Analysis of UFO cases in Spain

Analysis of UFO cases in Spain

From a ufo point of view, Spain can be considered quite a typical country, especially by European standards. Here are supporters of the reality of UFOs, skeptics, and cautious researchers who carefully analyze each case and try to find an explanation for it. Due to the absence of a language barrier, there is a free exchange of information between Spain and Latin America, but Europeans and Americans are not familiar with the ufo situation in Spain.

The frequency of observations averages about 200 per year, although close contacts are relatively rare here. Several kidnappings have been reported, but their number is significantly lower than in the UK. What Spain can boast of is one of the most audacious falsifications in the world's ufo history, which still baffles many researchers. For 20 years from the beginning of the 60s, a group of scientists received by mail documents allegedly coming from aliens from the planet Ummo, which described local life and news. As a result, a whole huge encyclopedia has accumulated with a complex tangle of ideas and even an artificial language.

The preparation of such a volume of materials, if the documents were the fruit of human hands, would require a huge expenditure of time and effort for very dubious purposes. In 1966, the events took on a new scale, including a skilful staging of UFO sightings in a Madrid park, where independent witnesses took a number of photographs of a disk-shaped aircraft, on the bottom of which the Ummo emblem was emblazoned. The physical traces left on the spot were of earthly origin, but they turned out to be a technologically advanced kind of plastic, at that time available only to the defense industry. It was only with the use of computer technology that it was possible to prove that the photographed object was a model suspended on a cable. Some still believe that the staging was part of a sociological experiment, probably conducted by a certain military department. But for what purpose?

UFO sightings

A saucer-shaped UFO, filmed in the Spanish city of San Jose de Valderas. On the bottom of the device, the emblem of the supposedly existing planet Ummo was noticed, about life on which it was told in mysterious letters anonymously sent to many ufologists of the country for 20 years.

In October 1976, the Spanish government, following the example of France and partly Italy, invited ufologist Juan Benitez, providing him with access to the materials of army investigations. Although Benitez was informed that the assignment was unofficial, he was allowed to publish the results of his research. The report document included hundreds of pages of analysis of close contacts, which, according to Benitez, proved the reality of UFOs and the fact of close attention to the problem by the government.

At the same time, after a wave of observations in the Canary Islands, the commander-in-chief of the regional Air Force, General Carlos Castro Cavero, published a statement in the press in which he expressed his confidence in the extraterrestrial origin of UFOs. Several years later, other documents were published that offered more rational explanations. Indeed, after re-analyzing some classic cases on the basis of officially published materials, prominent ufologists, including Vincente Juan Ballester Olmos, claim that many contacts are explained by quite mundane reasons that were previously considered unconvincing.

Serious doubts are expressed about the authenticity of some of the widely publicized abductions. In the report on the analysis of the results of the investigation of these cases, Ballester Olmos claims that no convincing evidence was found to confirm the reality of at least one of them. This message split the ufo community into two camps, which in 1997 led to the decision to abandon the traditional organizational structure and create a body called the "Fund of Anomalous Phenomena". The organization was to provide annual grants to conduct a comprehensive analysis of plausible UFO sightings. Scientists have decided that such a policy is more appropriate than the dispersion of scarce resources to investigate numerous cases, the vast majority of which had a very banal explanation.

UFO sightings

In 1970, in the Spanish city of Puente de Herrera, a tall robotic creature came out of a UFO that landed, scaring the inhabitants of the surrounding houses.

Close encounters

Spain did not play a prominent role in the European waves of the 1950s, and reports of close contacts began to appear in the country only gradually. Nevertheless, by the mid-70s, a number of very unusual cases were recorded, including an impressive observation over the Great Canary Island in June 1976. It was this incident that prompted General Cavero to support the alien hypothesis. A huge yellow ball was seen by many residents of the island and even sailors from ships at sea who managed to film it. A doctor living in a remote part of the island claimed to have seen tall aliens inside a yellow mass hovering above the ground. The case attracted widespread attention, and the inability of the Spanish government to find a rational explanation for it after a thorough investigation convinced many of the reality of UFOs. Nevertheless, the Fund of Anomalous Phenomena managed to solve this mystery 20 years later, when materials were received from the United States, according to which a missile was launched from a submarine. If this is indeed the case, then the reports of aliens who were seen inside the gas cloud should be recognized as a mistake.

It is more difficult to explain another unusual episode that occurred at the Air Force base in Talvera la Real near Bayados on November 12, 1976, when a shining object resembling an alien ship appeared on the territory of the base, accompanied by a shrill whistle. The noise caused the ferocious guard dog to rush into the bushes in a panic. The patrol service mistook the appearance of the object for an illegal intrusion and fired at it, but the bullets passed right through the UFO and disappeared without damaging the wall located directly behind it. After that, the object disappeared into thin air and the noise stopped. As a result, one of the guards became blind and suffered a severe head injury and underwent intensive treatment in a military hospital for several weeks.

The most curious cases that followed date back to November 1979 and 1980: several aircraft flying over the Balearic Islands encountered fast-moving lights on the way. One plane even had to make an emergency landing. A UFO allegedly blocked the runway in Barcelona, and fighter jets were scrambled to intercept. The Minister of Transport, under pressure from the media, was forced to admit that there really was some inexplicable event. And again, an investigation conducted by the Anomalous Phenomena Foundation in 1997 showed that the UFO, apparently, was a combination of such common factors as meteorites and gas emissions from coastal treatment facilities.

Waves and special zones

The peak of activity occurred in 1976, although a smaller wave was observed in 1968. The island of Majorca has a long history of close contacts, including reports of an orange light ball allegedly emitting powerful shock waves, from which eyewitnesses complained of pain in the ears. Such a ball was seen on the mountain slopes above San Antonio.

We can state that Spain is a country that UFOs do not deprive. This is not surprising, the only question here is whether people want to observe these unidentified phenomena. However, it is worth noting that recently the number of UFO sightings in Spain has decreased significantly. We are talking about real cases of UFOs, and not about atmospheric phenomena and erroneous definitions (balloons, drones)

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