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New Zealand UFO sightings 2020

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West Auckland UFO Sighting. New Zealand UFO sightings 2020

This sighting was sent to us by a visitor of our site (Marc Coppell). We found it interesting and trustworthy. Below we present his message and video materials.

On May 9 2020, my spark drone captures something moving very fast while filming B Roll for my documentary on New Zealand's Bigfoot. UFO travels from top of mountain area to near ground level. Too fast for a drone or a bird (no wing movement) around 1200+ kms a hour (estimated via Google Earth). Travels over a house as it nears ground level. What is it?

View from large screen not cel phone as it may be hard to see. I am video and photo pro so I examined the object traveling over the top of a distant mountain when zoomed in 600% from Adobe Premiere. The reason I know it goes over the mountain and not an insect is when zoomed into the point of origin area, the object goes behind something on the mountain. Here is the video

The start of the video is at 100% and last part I zoom into the object digitally. Need to view on a large screen.

West Auckland UFO Sighting. New Zealand UFO sightings 2020

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