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Alien attack on August 21, 1955 in Kelly–Hopkinsville

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Aliens attack on August 21, 1955, in Kelly–Hopkinsville

The case in Kelly (Hopkinsville, USA) — an incident when a family of Sutton farmers, along with their guests, were frightened by unknown creatures. It occurred in the village of Kelly, near Hopkinsville, Kentucky, on the night of August 21-22, 1955. There is still no explanation for what the Suttons might have observed.

On August 21, at approximately 7 pm, Bill Ray Taylor, coming out of the house to the well, noticed a silvery round object in the sky, emitting multi-colored light. Taylor claimed that the object flew over the house and began to descend about 100 meters away in the bed of a dry river.

21-year-old Billy Ray Taylor had a reputation as a prankster and a talker, and he also worked in a mobile entertainment fair. No, not a clown, and not an animator-like a handyman. "Take more – carry on."

Alien attack on August 21, 1955, in Kelly–Hopkinsville

But, for the subsequent investigation of what happened, this was the reason to treat him as the initiator of the prank. After all, if you say that a person works in a circus, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? A clown? He is a magician, a clown, or at least an acrobat in a short T-shirt. "The circus is gone – the clowns are still there." Working in such institutions does not contribute much to the reputation of a serious person. Even if he's an accountant in a farce. A frivolous person probably fools people by showing bearded women and two-headed dwarfs, or even a crook at all.

So when Billy Ray came running into the house, his face contorted with excitement, his eyes wide, and his arms waving like windmills, he looked so comical that he was greeted with laughter. And when he started shouting that he had just seen a flying saucer fall straight out of the sky into the ravine behind the house, they clutched their bellies with laughter and fell off their chairs.

flying saucer 1955

The company was in a good mood. The whole family was gathered together for the first time in months, and enjoyed an August evening after a Sunday dinner, as always deliciously prepared by the twice-widowed Glennie Lankford, who owned the farm.

Miss Glennie had a bad attitude to alcohol and smoking, as well as to some excesses that were not good. And if you were caught in a lie, you should have prepared for her wrath, and it won't be enough." She was a very religious woman. But despite the strict rules, Miss Glennie had a kind and generous soul

recalled granddaughter Stith, who was also present that evening:

In a word, it was an ordinary, decent and conservative American family, typical of that era, already gone forever. It was August 21, 1955. They played cards, told jokes. Toward nightfall, it was hot and stuffy, as it is in Kentucky at this time, and Billy was sent to the well for cold water since the beer was already out. Billy Ray was a work partner of his older friend Elmer "Lucky" Sutton, who invited him to visit.

Also in the house, that night was Elmer's younger brother, who ran the farm, his wife Alain, and other siblings: 12-year-old Lonnie, 10-year-old Charlton, and Mary, seven. Baker, the older brother of Alain Sutton, a frequent guest of the house, was also present. In total, there were 11 people in the house.

Billy Ray's excited story didn't convince anyone, not even his wife. He persisted, claiming that even the dog was cowering under the porch with its tail tucked between its legs in fear. But his friend Lucky didn't appreciate "scary tales", and neither he nor Miss Glennie would let Billy talk about it again. No one took him seriously. Well, what nonsense... joked, laughed, and will be.

Billy Ray must have had a little satisfaction when the dog barked wildly under the porch half an hour later, but it was hardly a satisfaction that lasted long.

aliens - close encounter

Lucky went out to see what the dog was barking at, and Billy Ray, seeing a chance for rehabilitation, rushed out the door with him. Billy led Lucky to the well, waving his arms to show where the flaming object had crossed the sky and landed behind the house, but nothing unusual was visible. So where's the plate? There is no proof. Yes, and the dog was quiet, however, without leaving his hiding place. Billy Ray calmed down a little, and the men turned toward the house.

And then… The creature that had approached them from the ravine would have looked appropriate at Lucky and Billy Ray's haunted house fair. Here, coming out of the forest at dusk, it didn't seem like it – it was a nightmare.

As they approached, they could make out what appeared to be a "small" person " - though not quite a person. The monster was about a meter tall, with an almost perfectly round huge head, and arms that almost reached the ground. The long arms had claws on their fingers. The eyes were much larger than a human's and glowed with a yellowish light. Long, thin mouth, big bat-like ears. The creature seemed to be made of a gray, silvery metal that radiated light in the dark, like the phosphorescent dial of a watch.

(Later, these creatures will be called "green men". But it was not possible to find out who exactly launched this incorrect definition. Nevertheless, this derisive term has stuck.)

Alien drawings by Sutton Family

The creature raised its hands in the air as if someone had told it that it was about to be robbed, and slowly approached the house, moving towards the back door.

If his raised hands were still a gesture of peaceful intent, he was going to give up, or, on the contrary, like athletes, it was a typical gesture of victory, then its meaning still did not reach the men, who quickly retreated into the house and were met with another round of ridicule. But Lucky and Billy Ray, very sensibly, wasted no time trying to convince the women of what they had just seen - they had taken up fighting positions.

To the family's surprise, Lucky grabbed a shotgun and closed the back door, while Billy Ray armed himself with a pistol and closed the front door. The house was small - three rooms and a central corridor, with a small number of narrow windows. This might have given a sense of security in the defense, but since it was a hot night, all the windows and doors were open and only light blinds-screens separated the family from what was outside. Worse, there were no locks on the doors. What a blessed time it was!

Despite Lucky and Billy Ray suddenly arming themselves and guarding the entrances, the rest of the family continued their routine activities. There were dishes left to be washed, and the children had to be put to bed. "We thought the boys just kept joking around".

Alien creatures from flyin saucers

There was a third door in the house, in the kitchen, just a meter away from where the women were washing dishes. She remained unguarded. There was also a window above the sink that looked out over the backyard and the ravine. Alain Sutton, who was not alone in the kitchen, left the washing to investigate outside the door. A few minutes later, Miss Glennie realized something was wrong when Alain returned to the house, " scared, white, shaking nervously, saying she had seen a monster."

Glennie ordered the lights to be turned off and sat down next to Billy Ray, near the front door. She asked Billy Ray what it was that he, Lucky, and Alain had seen... and Billy, tired of being bullied, said to her gruffly, " you'll see for yourself." She waited for 20 minutes before something approached the front door.

Billy Ray and I stayed seated until it came right up to the screen, it looked like a five-gallon gas tank with a head on top and small legs. Shimmering metal, the color of my refrigerator.

Glennie said:

Startled, she fell to the floor with a cry. Billy Ray shot the monster. And he swore he'd hit it before it was out of sight.

Lucky and Billy Ray waited a few minutes, then went into the living room, where the women were. Another creature appeared in the side window, and Baker, who was also armed with a shotgun, fired at it. Got.

Billy Ray saw where he jumped when he was startled - the creature jumped on the roof of the house. As he jumped out onto the porch to fire another shot, "a long arm came down from the roof above the door and grabbed him by the hair."

Aliens creatures

Billy Ray froze as long, thin fingers gripped his hair, then continued to drag him up. Alain, still shaking from what she'd seen in the backyard, pushed through the door and grabbed Billy's arm, pulling him inside. The next moment, Lucky pushed past them with his shotgun. He raised the barrel and fired at the target. But the creature simply rolled off the roof, fell to the ground, and plunged into the undergrowth.

The men shooed everyone away from the door and analyzed the situation. Three of them are armed, the chances seem to be there, but what should be their next move? They decided to go outside to investigate, still unwilling to believe that all three of their shots had missed.

They found one monster in a tree ... and the other one on the ground right in front of Lucky Sutton. He fired ... and I stood there in amazement when he rolled over and stood up.

Another shot at the creature in the tree had the same amazing effect. The monster just clicked, like a game target in a fairground shooting gallery. And got down to the ground before running off into the woods. As in other cases, the hit sounded like a shot hitting a metal bucket.

Then came the unnerving realization that their weapons were useless. When they realized this, they retreated into the house, waiting for the monster's next move. They didn't have to wait long. The objects continued to approach the window and peer inside. They were shot through the window ... they rolled over, fell back, and disappeared for a few minutes. However, they kept coming back ... time after time.

Aliens in the forest

It became obvious to Miss Glennie that the creatures didn't like the light from the front and back porch lights. Although this limited the creatures ' approach to the sides of the house and made it easier to defend the manor, the monsters did not retreat.

Eventually, the Suttons heard an ominous scraping sound on the kitchen roof and raced to the backyard to see the creature breaking through the roof. He has knocked off the roof and inexplicably "floated" on the back fence, at a distance of about 15 meters. They fired again, knocking him off the fence, and this time he ran on all fours into the weeds.

The exhausted family fought off the glowing gray creatures for almost four hours, nerves fraying, and the children crying. Something had to be done…

The Kelly-Hopkinsville case

The situation was becoming unclear, and as soon as it was quiet in the courtyard, Lucky decided to make another move. They needed help, there was no phone, and they couldn't think of anything better to do than a getaway. Load everyone into trucks and head to Hopkinsville to try to get back up from the police.

Two trucks, one after the other, pulled into the parking lot of the Hopkinsville police station at almost 12 am, and then 11 people, adults, and children fell out of the cars and occupied the entire visitor's room, which was an unprecedented case for those places. The duty officer realized that something unusual had happened, and when he finally understood the story, he reported it to the state police and called his superior, Sheriff Russell Greenwell, at home.

A spaceship has landed in Kelly

was his message:

Greenwell, who had personally seen an unidentified object in the sky a few years ago, immediately mobilized. It was assumed that the monsters were still present at the farm, so Greenwell took the story very seriously, requesting reinforcements from the state.

These are not people who always run to the police for help. When they are threatened, they can defend themselves, they have weapons.  

he described the Suttons.

A total of sixteen cops raced to the farm. Within half an hour, Sutton Farm was inundated with police officers. The Suttons were waiting in their trucks for the search results... "Everyone was terrified." A shrill scream from the courtyard made their hearts jump, but it was only the cat. Someone had stepped on his tail in the dark ...

Meanwhile, rumors spread of a" Martian invasion " at Sutton Farm. There were local journalists and just curious people. Although no one saw more than two creatures at the same time, the story quickly turned into an invasion of 12 to 15 monsters, and everyone wanted to see the aliens. Lucky soon regretted his decision to go to the police.

After a two-hour search of the house and the surrounding area, the only clues the police could find were shell casings, gunshot marks, and a glowing spot in the grass behind the fence ...

The glowing trail was about 18 inches long and was located in the place where the monster supposedly received a shotgun blast. But, no one thought about taking soil or foliage samples. The next day, the stain disappeared.

How the flying saucer landed

There was no indication that the Suttons had imagined the whole thing or attempted a hoax, nor was there any obvious evidence that any creatures had attacked the house. However, the cops experienced a persistent negative sense of danger and anxiety. This was separately noted by Greenwell... " everyone felt it. They told me so." The puzzled chief constable sent everyone home to bed, and the Suttons reluctantly returned to the house.

Sleep didn't come. Mrs. Lankford closed her eyes, trying to sleep in her bed next to the window. The lights were off, but she realized that something was shining in the window. She looked up and saw that she was being watched.

Unable to believe that the creatures had returned, Miss Glennie woke the others. Lucky jumped to the window with a gun, but his mother stopped him.

My grandmother told me to leave them alone, because they don't seem to want to hurt us. She believed that there was something good in everything. She didn't want anyone to get hurt or killed. Even if it was a creature from another world! But Dad was against it. They go to the doors and windows, what do they want? Do they want to enter? And what will they do when they enter? "He wasn't going to give them that chance.

Stith said afterwards.

In the end, Lucky won the argument. He fired straight into the face by the window, and the thing disappeared.

They left at sunrise. The family, of course, did not sleep all night ... and in the early hours of the morning, the curious and sightseers came to the farm.

Aliens attacks

Although the sheriff never doubted the Suttons ' accounts of what had happened, he had done them a disservice by failing to designate the farm as a crime scene. Evidence of what happened that night could have been trampled, stolen, or destroyed by a curious reporter or tourist. To make matters worse, a rainstorm the next day turned the ground to mud. If there were any footprints, they would have been washed away by the rain.

Bud Ledwith, an engineer at the local radio station (and an amateur artist), heard talk of the Sutton farm invasion and grabbed some drawing materials, and drove straight to the scene. When he arrived at the farm, he was able to convince three women-Miss Glennie, Vera Sutton, and Alain Sutton-to help him draw images of the creature.

At first, each woman drew separately, as best she could. Ledwith then made a collective drawing of the goblin, which they unanimously approved.

Detailed scheme of alien

Drawing of alien

Naturally, the first reaction to these events was distrust. The initial public opinion was that the whole story was a hoax. If this were the case, it would be one of the biggest and most useless hoaxes in the history of ufology. The family did not benefit from the incident and avoided advertising. On the contrary, it suffered losses, both in monetary terms and in moral terms.

In the course of shooting monsters, Billy Ray and Lucky turned the house into a colander - a significant amount of money was required for major repairs. The fields were trampled for several years in a row.

The people of southwestern Kentucky are people who, even now, in our time, are largely religious, and even conformists. Having written such a story there, you need to be prepared for the risk of forever being branded a madman or a liar, with such consequences as contempt and bullying. It's not too surprising that Sutton and Billy Ray Taylor and their families moved to another state after the incident.


11 people, including children, witnessed the events. All of them, when questioned separately, told the same story. Also, separately, drawings of creatures were made, which even in detail differed little. A year after the events, the case was once again thoroughly checked by an investigator from New York, Isabel Davis, there are reports and documents - no evidence of a hoax was put forward. The case was also studied by the well-known researcher Allen Hynek. All three discussed the details of the incident and concluded that it was extremely strange, but the eyewitness accounts were credible and authentic.


This is how many modern ufologists interpret the contact in Kelly-Hopkinsville.

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