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Former US military refuted the idea of aliens

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Former US military refuted the idea of aliens

Former U.S. Army officer Philip J. Corso, in collaboration with writer William J. Byrnes, revealed what aliens really are. The military assured that these are "gray bio machines" designed for space travel.

Not a single authentic evidence of the existence of aliens has been presented to the general public. Despite this, everyone imagines what aliens look like, as well as the so-called flying saucers. The most striking event related to alien life is the Roswell incident - the alleged crash of an unidentified flying object in New Mexico, the USA in July 1947. After this event, various kinds of revelations began to appear.

Philip J. Corso

Philip J. Corso

It was about this incident that a former US army officer made startling statements: aliens are "gray-bio machines designed for space travel." "The Day After Roswell" is the title of a book that tells how Corso was in charge of the department assigned to study the UFO that crashed in that place. Thanks to this unidentified flying object, many technological achievements, and discoveries that appeared later became possible. Among them are Kevlar, night vision devices, optical fiber, transistors, and an integrated circuit chip. Corso was well aware of this since his job was to transfer extraterrestrial technologies to American companies.

There were so many amazing revelations about extraterrestrials in the text that even some theorists believe that they are "greatly exaggerated." Coincidentally, Corso mysteriously died of an unexpected heart attack within months of writing the book. Against this background, it was suggested that higher authorities silenced him forever because he revealed too much-classified information.

What was written was also consigned to oblivion.

The former US Army officer did not have any mental illness or self-destructive tendencies. On the contrary, he was a brave soldier, besides serving as an officer of the National Security Council under the Eisenhower administration. Corso expressed his opinion about how the government deliberately hides UFOs and aliens. This, he believed, was done in order to benefit from their advanced technology.

However, perhaps what is most surprising in the book is the descriptions of the bodies found during the accident. According to a former army officer, the so-called gray aliens, also known as Zeta Reticulans, are not organic organisms. These are actually bio machines designed specifically for traveling to other worlds. Therefore, he believed that the meetings did not take place with real aliens, and all the witnesses and abductees, in fact, saw only bio machines. That's why the aliens have such big heads and black glazed eyes.

In an attempt to prove his claim, Corso described one of the autopsies he witnessed. He clarified that they do not have a digestive system, and that their bodies were connected to the spacecraft, and that they are controlled from there. In addition, the aliens were similar to humanoid robots specifically designed to support excessively long journeys through space-time.

Thus, both the Pentagon report and similar evidence, which is now being considered with all seriousness, allow us to look differently at the existence of brothers in mind in the universe.

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