I was abducted by aliens. Scientists acquitted flying saucer witnesses

I was abducted by aliens. Scientists acquitted flying saucer witnesses

According to VCIOM, 36 percent believe in aliens. At the same time, a quarter believes that they periodically visit the Earth, but hide from people. And although no obvious traces of aliens were found, there is an opinion that at least some of the stories are true. How to search for rational explanations of the supernatural - in the material today.

I was abducted by aliens. Scientists acquitted flying saucer witnesses

Survivors of the abduction

The first reports of meetings with aliens appeared in the 1950s. Then the Brazilian Antonio Villas-Boas said: "I was abducted by aliens." Working in the field, he, according to him, noticed a UFO. A group of humanoid creatures came out of there and dragged him into a spaceship, where he spent several hours.

Subsequently, stories about meetings with aliens and abductions of people by them began to come from different parts of the planet. However, mostly alien guests preferred to steal Americans. And mostly women. According to various sources, from 60 to 75 percent of the abducted are representatives of the fair sex.

According to skeptics, the choice of US citizens as victims is explained by the fact that books about UFOs and extraterrestrial civilizations are very popular in the country.

Mysterious Thieves

People who claim to have seen flying saucers, communicated with aliens, or even been captured on their spaceships are most likely not lying— according to the founder of the Russian private Center for the Study of Sleep Phases and researchers cooperating with him.

Perhaps such evidence is the result of an experienced experience, however, what happened in a dream. The night visions were so real that when they woke up, the "abducted aliens" had no doubt that everything had really happened.
The authors of the work analyzed several dozen stories of people who met with aliens and noticed that they all describe their condition as similar to a dream. So, the stories could be ordinary, albeit very vivid dreams.

The first experiment involved 20 volunteers. They were asked to immerse themselves in a lucid dream — the so-called altered state of consciousness, in which a person understands that he is dreaming, and can to some extent control its content.
Participants were asked to imagine a meeting with aliens, and after waking up to tell about it in detail. As a result, half of the volunteers reported contacts with aliens. But then, in 2011, an article about it could not be published in a peer-reviewed scientific journal. Only the media were interested in the unusual experiment (here, for example, a short note in NBC News).

Mysterious Thieves

Now, ten years later, the authors of the hypothesis conducted a similar experiment, and its results appeared in the International Journal of Dream Research. This time 152 volunteers took part in the test. 114 managed to cope with the task and plunge into a lucid dream. After waking up, 61 percent reported that the aliens looked like aliens from movies and TV shows. At 19 percent, they were no different from humans.

Only 12 percent of the study participants were able to make contact with extraterrestrial visitors. Another 10 percent admitted that they had been on their spaceship.

At the same time, about a quarter of the volunteers reported that they experienced severe fear and a condition similar to sleep paralysis when it is impossible to move or scream. These descriptions coincided with the stories of people allegedly abducted by aliens. The authors of the work suggest that it was because of these feelings that they believed in the reality of what was happening.

Dangerous entities

Sleep paralysis can make you believe not only in encounters with aliens but also in attacks by brownies, devils, and evil spirits. At least, this is evidenced by the numerous testimonies of those who allegedly encountered evil spirits.
American scientists have been collecting such confessions for more than a decade. As a result, they had several thousand stories about how invisible spirits strangled people in their dreams, attacked them, and immobilized them. Most of the sensations were accompanied by visual or auditory hallucinations.

This condition is explained quite simply. During the rem sleep phase — at this moment a person dreams — muscle tone is turned off. This is necessary so that the sleeper does not make the movements that he dreams about, and does not accidentally injure himself. However, sometimes fast sleep comes too soon or too late. And in some cases - even when a person has not yet fallen asleep or has just woken up. As a result, he understands everything, is aware, but cannot move. At the same time, the brain is trying to find the cause of unusual sensations. And it seems to a person that there is someone nearby. Sometimes auditory and visual hallucinations are added.

Dangerous entities

In the rem sleep phase, muscle tone is turned off so that a person does not move and cannot injure himself. In some cases, the phases of sleep overlap each other and when falling asleep or waking up, a person is conscious, but cannot move. This condition is called sleep paralysis.

According to various sources, from eight to sixty percent of adults have experienced this condition at least once in their lives. Most of the victims are students (about 28 percent) and people experiencing severe stress. At the same time, women report sleep paralysis more often than men.

The confused brain

American neurophysiologists believe that the sensations experienced during sleep paralysis are very similar to near-death ones. People see themselves as if from the outside, can't move, feel the presence of otherworldly forces — most often demonic. This, as the researchers suggest, is due to the peculiarities of the functioning of the brain. In particular, meetings with ghosts in sleep paralysis are explained by increased activity of the midbrain caused by the need to distinguish between a potential threat during sleep.

At the same time, as scientists from Johns Hopkins University and the University of California at San Diego (USA) note, the sensations of sleep paralysis and alien abduction are similar to how the brain reacts to psychedelics. At least, a survey of over 2,500 people taking these drugs showed: they had a similar experience.

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