Looking at a huge UFO hovering over her house, Corina Saebels experienced a "loss of time" 3 times!

UFO encounter in Canada. The story of Corina Saebels

Corina Saebels is one of the most famous victims of the "mysterious abduction" of our time. He was a victim of kidnapping three times and was sure that one day it would happen to him and it would happen again. Surprisingly, every time she is abducted, there is a "missing time". He was not alone, in some cases there were other eyewitnesses.

For example, in July 1991, Corina Saebels and more than 15 other eyewitnesses saw what she thought was a spaceship hovering over her home in Aldergrove. Even in other cases, as many as 200 eyewitnesses! When close relatives said that Corina Saebels knew she had been missing for more than 45 minutes, she wondered what had happened to her.

How was it?

A mysterious phenomenon occurred on the evening of Wednesday, July 17, 1991, Corina Saebels, a mother of one daughter, together with her boyfriend saw an unidentified flying object hovering over her house in Aldergrove, British Columbia, Canada, which was about 20 km to the southeast. Vancouver. At the time, he and her boyfriend were discussing plans to get married while enjoying soft drinks on the terrace of their house on Wednesday evening.

It wasn't long before they were enjoying a beautiful night together, then they felt a vibration, a cup of drink standing on the terrace table also vibrated, even a child's soccer ball on the terrace also rolled due to the effect of a mysterious vibration. Both of them felt strange because of the vibration, then looked into each other's eyes and asked if they felt the vibration, and both recognized the strangeness of the phenomenon happening.

Corina Saebels

Then both looked around, nothing suspicious. Corina looked up and saw a large black object hovering in the air above her house. At that time, Aldergrove did not have a large number of parasitic lights from the city, as a result of which the sky was viewed very well, there were stars. But what they saw afterward could have terrified anyone.

This thing was the size of a football field, if not bigger. It was camouflaged, we could see what shape it was only because it covered the stars. There were no lights, no sounds, she just floated, and then froze in place and began to slowly descend

She said:

At that moment, the man, frightened, ran into the house, and Corina stayed on the terrace and looked at the object without taking her eyes off until he disappeared. A minute later, Corina's friend came out of the house. The man started asking where she had been for almost an hour, while he went to the kitchen for tea. He claimed that he was looking for her near the house, in the house itself, and even in the woods, but could not find her.

Corina did not understand what was happening, assuring her friend that she had been here for only a couple of minutes and was watching what was happening in the sky. The man offered to look at the clock and it only convinced Corina that 40 minutes had passed, not 2 minutes, as she thought. An hour of life was simply thrown out of a woman's life - she remembers absolutely nothing, it is unknown where she was at that time and what she was doing.

The incident made the boyfriend ashamed of his relatives and social environment, because he was afraid that he would be considered "crazy", so he broke off relations with Сorina, although he was innocent of saying what he believed to be true.

Until now, his friend had never contacted Corina again. Therefore, the name of her male friend did not want to be mentioned by Corina, for fear of violating her privacy.

Attempt to get official information

The next few days the woman was tormented by bad thoughts - she did not know with whom she could share what had happened, because she could simply not believe or ridicule. Without thinking twice, Corina decided to call the Vancouver Planetarium and find out if they had received calls with similar stories about what had happened, she was told no, but they gave her the number of the UFO research center.

Corina was accepted by a UFO researcher from British Columbia named Martin Yasek, who is also an engineer. However, from the information provided by Martin, Corina actually found something beyond her expectations. 

It turned out that there were several other eyewitnesses who also reported that they had witnessed a UFO or what was believed to be a spaceship or similar interstellar object received by the British Columbia UFO, Martin Yasek said in a statement. But what is clear, according to eyewitnesses, is not considered to be from human civilization and technology. And according to reports received from eyewitnesses, the shape of the object resembles a boomerang or, as some say, an isosceles triangle. The observation occurred around 10 p.m.

Triangular UFO 1991

Then, in just a few days, UFO BC and UAP, and the UFO observer community studied the sightings in more detail. Surprisingly, according to Corina, it turns out that more than 15 people have seen a mysterious large object without light that floats!

Forever "Lost time" in childhood

The mysterious incident that Corina experienced with her male friend on the terrace of the house was not the first time with her. As a child in October 1969, she also lost time playing with her friends. Сorina says that as a child she played hide-and-seek with her friends at night on the edge of the city forest near her settlement. When it was his turn to watch, he felt that it had become very lonely in the forest, and continued to look for his friends, but he did not see any of them.

Suddenly she saw a bright yellow light above her. The girl got scared and ran, but the light followed her and chased her. Finally, Corina stopped and looked at the light. Corina believes that it is then that she becomes "kidnapped" and begins to experience the phenomenon of "lost time". After that, she kept running to her house and noticed that her whole family was outside and her parents were crying.

As it turned out, her family and all her relatives thought that she was missing, and they were very worried because they had been looking for a lost one for a long time. All her friends who played with her had been with their parents for a long time. Again, as in the story above, Corina did not notice the passage of time, thinking that only a few minutes had passed.

I still have no idea where I was and what happened, but some time fell out of my life

Сorina recalls in her interview:

Aliens have entered the house

Returning to the "abduction" in 1991, about a week after the phenomenon of "lost time" on the terrace of the house, Corina was again surprised by the appearance of a creature that, in her opinion, was an extraterrestrial or extraterrestrial being.

One night she woke up and saw through the light coming from under the door, a shadow flashed in front of his bedroom door. Corina got up and opened the bedroom door. When she looked into the guest room, she saw an extraterrestrial being in her house, thin, white-gray, with a large head and eyes, a small and snub nose, a small mouth, only about 3 feet (almost 1 inch tall. meter).

Subconscious memory worked, it seemed to Corina that she had seen exactly such a creature somewhere. She believes that it was aliens who abducted her, and perhaps the memory arose when she was under a hypnotic influence that deprived her of consciousness during the abduction. Corina saw that the creature could disappear and reappear, as in disguise technology. The creature came to the front door of the house and then disappeared. She chased after him and opened the terrace door, but the creature disappeared.

Then Corina immediately ran to her child's room and was glad that her daughter was still sleeping. It was safer that way, and she stayed with the child together until morning.

Physical traces of abduction on the body

Corina also just found out that she, it turns out, has "marks" or "strange scars" that didn't exist before. For example, there is a mysterious "scar" on her leg in the form of a small circle or dot. She went to the doctor and decided to scan her whole body. It turned out that not only that, after conducting a CT scan, strange things were also found on her knee, especially on the inside, which also had strange traces or objects. There was also a strange little object on Сorina's head.

Corina asked the doctor about this but was disappointed that the doctor did not specify why these mysterious "traces" or "injuries" appeared, which had not been on her before. How this mysterious object or sign got there, how it got inside, how it all happened, the doctor could not give him a satisfactory answer.

One of the physical signs is a "scar" in the form of a circle or dot on Corina Sabels' leg, which still remains a mystery and cannot be explained after experiencing the "lost time". (credit: Discovery UK)

Her child began to be visited by extraterrestrial beings

Not only that, Corina faces another biggest problem in her life when her daughter reports that he also saw aliens in his room. Korina realized this when he entered the room of his daughter, who was busy drawing. Corina looked at what her child had described on the scraps of paper. He was amazed by what her daughter had drawn, an extraterrestrial figure that was exactly the same as he had seen! Corina asked: "What is this picture?" and her daughter replied, "Oh, it's a picture of a white ghost," which he called a "white ghost." Her daughter said that this creature sometimes came to him. Not only that, but her daughter also said that he was a little scared, but the creature never harmed him.

An Alien

And the second picture of the alien is almost exactly the same as the first one, but there are stripes on his face. Corina asked again: "What is this picture?" and her daughter replied: "This is a picture of a doctor," whom he calls "the doctor." This time Corina was very surprised. How her daughter was able to draw in such detail and similar to what he went through! When the "missing time" happened, Corina was not fully aware, but she could still remember and see.

Events that are not hallucinations or dreams

Corina thought that everything she was going through was just a hallucination, delirium, or a dream, but with the pictures that her daughter made, and it was exactly the same, it wasn't, they were all real! Сorina does not like the photo that her daughter calls a "doctor", because when she was "kidnapped", she really saw a "doctor", a thin build with wrinkles on his forehead, exactly the same as her daughter's. I drew it. ! Memories, existing and existing in the subconscious, suddenly appear.

Corina said that when she was "abducted", she was on an operating table like an operating table, which was in a large room. Several times the "doctor" approached him. It was from here that Corina remembered what the "doctor" looked like. From there, the memory returned. In this room, she also saw large test tubes filled with liquid-containing embryos. But Corina wasn't sure what kind of embryo it was. She only suspected that it looked like hybrid embryos or a mixture of humans and aliens.

Having mysterious pregnancy problems for generations

Corina says that she has "women's problems", namely mysterious problems with pregnancy. She had problems when she was pregnant, for several weeks the embryo simply disappeared, without a trace. This was experienced not only by herself but also by her biological mother, who told her that when she was pregnant for several weeks, the embryo in the mother's womb sometimes disappeared without a trace. This became strange for both the medical expert and Corina.

According to doctors, when pregnancy occurs within a few weeks, and even if there is a miscarriage, the embryo cannot simply disappear, but it is still formed and should be expelled, and not disappear without a trace. Corina claims that this mysterious event could have happened several generations before her mother.

According to Dr. David M. Jacobs, a researcher of the phenomenon of "alien abduction" for more than 25 years, indeed, in almost all of these cases, abductions occur over generations. And they have the same markings. For example, there are signs such as bodily injuries, when he was abducted, he was lying on the operating table, saw several creatures examining him. And around him, the abductees saw test tubes with mysterious embryos and other instruments.

photo by Hinata47d

Everything is exactly the same, even though they have never seen each other, let alone know each other

said the doctor. David M. Jacobs:

A new UFO encounter with witnesses

On Sunday evening, July 27, 2003, in the evening, Korina and her friend were driving together along a dark and deserted intercity road. That night the sky was very clear, the stars were very beautiful. Then they had the idea to watch the stars in the sky. With a flashlight and binoculars, as a result, they moved into a rocky desert.

When they looked at the sky, they saw 3 green dots approaching each other, forming a triangle. They wondered what kind of celestial body it was. What is a star? Why can it move and form a triangle? Corina was holding a flashlight at the time. Then a voice came from the bushes. The flashlight was aimed at a moving bush.

At first, the girls thought that the noise from the bushes was just a wild animal. However, there were points of light that looked like a pair of glowing spies, and there were several pairs of them. When the flashlight was pointed above the bush, it turned out to be an extraterrestrial figure, similar to the one Сorina had seen before! She panicked, her friend saw the same thing and panicked no less. Screaming and stumbling, they rushed to the car. Corina at this time felt that her running was very heavy and slow. When they got into the car, there were some alien creatures on the hood.

The two of them panicked so much that it was very difficult to start the engine of their car. Finally, the car's engine started, and they turned around to return to the city, to their home. It was at this moment that a mysterious green-yellow light from above chased their car from behind. They were still panicking and pushing on the gas. Until, finally, the light dissipated and disappeared. Everyone calmed down a bit until Corina saw the electronic clock on the dashboard of the car, which certainly surprised her!

They lost time for about an hour! Corina asked her friend what time it was, and really, it turned out that they both missed the time for about an hour! Corina was still panicking because she remembered that her child was at home, they drove up to her house by car and were happy that they still found her daughter, who was fast asleep in his room.

The case in 2003 was confirmed in the testimonies of others

The heroine of our article also reported this incident to UFO BC, the same community she had previously reported. According to Brian Wyke, a UFO researcher from British Columbia, this time on July 27, 2003, he also has eyewitnesses based on messages that come and don't stop calling, more than 200 people in total!

Judging by the average number of incoming messages, this incident occurred around 12 o'clock in the morning. Observation details: disc-shaped object glowing green, randomly hovering (from various reports: horizontal/vertical hovering / 90-degree rotation or stripes) and silent.

The size of a very large field/city block/ to block the view of the sky. From the radar agency: there was no aircraft activity in the area or near the detection site, etc. The next morning, Corina felt dizzy. Her friend, who was also involved in yesterday's phenomenon and was staying at his house, also felt dizzy. Soon after, her friend's nose started bleeding.

Also, a friend felt pain in the back of his back. Upon examination, it turns out that there is a wound of the type of thermal or radiation, a round shape with a diameter of about 2-5 cm. Сorina's child, who was seen sleeping last night, not only felt dizzy that morning but also had nosebleeds, even vomiting.

Special services became interested in these events

This mysterious phenomenon has attracted the attention of several private institutions, communities, governments, intelligence agencies, and the armed forces. She was interrogated in several communities, filled out programs on television and radio, to government agencies for research, until he was tested for psychology, and also tested on a lie detector. The result: Wow, it turns out that Corina Saebels is not crazy and does not lie!

The phenomenon of "alien abduction" has been recorded by thousands around the world, but indeed most of them are lies, only hallucinations, to the figure of victims who are only champions in inventing stories. But even though the numbers are small, no more than 5% are real, and to this day they remain a mystery. While the phenomenon of "lost time" that Corina encountered, if true, then what Albert Einstein believed in the relativity of time may be true when time is relative, that is, not always the same in different places.

Until now, one of the most amazing incidents in ufology and has yet to be comprehended scientifically and with the participation of many eyewitnesses, still remains mysterious, not widely publicized, because it will excite the world community! But behind this still unexplained phenomenon, there must be some skeptics who accept it with their opinion. because you may not experience it. It's up to you to believe it or not, it's legal.

But what is clear is that the case of Corina Saebels is amazing for many, and the most amazing thing is that she passed a psychological test and a lie test.

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Ufologist, Ph.D., blogger, I go on my own expeditions for UFOs. I use scientific methods to investigate the UAP phenomenon. Write to me

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