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Former US Navy Pilot Says Pilots have seen UFOs Every Day for several Years

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Former US Navy Pilot Says Pilots have Seen UFOs Every Day for several Years

A new video taken from the USS Omaha shows a spherical UFO descending into the ocean near San Diego in 2019. Around the same time, former US Navy pilot Lieutenant Ryan Graves claims that pilots saw unknown objects, presumably UFOs, every day off the coast of Virginia for several years.

This is reported by the British newspaper Daily Mail. 

As Graves states, then the pilots, watching strange flying objects so used to them that they took their flights for granted. Now he believes that these aircraft may pose a threat to the security of the United States. He said that the UFOs seen in 2015-2017 were significantly ahead of all known American aircraft in terms of their technical capabilities.

According to Graves, the pilots who witnessed the flights of unknown objects could not understand what exactly they saw. According to them, it could be anything from secret American technology to an enemy spy plane.

And in the footage taken from the destroyer "Omaha", the Navy personnel observed a spherical object near their ship, making a controlled descent into the ocean.


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