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The FBI has released documents that describe contact with UFOs

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The FBI has released documents that describe contact with UFOs

It's no secret that our planet is full of people who believe in conspiracy theories. Many believe that the government, NASA, and other organizations with access to space are hiding the truth about UFOs from us. And recent polls have shown that 70% of Americans believe that the government has long been cooperating with extraterrestrial civilizations.

Recently, after the Pentagon officially recognized the existence of UFOs, there is more and more information about the initial contact.

FBI has released documents about UFO

Apparently, someone decided to take the side of ordinary citizens and published a document with very interesting information.

The document contains information describing the aliens who visited Earth in 1946. The report was compiled by an FBI employee. He described in detail both the ship and the aliens themselves. In total, the report contains 67 pages.

It is noteworthy that the text with the description of technologies was specially smeared, apparently so that the person reading it would not see the connection with the technologies of people...

Also on some pages, you can see painted UFOs or something similar. The identity of the agent who wrote the report is erased, it is only known that his tasks included fixing UFOs in the sky.

FBI has released documents that describe contact with UFOs

The most interesting part of the report was the retelling of the conversation with the aliens and the mention of other creatures that live in a completely different dimension (etheric).

And also:

  • Most of the devices that visit our planet are exclusive of a research nature and are controlled from a distance;
  • After their first contact, the humanoid alien assured them that they were visiting the planet exclusively for peaceful purposes. (note. It is not known if he spoke for all the aliens)
  • The appearance of the aliens is unknown, but judging by the spacesuit, they are larger than the average person by 1.5 meters.
  • Beings from the etheric dimension are able to materialize into our world. This explains the words of eyewitnesses about the sudden appearance and disappearance of UFOs.
  • The aliens ' last words were a hint of their ability to destroy us in the blink of an eye. The alien demonstrated the technology that disabled all the equipment in his field of vision.

FBI documents

This document only slightly lifted the veil on the mystery of alien creatures, we learned a little about their nature, but there are still a lot of questions. Perhaps since 1946, contacts have happened repeatedly, so it is worth hoping that such plums will continue to happen. In addition, do not forget that everything described in the document may have an unknown source. and you should treat the report with a certain degree of skepticism

Download the FBI report

download ufo report


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