Analysis of a well-known photo of a real alien of Rama

Analysis of a well-known photo of a real alien

Earlier we have already published a short story and a photo of an alien who called himself Rama, you can read an article about it here. However, few people remember that in addition to the photo published in the article above, there was another one from the same author. And it is this photo that will help us shed light on the truthfulness of all the statements made and the objectivity of the presented photo.

Analysis of a well-known photo of a real alien

Briefly about the incident

Before proceeding to the analysis, you need to tell a little more about the official version of the origin of these images. So, the case occurred in Brazil, in the city of Botucatu. A local resident named Juan Valerio da Silva was abducted. A man woke up at night from a strong noise, went to look into the yard in search of someone who disturbed his sweet sleep, and three humanoids opened up to his gaze, one of which was a female. They were small in stature, no more than one meter. Their clothes were blue sparkling spacesuits. The aliens also noticed Juan, approached him and bared their palms, then touched him, which led to the loss of consciousness.

But Juan did not go missing, in the morning his relatives found him completely naked, lying on the wet and cold ground. Of course, he was sent to the hospital, where doctors found an unknown drug in his blood. Initially, Silva did not remember anything, but gradually his memory returned to him. He remembered that three humanoids had taken him with them and placed him in a bright room. They performed some manipulations on him, but he felt nothing and could not resist because he was paralyzed. At some point, an alien came into sexual contact with him. The creatures called themselves Rama. They claimed that they had come to help humanity, which they were studying.

In the future, the aliens did not leave Juan and abducted him several more times, and it was during one of these abductions that he managed to secretly take photos of humanoids.

Well, now we'll figure it out.

Image examination

It is rumored that some ufologists conducted an examination of this picture and recognized it as authentic. However, no one called us the names. To tell the truth, I didn't search much, but the search engine didn't give me such ufologists. Well, it doesn't matter, because we will conduct our own examination of the image. For your convenience of perception of further conclusions, we colorize the photo. However, the examination will be carried out on the original photo. In addition, it should be understood that we publish information adapted to the mass reader, trying to show conclusions, and not describe every small detail of the examination.

Image examination

So, the first thing we will do is try to find out if all the objects are really in the photo or were added during the photomontage. To do this, we will test the lighting, the drop of shadows, and the repetition of shades. As we can see in the photo below, all the objects in the photo are really present directly during the capture of the frame. The light source illuminates everything in the photo from one angle.

alien photo analysis

Analysis of the noise distribution also allows us to confirm that there are still no additional extraneous inclusions.

is it real alien?

The latest computer analysis checks for the presence of cloned areas on the photo itself. We highlighted those areas that are completely identical to each other. Nothing supernatural, the areas found have a right to be natural.

Alien expertise and analysis

Thus, the computer analysis of the photo confirms that everything that is presented in the photo was really in the pictures. This is not surprising, the photo was taken in 1982, and a digital photo editor of this scale was released in 1990. In general, the authenticity of the presence of objects was confirmed by other ufologists when conducting their own research. However, does this mean that the photo does not contain fake information? Of course not. If you photograph wax figures in a museum, will the photo be real? Yes, absolutely. And the contents on it will consist of living people? Only if you stand next to me. And from this photo, if you look closely, you will notice the strange size of the vegetation and the plate itself.

Vegetation resembles ordinary grass in macro photography. The position of the plate does not stand up to any criticism at all, as well as its scale relative to the alien. The alien himself seems to be made of plasticine. Remember the figurines that you sculpted as a child, something like that is done by doll models - unnatural. In our opinion, this photo is about staged macro photography.

Well, that's it for today, if you have interesting photographic materials for analysis, write to us about it on our Twitter. Let's see, analyze, think together)

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Ufologist, PhD, blogger, I go on my own expeditions for UFOs. I use scientific methods to investigate the UAP phenomenon

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Ufologist, Ph.D., blogger, I go on my own expeditions for UFOs. I use scientific methods to investigate the UAP phenomenon. Write to me

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