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A strange cloud over Alaska caused panic rumors. We give an answer to the question.

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A strange cloud over Alaska caused panic rumors. We give an answer to the question.

Photos with a strange "cloud" over a mountain in Alaska (USA), caused a lot of panic rumors: from the fall of a UFO to the attack of a "secret Russian weapon". 

UFO sightings Alaska

The rumors so alarmed social networks that the Alaska military and the Rescue Coordination Center conducted an investigation and announced that everything was not so terrible. However, this explanation did not satisfy everyone. A bizarre worm-like cloud was spotted over Lazy Mountain last Thursday (April, 7, 2022) and the images quickly went viral on social networks, attracting the attention of supporters of conspiracy theories of all stripes.

UFO sightings Alaska

First of all, the local authorities checked whether there had been a plane crash and found that no missing planes or helicopters, including military ones, had been reported in the area. Other hypotheses included a satellite falling from space, a meteorite impact, or a Russian rocket. Further investigation revealed that shortly before the discovery of a strange cloud, a large commercial plane flew over the mountain en route to JFK Airport in New York.

UFO sightings

They contacted the plane, found that everything was fine with it and it had no technical problems. Thus, in the end, the authorities had only one logical version, which they put forward as an explanation - the strange cloud was allegedly just an inversion trace from that commercial aircraft.

The bizarre appearance of this trace was explained by the fact that "there was a combination of an inversion trace and the rising sun."

UFO sightings Alaska. what it was?

Many netizens called this explanation complete nonsense and an attempt to simply hide another fact of the UFO crash. And the fact that the military was involved in the investigation added plausibility to this theory.

UFO sightings Alaska. what it was

What fell in Alaska in 2022. The answer to the question according to UFO-AC Research group

Let's think logically. The object was noticed by the military, not on radar, but visually. If it was an airplane, then it is quite obvious that they would know that commercial air transport is flying, and there is absolutely no point in worrying. But this is not the case. So from the earthly versions of the origin, we have three main theories.

  1. The object was not visible on the radar, because it was a missile that had serious protection against detection of an anti-aircraft missile system. And in order not to be disgraced, the idea of public publicity and providing false information about the contrail and the plane was put forward. By the way, look at the trail from the Chelyabinsk meteorite. Does it remind you of anything?
    UFO sightings
  2. Crew Dragon. Despite the official statement that the pictures appeared on April 7, no one referred to the source, and the pictures appeared in the daily mail on April 9. We also noticed them on April 9th. We would like to remind you that Crew Dragon was launched during this period. There is a theory that the video from the ISS is filmed here on Earth. there are quite a few videos about this. In this article, we will not analyze in detail the truthfulness or fallacy. Both sides have serious arguments. If we follow this theory, then presentation rockets are launched in a parabola, because there is no goal to go into space, and then they collapse and fall to a safe place. This is probably the case, and that is why the missile was not on the radar.
  3. Meteorite version. Our astronomers are not very good at tracking the fall of meteorites. There are not those mythical ones that are about to collide with the earth every year. And the real ones that fall to the surface. This may be the case

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