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The abduction of Antonio Villas Boas - alien abduction

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The abduction of Antonio Villas Boas - alien abduction

Villas Boas abduction

My name is Antonio Villas Boas, I am 23 years old, I am a farmer and I live on a farm with my family. It is located near the city of San Francisco de Salis in the state of Minas Gerais, near the border of the state of Sao Paulo in Brazil. We plow the ground with a tractor, and if we have to work at night, I usually drive myself.

the quote

So begins the fantastic story told by Brazilian Antonio Villas Boas about his incredible encounter with aliens in a conversation with doctor Olavo Fontes and journalist Joao Martins. The conversation took place in Rio de Janeiro on February 22, 1958, six months after the incident.

It all started on the night of October 5, 1957. This evening we had guests, and so we went to bed only at 23 o'clock, much later than usual. My brother Joao was in the room with me. Because of the heat, I opened the shutters and at that moment I saw a blinding light in the middle of the courtyard, illuminating everything around. It was much brighter than the moonlight, and I could not explain its origin to myself. The light came from somewhere above, as if from downward-pointing searchlights. But there was nothing visible in the sky.

I called my brother and showed him all this, but nothing could move him, and he said that it was best to go to bed. Then I closed the shutters and we both lay down. However, I could not calm down, and, overcome by curiosity, I soon got up again and opened the shutters. Everything was still the same.

As I continued to watch, I suddenly noticed that a spot of light was approaching my window. Out of fear, I slammed the shutters shut and woke my brother. We watched through a crack in the shutters as the spot of light moved toward the roof. Finally, the light went out and did not appear again.

On October 14, a second incident occurred. It was probably between 21:30 and 22 hours. I don't know for sure, since I didn't have a watch. I worked on a tractor with another brother. Suddenly we saw a light source, so bright that it hurt our eyes. The light came from a huge and round object that looked like a car wheel. The color of the UFO was bright red, it illuminated a large area.

I suggested that my brother go and see what it was, but he wouldn't. Then I went alone. As I approached the UFO, it suddenly began to move and with incredible speed rolled to the south side of the field, where it again froze. I ran after him, but the same thing happened again. Now he was back in his old place. I made at least twenty attempts to approach him but to no avail. I was hurt, and I went back to my brother.

For a couple of minutes, the glowing wheel in the distance remained motionless. From time to time, it seemed to emit rays in different directions. Then suddenly everything was gone as if the lights had been turned off. I'm not really sure if that was the case, because I don't remember looking at the light source continuously. Maybe I turned my head away for a moment and just then it quickly rose and flew away.

aliens abduction

On October 15, I plowed the same field alone. It was a cold night, and the sky was clear and full of stars. At exactly one o'clock in the morning, I saw a red star that looked just like the big bright stars. But I immediately noticed that it was not a star at all, as it was growing larger and seemed to be getting closer.

In a matter of moments, it turned into a glowing UFO-an an egg-shaped object that was rushing at me so fast that it was over the tractor before I had time to think about what to do. Suddenly, the UFO stopped about 50 meters above my head. The tractor and the field were lit up as brightly as on a sunny afternoon. The tractor's headlights were completely absorbed by the brilliant light red glow.

I was terribly frightened because I had no idea what it could be. First I started the tractor and wanted to get out of there, but its speed was too slow compared to the speed of the glowing object. To jump off the tractor and run across a plowed field is, at best, to break your leg.

While I was hesitating in making a decision, the UFO moved slightly and stopped again about 10-15 meters from the tractor. Then, he slowly lowered himself to the ground. The UFO moved closer and closer. Finally, I could make out that it was an unusual, almost circular machine with small red holes. A huge red spotlight shone in my face, blinding me as the object came down.

UFO types

I could now get a very good look at the shape of the car. The UFO looked like an elongated egg with three spikes in front. Their color could not be determined, as they were buried in the red light. At the top, something that also glowed red was spinning very fast. This color changed as the number of revolutions of the rotating part decreased — at least, that was my impression. The rotating part gave the impression of a saucer or a flat dome. Whether it really looked like that, or whether it was only the rotation that gave the impression, I do not know. After all, it did not stop its movement after the object landed.

I noticed the main details later, of course, because I was too excited at first. I lost the last vestige of my composure when, a few meters from the ground, three metal pipes appeared from the bottom of the object, like a tripod. These were metal legs, on which, of course, the entire weight of the car fell when landing.

I didn't want to wait any longer. The tractor stood with the engine running for the entire time. I gave the gas, turned in the opposite direction from the object, and made an attempt to escape. But after a couple of meters, the engine stalled and the headlights went out. I could not understand the reason for this, since the ignition was on and the headlights were working properly. The engine wouldn't start.

Then I jumped out of the tractor and started running. But it was too late because, after a few steps, someone grabbed my arm. It was a small, oddly dressed creature that reached to my shoulder. In utter desperation, I turned on it and delivered a blow that knocked it off balance. The unknown man let go of me and fell on his face. I tried to run again but was immediately seized by three equally incomprehensible creatures. They lifted me off the ground, holding me tightly by my arms and legs. I tried to kick back but in vain.

Then I called out loudly for help, cursing them, and demanding to be released. They were either surprised or curious at my cry, for on the way to their car they stopped every time I opened my mouth and stared intently into my face, but they did not loosen their grip.

They dragged me to the UFO, which was about ten meters above the ground on the metal legs already described. At the back of the car was a door that came down from the top and became like a platform. At the end of it was a metal ladder. It was made of the same silvery material as the walls of the car, and it reached the ground.

aliens abduction

It was very difficult for these creatures to drag me there since there were only two people on the stairs. In addition, this ladder was movable, elastic, and swayed back and forth from my jerks. There was a twisted railing on either side of the stairs, and I clung to it with all my strength so that I couldn't be dragged any further up. So they had to constantly stop and pull my hands off the railing.

The railing was also elastic, and later, when I was released, I got the impression that it consisted of separate links inserted into each other. They finally managed to shove me into a small, square room. The flickering light from the metal ceiling reflected off the polished metal walls. It came from a number of four-sided light bulbs located near the ceiling.

They put me on the floor. The front door, along with the stairs, rose and slammed shut, completely merging with the wall. One of the five creatures motioned for me to follow. I obeyed, as I had no choice. Together we entered another room of semi-oval shape, which was larger than the previous one. The walls there glittered just the same. I believe that this was the central part of the UFO because in the middle of the room stood around, a seemingly massive column, narrowing in its middle segment.

It's hard to imagine that it was there just for decoration. I think it held the ceiling up. There were a lot of swivel chairs in the room, similar to the ones we have in bars. Thus, everyone sitting on the chair had the opportunity to turn in different directions.

The aliens held me tight all the time and seemed to be talking about me. When I say "said", it does not mean even in the smallest way that I heard something similar to human sounds. I can't repeat them.

Suddenly it seemed that they had made a decision. All five of them started undressing me. I defended myself, shouted, and swore. They stopped for a moment, looked at me as if to let me know that they were polite people.

But that didn't stop them from stripping me naked. At the same time, they did not cause me any pain and did not tear my clothes. As a result, I was naked and scared to death, because I didn't know what they were going to do with me next.

One of them came up to me, holding something like a wet washcloth in his hand, and began to rub my body with the liquid. The liquid was transparent, had no smell, but was vicious. At first, I thought it was some kind of oil, but the skin didn't get greasy or oily. I was cold and shivering all over, as the night was quite cool, and the liquid made the cold even worse. The liquid, however, dried very quickly.

Alien abductions

Then three of these creatures led me to a door opposite to the one I had entered through. One of them touched something in the middle of the door, and then both halves of it opened. There was an incomprehensible inscription of red glowing signs. They had nothing to do with any written signs that I know of. Accompanied by the two newcomers, I entered a small room that was lit up like the others. As soon as we were there, the door closed behind us. When I turned around, it was impossible to make out any opening. Only the wall was visible, no different from the others.

Title of aliens

The inscription above the door inside the UFO

Suddenly this wall opened again and two more aliens entered through the door. In their hands were quite thick red rubber tubes, each of which was longer than a meter. One of these hoses was attached to a goblet-shaped glass vessel, and at the other end was a nozzle that looked like a glass tube. They applied it to the skin on my chin, right here, where you can still see the dark spot left from the scar. At first, I didn't feel any pain or itching. Then the place began to burn and itch. I saw that the mug was slowly half full of my blood.

They then stopped their work, removed one nozzle and replaced it with another, and took blood from the other side of the chin. There, too, was the same dark spot. This time the mug was filled to the brim. Then they left, the door closed behind them, and I was left alone.

It had been a long time, probably at least half an hour, but no one had mentioned me. There was nothing in the room but a large cot in the middle. The couch was quite soft, like Styrofoam, and covered with a thick, soft gray cloth. Due to the fact that I was very tired after all the excitement, I sat down on this couch. At that moment, I felt an unusual smell that made me feel sick. I had the feeling that I was inhaling heavy smoke, threatening to suffocate me.

alien abduction

Examining the walls, I noticed a number of small metal tubes, closed from the bottom, protruding at the height of my head and having, like a shower, many small holes. From these holes oozed gray smoke, which dissolved in the air and gave off an unpleasant smell. I felt unbearably sick, rushed to the corner of the room, and threw up. After that, my breath was free, but the smell of smoke still made me uneasy. I was extremely depressed. What else does fate have in store for me?

So far, I haven't had the faintest idea of what these creatures actually look like. All of them were equally dressed in white "metal scale" tight-fitting suits. Each of them also wore a wide belt with a reddish glowing circle on the front. On their heads, they wore large opaque helmets with small cutouts at eye level, which were covered with glasses that looked like glasses. The five-fingered hands were encased in thick, single-colored gloves, which certainly hindered my movements, but that didn't stop them from holding me tightly and manipulating the rubber hose expertly, drawing blood from me. At the back, from a small bulge on the back, two straight metal tubes emerged, which extended upwards, joining the helmet on both sides.

UFO crew members in uniform (as described by Antonio Villas Boas)

UFO crew members in uniform (as described by Antonio Villas Boas)

 After a while, a rustle at the door distracted me from my thoughts. I looked around the room and saw that a woman was slowly approaching me. She was completely naked, just like me. I was speechless, and the woman seemed amused by my expression. She was very beautiful, but a very different beauty from the women I had met. Her hair, soft and light, even very light, as if bleached, was parted in the middle. She had large, almond-shaped blue eyes. Her nose was straight.

Unusually high cheekbones gave the face a peculiar shape. It was much wider than that of the Indian women of South America. His sharp chin made his face look triangular. She had thin, slightly prominent lips, and her ears, which I did not see until later, were exactly the same as those of our women.

The woman's body was of amazing beauty: wide hips, long legs, small feet, narrow wrists, and normal fingernails. She was much smaller than me. The woman came up to me in silence and looked at me. Suddenly she hugged me and started rubbing her face against mine. Alone with this woman, I was very excited. This probably sounds far-fetched, but I believe it was the liquid they rubbed on me that caused it.


They probably did it with intent. At the same time, I would not change any of our women for her, as I prefer women with whom I can talk and who understand me. She made only grunting noises, which completely baffled me. I was terribly angry.

alien woman

As far as it is clear from the clinical examination and medical examination, the young Boas, after the exciting event that happened to him, returned home in complete exhaustion and slept for almost the whole day after that. When he woke up at 16:30, he felt fine and had a good lunch. But in the next and subsequent nights, he began to have insomnia. He was nervous and very excited, and when he managed to fall asleep, he was immediately overcome by dreams related to the events of that night. Then he would wake up in fright, scream, and again he would feel as if he had been captured by aliens and was being held captive.

After experiencing this sensation several times, he gave up his futile attempts to calm down and decided to spend the night reading, but he was unable to concentrate on what he was reading and kept going back to the experience in his mind. As the day wore on, he felt completely out of his mind, running up and down and smoking cigarette after cigarette. When he was hungry, he only managed to drink a cup of coffee, after which he became ill, and the state of nausea, as well as the headache, continued for a whole day.

Dr. Fontes did not make any conclusions about the numerous abrasions and other injuries on the chin, palms, legs, and armpits. On the other hand, he certified the complete absence of any direct or indirect signs of mental illness in the patient. Antonio Vilas Boas was not prone to psychopathy, as well as to superstition and mysticism. He did not take the members of the UFO team for angels or demons, but for people from another planet. When the journalist Martins explained to the young man that many people would consider him either crazy or fraud after hearing his story, Antonio Villas Boas objected: "Let those who consider me such come to my house and examine me. This would help them to immediately determine whether I can be considered normal or not."

Maybe the young man suffered from an inferiority complex or was generally a flawed person? Dr. Fontes completely denies this in his examination, but still points out that it is very often necessary to deal with various testimonies in which one "eyewitness" contradicts another.

The phenomenon of UFOs in the described times and for the South American press was a fertile topic, so it is easy to assume that Antonio Villas Boas was under the strong influence of such reports even before he described this incident. How easily the line between fantasy and reality is blurred! Especially improbable is his description of the smallest details. The talent of the observer, revealed in this simple Brazilian farmer, is comparable to the sharpness and accuracy of perception in a professional detective. Are the fantastic adventures of Antonio Villas Boas a figment of the imagination?

According to Johannes von Butlar in The UFO Phenomenon, surgeon Walter K. Buehler, who lives in Rio de Janeiro, said in a telephone conversation on May 24, 1978: "I have not the slightest doubt that this happened in reality." He referred to the fact, not yet published at the time, that "a very thorough examination of Boas by Dr. Fontes using a special device — a Geiger counter - in which radioactive contamination was found on his body and clothing."

Dr. Buehler, along with other doctors, also came to the conclusion that only radiation could cause the above-described painful symptoms in Antonio Villas Boas. He was probably exposed to radiation.

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