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UFO sightings 2021. 2 UFOs from the expedition

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UFO sightings 2021. 2 UFOs from the expedition

Hello dear friends. On August 30, at 4:19, I managed to capture 2 unusual UFOs. We were on an expedition, coordinates: 52.779218831517085, 41.25741809877892

UFO sightings 2021

First, the first object appeared, small satellites were quickly checked, there was not enough time for more, since the main commandment of any ufologist is to shoot first, then check. Attempts were made to bring the object as close as possible, as well as to indicate its trajectory for identification. A screenshot of the object that was captured is presented below.

UFO sightings 2021

In the process of shooting the first object, my colleague informed me that another strange UFO was flying to the northwest, and for the purity of the experiment, and we had one camera.

UFO sightings

I stopped recording the first and rebuilt to shoot the second. It was a large object that probably flew in the upper atmosphere, it resembled a triangle in shape, which was identified not only by the camera but also by sight. By the way, he flew evenly. You can watch its flight in the video. And I suggest you take a look at the screenshot from the video. We have made all possible checks for flying objects during this period in this area.

Checking for flightradar

It was established that no one could fly except the ISS. But the ISS is one, and there are two objects at one time. So one of the objects is an undoubted UFO, or maybe both, and we never saw the ISS.

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