What the Chinese discovered in a 40 m well on the far side of the Moon

What the Chinese discovered in the 40th well on the far side of the Moon?

The Moon is Earth's only proper natural satellite has long been of interest for research. Especially mysterious is the side of the Moon, called the dark side. Chinese scientists were the first to land a lunar rover on this surface and analyze its composition.

Reasons for interest in the dark side of the Moon

The studied part of the cosmic body is always out of sight from Earth. Therefore, scientists have always been interested in what it is, what is on it, how it differs from the visible part. The dark lunar side is shielded from radio noise from the Earth but is sometimes illuminated by the Sun.

bsvk difr of the Moon

They began to explore it with images from space. The first images were published by Soviet scientists in 1959. Later, NASA employees joined them, announcing that the Moon's crust in this area is thicker by 10-20 km.

The moon crater

Further research was also of interest. They discovered that the surface of a cosmic body includes rock originating from the mantle. It was assumed that the Moon collided with another object many billions of years ago, which caused an eruption of molten rock and formed a large crater, 12 km deep.

That was able to detect the Chinese

The Chinese spacecraft "Chang'e-4" successfully landed on the surface of the Moon on December 14, 2013. Onboard was the probe "Yutu-2", which was engaged in the direct study of the surface of the space object. In, scientists received sensational results.

The research focused on a pocket crater located in the ocean of storms. The lunar rover managed to drill a well.

At a depth regolith and cobblestones were found. The composition of the rock confirmed the version about the formation of the surface under the influence of volcanic activity. But the lunar rover failed to find basalt impurities, which negated the previously established assumption.

Chinese and the moon

Perhaps the Moon reacted differently to a collision with a large asteroid many billions of years ago. Its core quickly cooled down, so the formation of the surface occurred in a different scenario.

cjange moon probe

Scientists from China managed to obtain samples of regolith. The rock is like sand. Researchers are trying to grow potatoes and rhesus on it. The Chang'e-4 spacecraft has already delivered a 3-kilogram container of seeds to the far side of the Moon to conduct an experiment in natural conditions for the Earth's satellite.

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