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SO DB-27143 “The Mystery of the `Flying discs’ a contribution to its possible explanation” - Condor, Chilie

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CIA Report SO DB-27143 - “The Mystery of the `Flying discs’  a contribution to its possible explanation”

Attached for your information is a copy in the translation of an article submitted by Dr. Edward Ludwig for publication in Condor, a German language magazine published in Chile. The article is entitled “The Mystery of the `Flying discs’  a contribution to its possible explanation”

Flying disks

Tough the continuously reappearing reports on the appearance of new, mysterious aircraft of unknown construction should be considered with severe skepticism as to the result of a sort of mass hypnosis, nevertheless some of the detailed and coinciding accounts of technically trained observers observe deserve attention and permit one to draw a conclusion as to the probable classification of these new aircraft.

Since so far the observations have been made mainly in the dark, which means that only the luminous part of their craft are visible, every report brings the description of shining disc circles. If obe should discard the absurd conjecture that these aircraft originate from Beyond this Earth, then it is easy to arrive at the conclusion that the shining circles bear a relation to the exhaust of a rotary gas turbine. 

The possibility exists that the rotor of a turbine is used at the same time as a stabilizing top and is therefore fixed vertically to the level of the other turbine rings, which in the darkness produces the effect of the “Rings of Saturn”.

These observations remind me of a completely new type of aircraft which was developed during the years I worked in the research plant of Professor Junkers in Dessau, which was attached to the airplane factories known all over the world.

 This is just an announcement of this report. The full version of the CIA report can be found at the link below.

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