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The Manhattan alien abduction story

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The Manhattan alien abduction story

One of the most significant cases of UFO abduction occurred on November 30, 1989, in Manhattan, New York. The case centers around one Linda Napolitano, who claims that the "greys" abducted a waiting UFO from the window of their closed apartment and subjected her to medical procedures. The case became known through the efforts of researcher Budd Hopkins. The events started at 3:00 am.

Memory loss

After the experience, Linda barely remembered what had happened. From time to time, she recalled a brief moment of what had happened, but she could remember how she had actually been taken, and even the room in which she had been examined, but no more. The case was brought together through regressive hypnosis, witness testimony, and the actual time when her mind began to heal itself.

Manheten story of abduction

Two eyewitnesses

A year after the actual kidnapping, Hopkins began receiving mail from two men who claimed to have seen the kidnapping. At first, Hopkins was suspicious of their testimony, but over time, their reports would help turn the case into one of the most well-documented alien abductions in Ufology. Without any contact with Napolitano, their report coincided in every aspect with Linda's recollections.

The authors of the report were two police officers who, after much hesitation, decided to report an unusual event that they witnessed at the end of November 1989, between 3 and 3 o'clock in the morning. That night, they were on duty in their car, parked under the FDR Drive (overpass) in Manhattan, near the Brooklyn Bridge. Suddenly, they saw through the windshield a strange oval glowing object hovering over a building two or three blocks away.

Its lights ranged from reddish-orange to whitish-blue and came from the lower part. L ' the object is lowered to the window of a 12-storey apartment. The two agents grabbed their binoculars: what they soon saw was an impressive sight: a female figure in a long white nightgown appeared from a building window; the woman hovered like an angel in the void, in a dazzling blue-white beam of light, followed by three small humanoid creatures, one above her and two below her, toward a large oval object. They entered it. Soon, the object moved in the direction in which the two police officers were, quickly flew over FDR Drive, and plunged into the river (East River) behind the Brooklyn Bridge.

He did not reappear for at least 45 minutes while the two agents remained in place. They would have liked to wait a little longer, but they had to leave for official reasons. They remained, in addition to an understandable fear, a strong sense of guilt for not being able to help this poor woman. Now, after so many months, they decided to look for her (they remembered the building and the window she had come out of) in the hope of finding her alive and well. If and when this happens, they will write to Hopkins again. At the moment, they chose to remain completely anonymous, given their sensitive profession.

Hopkins was shocked to read the letter. He quickly realized that Robert and Dan had witnessed the kidnapping of Linda Cortile. Match all: date, time, location of buildings, color, nightshirts, a ray of the light, flying object. The scientist called Linda and asked her to come to his office. The woman reacted to the letter with great pain. "I know from experience," says Hopkins, "that no' abductee ' in his heart of hearts wants to be sure of the truth of this experience.

manhatan abduction 1989

A few weeks later, Linda called Hopkins again to tell him that Richard and Dan, as announced in their letter, had come to see her. The meeting was touching. Dan sat down on the sofa, put his head in his hands, and said, "My God, it's her!" Richard, his eyes wet with tears, hugged her, happy and relieved to see her alive and well. They were both surprised to learn that she was expecting them and that she was working with Hopkins.

They wanted to look out of the "abduction window" to determine from there the location of their car on that fateful night. They asked Linda to tell them everything she remembered about the kidnapping, but she refused, taking Hopkins ' advice. who wanted to interrogate all possible witnesses without first talking to the main character. However, Richard and Dan said they would not allow themselves to be interviewed, as their professional reputations would be compromised if their names were publicly implicated in a UFO story.

Later, they wrote to Hopkins again: three times Dan and seven times Richard.

The latter also sent an audiotape. In his first letter, Dan explained what was the main reason for their desire for anonymity: on the night of the surveillance, they were not alone in the car: they also had a prominent politician with them, whom they accompanied to the city helipad. During the observation, the car's engines and headlights inexplicably went out, as well as the onboard radio and telephone stopped working. The car was then pushed back to the elevated FDR Drive highway, to a more sheltered and secure location. From there, they and the politician witnessed the kidnapping.

In an audiotape sent to Hopkins, Richard repeated the story on November 30, 1989, adding new details. Among other things, he stated that Linda and the three "aliens" were in a "fetal position" when they stepped out of the window into the beam of light. Linda wasn't naked, as she'd feared, but her nightgown was fluttering.

The details of the" fetal position" of the" abducted " were not confirmed. According to Hopkins, this contradiction is due to the recognition that Linda was actually curled up (as will be repeated, as we will see, by other evidence) and lost her memory due to the altered state of consciousness in which she was at the moment. After all, the scientist adds, the "white cloth" that the woman saw rising (and then falling) in front of her eyes must have been her own nightgown: her knees bent (actually in the fetal position) and covered with a white shirt must have given the impression of a "white screen" raised in front of her face.

Javier Perez de Cuellar

Eventually, the two will be identified as the bodyguards of senior United Nations statesman Javier Perez de Cuellar, who was visiting Manhattan at the time of the kidnapping. The bodyguards claimed Cuellar was "visibly shaken" as he watched the kidnapping. Three men said they saw a woman floating through the air with three small creatures in a large flying machine.

Javier Perez de Cuellar

Napolitano's own words

The night before, she had washed and ironed while her husband and children went to bed. The housework had been going on for a long time, and when she went to bed, it was already about three o'clock in the morning (November 30).

After a few minutes, he began to feel a numbness spreading from his legs to the rest of his body, and at the same time, he felt an alien presence in the room. Startled, she tried to wake her husband, but he remained strangely numb. Then he saw three small macrocephalic creatures with huge black eyes approaching the bed. Linda, whose hands are numb but not immobilized, grabbed a large decorative pillow and threw it at the intruders.

Suddenly, she was completely paralyzed. "I made them angry," she thought in horror, "and now they will take my children!" What happened next, it is impossible to specify: the memory was vague, fragmentary. She vaguely remembered sitting on the table when something, small hands or tools, gently tapped her spine; and he also remembered a certain "white cloth" that rose to his eyes and then fell back.


Hopkins tried to calm her down as much as possible over the phone and made an appointment for three days to put her into regressive hypnosis. During the session, Linda recalled three or four small humanoids walking up to the bed, carrying her into the living room and out through the "closed" window.

I don't stand on anything. And they lift me all the way to the top, above the building. Oh, I hope I don't fall. The UFO opens up almost like a clam, and then I'm inside. I see benches that look like regular benches. And they lead me down the hall. The doors open like sliding doors. Inside, there are all these lights and buttons and a big long table.

Linda, who was forty-one at the time, described part of her ordeal:

The woman again saw herself in an upright position, suspended in the void at a height of 12 floors (where her apartment was located). He floated up and through a circular opening entered a large object hovering above the building. The rest of the experience was typical of "kidnappings": lying on a table, she was examined by small alien creatures, who, among other things, examined her spine, lightly hitting it up and down. The return was shocking. She felt herself being lowered into the bed from a height of about half a meter. Right after that, she tried to wake up her husband, but he was almost dead. Fearing the worst, she ran to the nursery, which she also found completely numb.

They killed my family! She thought wistfully. Trying to reason, he picked up a hand mirror and placed it under the nose of one of the boys. The mirror fogged up, thank God, the son survived. Suddenly, the other child stirred and began to breathe visibly, and soon after, the sound of her husband snoring was heard from the master bedroom, welcomed in this case. All the family members usually slept at the same time. Linda admitted to Hopkins that she was ashamed because she believed that she was naked when she swam in a blue-and-white beam from the house at an altitude of 40 meters. He suggested that the "white cloth" that rose and then fell before his eyes could be her long nightgown fluttering in the air.

More witnesses to come

Over time, more witnesses will appear with their stories of what they saw. Hopkins did not divulge the details of the testimony until he felt the case was complete enough to make it public. One of the most striking accounts came from Janet Kimball, a retired former telephone operator. She also saw the kidnapping but thought she was watching a movie on set.

In the fall of 1991, another independent witness came forward: a woman who witnessed the kidnapping scene from the Brooklyn Bridge.

In meetings with Hopkins, she reported that when she was driving over the bridge, the engine and headlights went out. The lights on the bridge also went out. The story of the abduction followed the story of the two policemen, including details of the "fetal position", which were described in a different way. "They were all rolled up when they came out of the window."

Alien abductions 

Although the abduction scene did not last more than a minute, there is no doubt that other witnesses besides those mentioned witnessed it. This was confirmed by both the agents and the woman from the bridge. Hopkins claims to have interviewed seven people so far. One of them, a woman, did not see the abduction but said that that evening, at that time and place, she saw a reddish-orange object in the sky. I wait, Hopkins says: let others come forward, and it is for this reason, he adds, that I still keep some details of this case secret: in fact, I should be able to test the reliability of someone who decides to testify in the future.

The Cortila case, Hopkins concludes, is distinguished primarily by the quality and number of independent witnesses. The evidence for reality, he says, is extraordinarily rich and varied: they include letters, recorded statements, drawings, oral reports, and video recordings. A huge amount of investigation and control work was carried out with the help of a police officer and on the advice of two psychiatrists and psychologists, who were able to track and study the emotional reactions of the various subjects involved in the story (yes, it turned out that Dan had experienced a real psychological crisis).

Will Cuellar be public?

It will take some time before Hopkins is going to find the name of a statesman of the United Nations. When he did, he knew that if he could get such an outstanding person to come forward with his testimony, it would be the smoking gun of alien abduction and finally put Ufology in the hands of the scientific community. Hopkins ' wish won't come true. Although Cuellar was said to have met privately with Hopkins, he would not go public.

Personal confirmation

Cuellar helped Hopkins verify the details of the case by correspondence, but explained to Hopkins why he could not make his testimony public. This would always leave a gap in the investigation, although there were other witnesses and Linda's account of her horrific ordeal. Despite some ups and downs, Hopkins probably did his best job of unifying the story of Linda Napolitano's kidnapping.

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