerals available to us will be useful to other civilizations, so there are plenty of reasons for a foreign invasion.

Let's consider several theories about the reasons for the enslavement of humanity by reptilians. The worst thing is that none of them contradicts the other, but on the contrary, they all perfectly complement each other.

Mining of gold or other minerals

Our species was deliberately created by the Anunnaki, as a labor force for extracting earth's jewels. The creation of robots turned out to be too unprofitable since it involves huge expenses for the manufacture and repair of cyborgs. Then we decided to create people who will reproduce and provide for themselves. They did not spare us a little self-regeneration to ensure the minimum necessary survival rate.

On the last day of creation, God said, " Let us make man in our image and in Our likeness.

Gen. i. 26.

Recall that the Sumerians called the gods of those serpent-like creatures.

Extraction of the immaterial energy of suffering

Many well-known authors have ideas that humanity serves someone like a herd of cattle: Castaneda also mentioned this when describing "flyers" that devour the energy body of each person, and Robert Monroe wrote about this, describing a system in which people are assigned the role of bees.

Gavvah (hops) — a subtle material quintessence of the strongest emotions.

Followers of this concept believe that the structure of the human body is not accidental. Life expectancy, aging, and death are programmed into our DNA. High exposure to diseases creates dependence on the medicine.


Conspiracy theorists argue that even sleep is not mandatory for all forms of life, and its necessity has also been consciously prescribed in our genetics. Many objects that seem completely normal to humans are actually designed to transfer energy to reptilians.  Even the unfortunate Christmas trees were seen in this thankless business: it is assumed that during the New Year holidays there is a real harvest. The energy that we are so persistently urged to actively spend, goes through the pyramid trees in huge volumes directly to the Anunnaki.

Search for a new habitat

Many people like to refute this theory, saying why would they bother with us, if they are so highly developed and powerful. Why don't the reptilians just destroy people, like in some Hollywood movie?

And what if we do all the necessary work for them with our own hands. It is expensive to fight, and they will lose their slaves. A good planet ecosystem for us doesn't mean it's good for them, either. Their bodies may require completely different conditions, for example, oxygen for the Anunnaki is poisonous, and something contained in car exhaust and industrial emissions is very desirable. So humanity actively performs the work of self-destruction, while managing to extract gold for the reptilians and fatten them with their own emotions.

The best slave is the one who considers himself free.

Connection with secret societies

Can we consider what everyone knows to be a secret? Everyone has already heard about the connection of the reptilians with the Illuminati and Freemasons. It is unlikely that the real governors of the foreign invaders would have allowed themselves to be discovered.

The well-known secret societies, rather, should be treated as semi-underground communities of interest. However, there is a suspicious speech of the American president, which he delivered shortly before his tragic death.

Recognize a reptilian among humans


One of the most famous supporters of this conspiracy theory writer David Vaughn IKE, describes specific race reptiloids:

  • height from 1.5 to 4 meters;
  • nutrition prefer flesh and blood;
  • physically much stronger, healthier, and stronger person; able to take the appearance of other beings.

By themselves, interplanetary travel points us to the highest technological development, which suggests that the reptilians have a much more developed intelligence than our species. The external signs of reptilians would be obvious to everyone, if not for the ability to adopt the appearance of other creatures. We have not found a single, not that reliable, but at least just an interesting source describing the signs of the Anunnaki mimicking people.

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Ufologist, Ph.D., blogger, I go on my own expeditions for UFOs. I use scientific methods to investigate the UAP phenomenon. Write to me

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