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Space "superhighways" for fast travel across the Solar system discovered

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Space "superhighways" for fast travel across the Solar system discovered

Something like this is quite common in science fiction stories, but, as it turned out, it is not so fantastic. Invisible structures generated by the gravitational interaction between bodies in the Solar system really created a network of "cosmic highways" in it.

These channels allow objects to move quickly, which explains the inconsistencies of mathematical models with the real trajectories of many comets and asteroids. In addition, experts mentioned that these structures can theoretically be used by us for the development of the Solar System, although it is still too early to talk about this.

After analyzing observational data and mathematical models, a team of researchers led by Natasja Todorovic of the Belgrade Astronomical Observatory in Serbia noted that these "highways", which they called" space collectors", consist of a series of connected" tunnels "and, interestingly, each planet generates its own" collectors", creating what scientists called the"Heavenly Autobahn".

supershighways star

Finding hidden structures in space is not so easy, but it can be done by observing comets and asteroids that do not fit into general trajectory models.

Using a tool called the fast lyapunov indicator (fli), the researchers collected numerical data on the orbits of millions of bodies in the solar system and calculated how their orbits agree with those already well-known, further modeling the perturbations generated by seven planets, from Venus to Neptune.

They found that the most noticeable influence is Jupiter, and, to be precise, the "cosmic collectors" are associated with its Lagrange points. the huge influence of Jupiter, the largest planet in the solar system, is not a big surprise, but the main discovery is that the same structures are generated by all the planets.

There is still a lot of work in this direction, but how interesting it is. If you scale this discovery, it turns out that such "highways" can exist at all levels, from a cluster of stars to a cluster of galaxies.

Although, for a start, it would be nice to understand the trajectories of comets and asteroids, especially those that pose a threat to the earth.

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