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The 1965 Valensole UFO Encounter

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The 1965 Valensole UFO Encounter. The aliens were afraid of the farmer

This incident occurred on July 1, 1965, when Maurice Mass, the owner of a farm in southern Provence, saw something strange in a lavender field. 

Mass was walking slowly towards the barn when he heard a strange sound coming from the direction of the field. "Damn it, as much as you can!" -  The farmer grumbled. He assumed that a military helicopter was landing on his field again – in the summer, pilots often damaged the local bushes while performing training tasks. Determined to deal decisively with those who were spoiling his lavender, Maurice Mass headed out into the fields. What was revealed to his eyes, he will never forget again.

Instead of a helicopter, Mass saw a strange egg-shaped object the size of a large car. The machine stood on six thin legs 60 meters away from the farmer. Next to the ship, the Frenchman noticed two children. At least, that's what he thought at first because they were about 1.2 meters tall.

Drawing of the ship by Maurice Mass

Drawing of the ship by Maurice Mass

As he approached the ship, Mass realized that these figures weren't mischievous children, they weren't even human. The creatures had bald and large heads of a pale color, a sharp chin, and eyes elongated to the temples. They were wearing heavy blue-and-green jumpsuits. And, most strikingly, they were unaware of Maurice Mass.

Noticing the man, one of the creatures flinched and turned sharply in the direction of the ship. The second humanoid, a meter away, held out a long, thin hand with a strange tube clenched in it. Pointing it at the farmer, the alien slowly backed away. It was as if a light blob exploded in front of Mass's eyes, and he was paralyzed. The creatures stared at their prey for about a minute, communicating with each other in high, guttural voices.

Those whom the farmer had taken for boys were not men at all

Those whom the farmer had taken for boys were not men at all

Journalists later learn that the fear that had gripped Maurice Mass in the first minutes disappeared during the paralysis. The Frenchman noted that he could feel almost nothing but numbness. He watched as the creatures disappeared through the ship's opening door, then reappeared in the translucent " cockpit." According to Maurice  " inside, they seemed to be standing behind the control panel." After a few moments, the machine rumbled up a meter and slowly floated towards the hill, then accelerated sharply and disappeared into the summer Provencal sky.

An illustration of the incident from a local newspaper

An illustration of the incident from a local newspaper

Mass remained paralyzed for about 15 minutes after the visitors to his farm left. The first thing he did when he was able to move-carefully examined the traces left by the landing of the UFO. Clearly visible were the indentations from the ship's legs and a large, dark, circular footprint. Having made sure of the integrity of the prints, Mass rushed to the city to his friend, the owner of the cafe, and told what happened to him. The story soon became known to reporters and government officials, who became frequent visitors to the farm.

Landing marks in a farmer's field

Landing marks in a farmer's field

The landing area was wetter and subsequently hardened as if it were concrete. The analysis of vegetation from this place showed an increased content of calcium. The lavender growing nearby suddenly began to die.

Maurice Mass

Maurice Mass

Immediately there were consequences of the incident. Maurice Mass began to suffer from nightmares, often sleeping for 12 hours and feeling very sleepy. In addition, he complained of apathy and a lack of interest in life. But the most interesting thing was told by his wife in a conversation with French UFO researchers. It turns out that her husband confessed to her that the creatures gave him some important information when he stood in front of them, unable to move. What this information was, Mass vowed never to tell anyone. And so it happened – on May 14, 2004, Maurice Mass left our world, taking with him a secret.

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