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The Pentagon is advised to prepare for a war on the moon

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The Pentagon is advised to prepare for a war on the moon

The US Space Force can expand its presence beyond the planet.

The US Air Force Research Laboratory has published a report in which the Pentagon is strongly recommended to immediately begin preparations for military operations on and near the Moon.

The American space forces are being offered to expand their presence beyond the Earth, primarily at the so-called Lagrange point. This is the place where the gravitational forces of our planet and its satellite are balanced. It is considered ideal for the construction of transshipment stations during the exploration of the Moon. And, as experts note, it is clearly not worth considering these recommendations as an empty sound.

Now several large-scale lunar projects are at the launch stage at once. One of them is prepared by the United States themselves, the other is prepared by Russia and China. The third is private companies. And in each case, we are talking only about the next decade.

The Pentagon is advised to prepare for a war on the moon

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