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Unusual footprints on ancient objects that are difficult to find a simple explanation for

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Unusual footprints on ancient objects that are difficult to find a simple explanation

On the surface of some megaliths or mysterious objects located all over the earth, you can find very interesting traces. But the most striking thing is that many tracks are very similar to each other despite the difference in distance of thousands of kilometers.

India, Barabar caves.

India, Barabar caves.

The object is located in Sigiriya.

The object is located in Sigiriya.

I can not ignore the remark that the nature and type of traces are more like technological excavation, rather than the development of primitive hand tools. That's just the meaning of their creation is completely unclear.

The most striking thing is when a similar trail can be found on an ordinary mountain, which does not stand out from the rest. The existence of such traces makes us think of not only ordinary researchers but also scientists.

To be honest, so far I have not seen a single more or less serious scientific publication that somehow tried to explain the origin of the traces, not to mention their identity around the world.


Here's how, for example, the Indians left such a trail on the mountain and why?

In my opinion, such traces have long been time to equate the degree of mystery to such objects as the famous lines of the Nazca plateau.


It is difficult to even guess what goals were pursued by the ancient builders, leaving such traces on ancient objects.

It will be even more strange if it was done by different people from different time periods. What can explain such a desire of ancient people to leave a completely incomprehensible trace on a rock or a piece of stone?

strange traces

But I'm more interested in why the footprints left from different parts of the Earth are so similar to each other? And not only in type and character, but some in shape and size. a real mystery of history.

Only in this article, I have shown traces from India, Nigeria, Peru, and Japan. there are too many coincidences to call them random.

But I still met similar traces at least in Russia and Jordan.

Please note that these traces are not mythical conjectures or attempts to take wishful thinking, but quite real facts that require serious research.

However, instead of research, scientists prefer to ignore them, but I still hope that in time we will learn the truth.

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