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Alec Newald shares the story of alien abduction

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Alec Newald shares the story of alien abduction

In 2017, New Zealand resident Alec Newald made a sensational statement in the American radio show about UFOs and paranormal phenomena "As You Wish Talk Radio" that 30 years ago he was abducted by a UFO for ten days. How did this happen?

The disappearance of Alec Newald

In the early February morning of 1989, Alec got into his car in his native Rotorua and drove to the city of Auckland. The journey time on the mountain road usually took about three hours. When Newald arrived at his destination, he was very surprised to find out that he had been absent for 10 days! What does it all mean?

The man did not remember at all where he had been all this time. He was tormented by severe headaches, fatigue, blurred consciousness. When concerned relatives asked where he had been, he could not answer clearly. A few days later, Alec unexpectedly announced that he was at a secret alien base, who told him about their super-advanced civilization. He said it happened on a steep bend in the mountain.

I was driving a car and it felt like a ton of bricks had fallen on me. It's like someone poured cement on me. I felt as if I had been pushed or hit hard.I was paralyzed, I couldn't turn the steering wheel, apply the brakes or do anything else.

Here's what he said:

Then he said that he suddenly found himself in an incomprehensible space filled with bright light. He thought he was dead, and it was his spirit traveling through the afterlife. Several unusual creatures appeared in front of Alec, whom he mistook for a ghost. At the same moment, the man realized that he could control his thoughts. Soon three more joined the first group. They were all very thin, of medium height, with large heads and unusually narrow eyes. Their faces were wider compared to people's faces. They didn't talk, but Alec immediately felt their presence in his head. The aliens led the New Zealander along a long corridor, at the end of which he saw buildings of unusual shape.

Organic technology and kindness

Then he was placed in a special machine, which took a form specially created for his body. The aliens claimed to use these structures to create the physical bodies they are in on Earth. And they also showed super-powerful devices that affect people's consciousness. According to him, when he was abducted by a UFO, he was on another planet. In his statements, he assures that he was able to observe "advanced organic technology."

He also mentioned the presence of spaceships that were controlled by consciousness, "merging" with it. He claims that there is a "higher realm" that people have not yet reached. These creatures were similar to humans, but their technology was very different from ours. Their vibration and spirituality were related to the biological technology they possessed. For this reason, their bodies were less dense, and they could move freely in space.

Alec Newald shares the story of alien abduction

Newald talks about the unique organic technology used by the aliens.
The aliens were able to grow whatever they wanted; plants, animals. Even their homes were transformed according to needs and were sensitive to external stimuli. The ships were controlled mentally. In fact, he claims that these ships were part of an organic origin. As a kind of animal or plant that he could perceive by feeling them internally. The aliens also didn't eat solid food like humans. Rather, they drank a kind of "solution" comparable to monatomic gold. The main focus of these creatures was on kindness. They wanted to learn the most from me about the differences that exist between people. They are sure that kindness has profound consequences, and it can affect the whole environment. They could even influence people.

It looks like I told you in vain…

Alec Newald contacted NexUS magazine in 1995 to publish his book "CoEvolution". There he told about everything he had experienced and how he returned to Earth 10 days after staying in the "Shelter", the homeworld of aliens. Obviously, his story has caused controversy and admiration in equal measure. The number of details he provided made it impossible to believe that this was a made-up story. In fact, the creators of Nexus Magazine allowed him to tell his story during the 1996 NEXUS conference. After his experience, Alec Newald received various visits from government officials. Scientists and researchers interrogated him for hours, but no one expressed disbelief at his words. (At least openly).

Alec Newald alien abduction

The experience of this man went down in history thanks to the medium who dared to tell it. However, how many similar events have been forgotten because of fear or just skepticism? After Alec's miraculous return (he didn't understand how it happened), the secret services became interested in his story. Now Newald has become a test subject on his home planet. Officials were primarily interested in the technology of the alien race. But the more the former "prisoner" recalled his journey and talked about it, the more unbearable it became for him to live. Family and friends reacted to his stories with irony and distrust, and some even began to consider him crazy.

I was ostracized by people from whom I expected to support. In fact, after I tried to share that I was abducted by a UFO. And with anything I've learned, my life has become more than complicated. It became impossible to live as before

Alec Newald said bitterly:

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