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Chilean authorities have released a secret video of a UFO in the sky over Santiago

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Chilean authorities have released a secret video of a UFO in the sky over Santiago

The State Chilean Committee for the Study of Anomalous Phenomena in the Atmosphere (CEFAA), part of the Department of Civil Aeronautics under the jurisdiction of the local Air Force, based on the study of the video, concluded that the pilots of Chile in 2014 managed to shoot a UFO in the sky west of Santiago, writes The Huffington Post.

An unidentified flying object was spotted by military pilots on November 11, 2014, while patrolling the coastal sector near the capital of Chile. Presenting the report, one of the militaries described the UFO as "a flat elongated structure with two thermal centers."

The video shows how the object that appeared literally out of the void just as suddenly disappeared into the clouds. CEFAA experts determined that the object was not a bird, a piece of space debris, an insect, an airplane, a skydiver, a hang glider, or an anomaly in the atmosphere. Concluding the report, the committee called the object "unidentified", notes National Geographic.


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