The Anunaki of the planet Nibiru created humans on Earth

The Anunnaki of the planet Nibiru created humans on Earth

A number of secret societies profess myths about the origin of the earth and humanity, talking about the Anunnaki-creatures that the Sumerians considered travelers who descended from heaven.

The task of the Anunaki was to guide people along a certain path of development. Ciccia Zechariah says that all ancient peoples believed in gods who came down from heaven, and who were able and willing subsequently to come back. From translations of Sumerian texts, it appears that the Earth was formed a billion years ago when the planet Nibiru, which orbits the Sun in an elliptical orbit, passed too close to the planet called Tiamat.


Gravitational storms tore Tiamat apart, and they subsequently formed the Earth and the asteroid belt. During this catastrophe, one of the moons of Nibiru left its orbit and became a satellite of the Earth. The Sumerians believed that the Anunnaki arrived on Earth 450,000 years ago during the second Ice Age. Nibiru, three times the size of Earth, has a very elongated orbit, and most of the time is outside the orbits of the most distant planets in the Solar system, and every time it passes by the Earth, it causes severe climate changes.

According to legend, it was at a time when the two planets were close to each other that the Anunnaki came to Earth in spaceships and landed in Mesopotamia. The leader of Nibiru, Anu, remained on his home planet but sent his two sons Enlil and Enki to Earth. It was they who were entrusted with the management of the colonization of the Earth. Due to the large difference in the size of the orbits of the two planets, several Earth centuries were equal to one year for the Anunnaki.

The aliens used the labor of ordinary members of their society to mine gold. Dr. Arthur David Horn, a former professor of biological anthropology at the University of Colorado, states in his book "Humanity's Extraterrestrial Origins" that the Anunnaki have been mining gold on Earth for a hundred thousand years, but about three hundred thousand years ago, ordinary gold miners rebelled.

Humanity's Extraterrestrial Origins

Horn goes on to say that the commander-in-Chief Enlil decided to punish the troublemakers and called a Council of the Great Anunnaki, which included his father Anu. However, Anu, sympathetic to the situation of the Anunnaki miners, stood up for them.

He understood that their dissatisfaction was well-founded since the work was carried out in very difficult conditions. Anu began to look for another way to get gold. It was then that Enki suggested creating a primitive worker, Adam, who would do the hard work.

Enki proposed to take as a basis primitive humanoids, which at that time allegedly inhabited the area where the Anunnaki worked. by implanting the female humanoid cells of the male Anunnaki, the first humanoid creature was created. the first humans were created and raised as slaves for hard work. The Sumerians wrote that the first people did not know what bread was and what clothing was needed for. they ate plants and drank water directly from the river.

But people could not reproduce, and then, according to legend, from the male human Adamu, a female form was obtained by cloning. Ordinary Anunnaki found human women very attractive and began to form alliances with them. This part of the story is similar to the Biblical tradition that speaks of marriages between the sons of God and the daughters of men:

When men began to multiply on the earth and daughters were born to them, then the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were beautiful, and took [them] to themselves as wives, which they chose.

(Gen. 6:1,2)

According to Horn, the Anunnaki mistreated the slaves they created. At the same time, slavery was widespread. The Anunnaki were vain, cruel, depraved, and full of hatred. Legends say that they forced their slaves to work until they were exhausted and people did not cause them sympathy. However, at the same time, the Anunnaki unwittingly caused the birth of the first human civilization, the Sumerian one.

Twelve thousand years ago, Nibiru passed through the solar system again, and the Anunnaki flew away in their spaceships to avoid a global climate catastrophe. It was bound to be caused by Nibiru passing nearby. They left the people on the ground, where they would inevitably die.

However, before leaving for his home planet, Enki revealed the divine secret to one of his human assistants, Utnapishtim. He ordered him to build a ship, take in his family and the animals that inhabit the land, as the earth will be hit by a flood.

Apparently, in the Old Testament, Utnapishtim is known as Noah. The disaster, according to legend, was caused by the planet Nibiru, which passed close to the Earth and caused a worldwide flood. Before the flood, those people who were not slaves of the Anunnaki lived by hunting and gathering. After the flood, people also became pastoralists.

After a while, the Anunnaki returned to Earth and decided to divide humanity so that people could be more easily controlled. The Anunnaki themselves selected people who ruled other people's groups. So the first rulers appeared among the people.

The legend says that they were chosen by the gods. Different groups of people were given different languages to make it harder for humanity to unite. Finally, the last lines of the Sumerian texts speak of a war that broke out among the aliens themselves. In the course of this battle, some kind of weapon was used, which could now be described as nuclear.

Calamities have fallen on the earth, which people have not yet known, and from which there was no salvation. A terrible wind from the sky... an earth-destroying wind... a murderous wind, followed by a scorching heat.

The Sumerians Wrote:

Thus, came an end to the rule of the Anunnaki…

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