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Abduction of airborne Sergeant Charles L. Moody

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Abduction of Airborne Sergeant Charles L. Moody

On August 13, 1975, there was another UFO encounter, its location was the city of Alamogordo (New Mexico) and the eyewitness was airborne Sergeant Charles L. Moody. He was observing a meteor shower at 01:15 hours when he saw a glowing metallic disc-shaped object descend to the ground and hover above it at an altitude of about 300 meters.


The UFO measured about 50 feet long and 18-20 feet wide. It was spinning on its axis, and then it suddenly started moving towards Moody. He quickly got into the car, but could not start it. The sergeant heard a shrill sound. He noticed a window in the UFO, through which silhouettes resembling human beings were visible. The noise ended, and Moody suddenly felt his body slowly begin to go numb.

The last thing he remembered was how the UFO flew up and disappeared into the sky. Moody turned the ignition key in his car again, and the engine finally started. Terrified, he quickly drove home. When he returned, he was surprised to see that the clock was already showing 03:00. The sergeant could not believe that his adventure had lasted for a whole hour and a half.

The next day, Moody felt a pain in his back. Within a few days, the lower part of his body was covered with a rash. On the doctor's recommendation, the sergeant began to practice self-hypnosis, trying to remember what had happened during that lost period of time. Within a few weeks, Moody was able to piece together the pieces of his memories. According to them, the sergeant, after his body stopped going numb, noticed that two strange creatures were approaching the car.

Their height was close to the 6-foot mark, and the strangers wore black tight-fitting clothing. After a short fight with them, the sergeant lost consciousness. He woke up on the floor inside the aircraft and felt a leaden weight in his arms and legs. Standing next to Moody was the main alien. He differed from the kidnappers of the sergeant in his small stature (about 5 feet) and the silver-white color of his suit. But, like them, he had a bald head, protruding eyebrows, round eyes, small ears, a small nose, and very thin lips. The stranger's skin was a light gray shade.

The leader telepathically asked Moody if he would be quiet. The sergeant agreed, and the man put the tanks on his back, after which the paralysis disappeared. Moody was taken to another part of the ship, where there was a disk-shaped device that consisted of a rod surrounded by a dome of glass with three holes. One end of it looked like a ball, and the other was crowned with a brand. As he was being led around the ship, Moody smelled a sweet smell. The sergeant was informed that the main headquarters of the aliens is located 270 miles from Earth. The leader promised that soon his civilization will establish contact with earthlings, but warned that this will definitely not happen in the next 20 years. The aliens informed Moody that he would forget the incident for 2 weeks. Then the leader again made the sergeant lose consciousness.

aliens by Moody version

Charles McQuiston, one of the authors of the Psychological Stress Evaluator, analyzed Moody's words and reported that everything he said was true.
However, investigator Jim Lorenzen noticed a couple of contradictions in his testimony. At first, he reported that the main ship was 400 km from Earth but later said that the distance between the planet and the headquarters is about 6000 miles. Lorenzen also noted that in Moody's story, the ringleader's assistants were both strong (when they kidnapped the sergeant) and weak (because they did not take any action on the ship).

Whether he saw them again, it is not known for certain. Did the aliens return after 1995? On the one hand, we did not see any official contacts, on the other hand, Moody did not say that the aliens promised such contacts in 20 years. There is also a third party-there are cases of alien visits to the present time, but whether these are the same aliens who kidnapped the sergeant or not - time will tell.

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