Daniel Fry and his close encounter with aliens. The white sands incident

Daniel Fry claimed to have taken a ride on a UFO. The white sands incident

George Adamski was probably the first of the contactees who developed their commercial potential to the limit. However, Daniel Fry had made contact with the aliens even earlier, two or three years before.

Fry worked at the White Sands Proving Grounds in New Mexico. Like some others who had contacts, he exaggerated his personal abilities excessively, describing himself as "a world-famous scientist, researcher, and electronics engineer recognized by most of the most authoritative scientists in the field of space and space travel." But the skeptic Philip Klass proved that Fry was only a talented inventor, but nothing more.

Daniel Fry and his close encounter with aliens

Daniel Fry (right) with George Adamski (left)

Fry's first contact took place at White Sands on July 4, 1949, or 1950 - ten years later, he no longer remembered the exact date. That night, he missed the bus that was supposed to take him to the city where the fireworks were to be held. So he found himself on a deserted road. It was about 20:30, the sun had already set, and the sky was full of stars. Fry was walking along the road and after about 500 meters he discovered something unusual at the top of Mount Organ. Suddenly one of the stars moved. Fry tried to calm down and thought it was just a plane. But soon he realized that it was something not man-made.

The weather balloon was not launched at night. In addition, the weather balloon rises quite quickly, so it eclipses the star only for a few seconds.

Daniel Fry thought:

At that time, flying saucers were often called "Russian planes". Because of the Cold War, tensions arose between the United States and Russia.

If the Russians have such ships, God help America.

Daniel Fry said:

Fortunately, being a technician and working with rockets, he soon realized that this was not an airplane.

Meeting with an alien Alan

An oval-shaped metal object passed by Daniel Fry and landed at a distance of at least 15 meters from him. He began to approach the object unconsciously out of curiosity. When he was already relatively close, to an unknown ship, he got up and began circling over it. According to his calculations, the UFO was 5 meters long from top to bottom, 9 meters in diameter, and had a dark blue color. Daniel Fry at that time worked at Aerojet General Corporation, the world's largest developer and manufacturer of rocket engines.

Fry tried to touch it, but from somewhere he heard a voice speaking in English:

Better not touch the body, buddy. It's still hot.

Alien voice said:

The place was so quiet, and there wasn't a single person there at the time. This gave him a chill, and he moved a few meters away from the ship. And he heard the voice again (friendly) asking him to calm down. The voice actually belonged to an alien who called himself "Alan", and he communicated with Daniel Fry through telepathy. The ship was a cargo carrier controlled remotely from a large spacecraft. Which revolved around the Earth 1.5 thousand kilometers from the surface. Interestingly, the ship was sent to investigate and collect bacteria present in the Earth's atmosphere for study.

Anyway, Alan asked Daniel Fry if he wanted to look inside the ship. Fry was interested in his offer and wanted to go inside the ship, which could accommodate 4 passengers. "Come in and sit down if you want to go." "Daniel heard, 'We don't have much time,'" Alan said. He sat on one of the seats, and the ship took off, took him to New York, and returned in just 30 minutes. The ship was moving at a speed of about 7000 km/ h, but Fry did not feel it. He was released in the same place after promising to maintain further contact. Alan said that they were descendants of a previous Earth civilization that migrated into space in the distant past.

A brief history of civilization

"We have built a great empire and powerful science. On the continent that in your legends you call "Mu" or "Lemuria". At the same time, there was another great empire on the continent of Atlantis." Two great civilizations came together in a war after the development of superpowers. Those who survived the war left Earth and went to Mars. They restarted their civilization there and continued to observe the Earth.

Daniel Fry has written several books, including "Alan's Message: To the People of the Earth." He sold out photos of the spacecraft taken in daylight. And founded a spiritual non-governmental organization called Understanding in 1955 in El Mora, California. To spread Alan's message about the past civilization. His first book was published right after Adamski. He surpassed other contactees.

Then he agreed to take a lie detector test, but, unfortunately, did not pass. Daniel Fry explained that the lie detector can't tell the difference between correct and fake answers. Therefore, he did not care about the test and he stood firm on his statements.

In any case, it is difficult to assume that the scientist was a hoaxer: he had an excellent, well-paid job, and he was aware that statements about meetings with space brethren would simply ruin his career. In turn, we urge everyone to be skeptical and check any information.

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