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Flying saucer sighting 2021

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Flying saucer sighting 2021

This video was captured on September 5 at 4.53 am, 2021. The coordinates are the same as in the article. After careful viewing and processing of screenshots from the video,

It became obvious that it was a flying saucer. We checked everything for the presence of satellites and the ISS. The ISS flew by half an hour ago. At that time, no satellites were recorded in this part of the sky. In the video, you can see how the object flies in the northern part of the sky past the star Vega and the constellation Cygnus to the left, that is, to the north-western part of the sky.

The flying saucer does not react to the laser beam, which indicates the technogenic origin of this object. For comparison, at the end of the video, we showed what the ISS looked like. which flew earlier. This is not the first time we have seen flying saucers flying about their business. But we will definitely get in direct contact with them!

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