Unidentified underwater civilizations

Unidentified underwater civilizations

In 1927-29, the famous science fiction writer A. K. Doyle produced the novel "The Maracot Deep", in which he described in detail the possibility of the existence of an underwater civilization more developed and advanced than ours. According to the author, this civilization was formed during the existence of Atlantis — a city that was never found, which sank.

The novel was published in 1930. By that time, we were already practicing the construction of submarines, with the help of which we planned to explore the sea and ocean depths. When the first tests of new watercraft were carried out, humanity repeatedly encountered unidentified underwater objects, which was noted in various information sources, such as the press.

 unidentified underwater objects

Facts from history

In 1951, one of the Soviet anti-submarine ships was "lucky" to fix unidentified underwater objects, after which he drove it into a dead end and threw powerful bombs. Despite all the efforts of the ship, the unidentified object managed to bypass all obstacles, after which it quickly disappeared into the depths of the Pacific Ocean.

The situation described above was far from the only one. As you know, water covers most of our planet. If we compare the planet with an apartment building, then we got only a small family in this house. Therefore, it is absolutely wrong to claim that the terrestrial civilization that we represent is the only one on the planet.

It should be noted that Earth submarines and other warships have encountered unidentified underwater objects so often that for many sailors this process has become a common thing, which they declare openly and quite naturally. It is known that contacts with underwater inhabitants became more frequent after we began to build and launch nuclear submarines that pose a threat to them. To date, ufologists engaged in the study of unidentified underwater objects put forward several theories regarding their essence and origin.

unidentified underwater objects

"The theory of Earthly origin"

The Nazis of Hitler's Germany, as we know, succeeded in technology. Thus, in 1943, they designed and launched into the sky several supernova flying vehicles, shaped like UFO-board-shaped objects. By 1945, the Germans had built quite a large number of copies of the above-described devices. So why couldn't such an advanced nation create super-powerful underwater watercraft? Perhaps Germany built its base in the ocean depths, which is still inhabited by a colony of the heirs of the Third Reich.

"The original theory"

Earthlings may be descendants of a super-developed civilization that originally lived underwater. We did not stay to live in the waters of the World Ocean for unknown reasons. Perhaps we were expelled, or we made such a decision ourselves. In any case, we have forgotten our origin over the years. We have lost our original knowledge because they were not useful to us in the new difficult conditions. Simply put, when a person needs to survive and teach this to his children, he will not tell them about high technologies, but rather show them how to get and cook food.

"Parallel development"

No one will deny that we and the underwater civilization could develop in a parallel way. Perhaps, after the flood, some of us went into the depths of the ocean, and we were left to survive on a tiny expanse of land.

"Alien origin"

A certain alien civilization preferred to place its bases and transport where there are no human eyes. Perhaps she needs these databases in order to monitor our development.

The taboo on ocean exploration

Since the 60s, a huge number of scientists have sought to explore the ocean waters. For this purpose, various devices and mechanisms were built, for example, bathyscaphes, diving equipment, and even underwater houses.

The taboo on ocean exploration

The famous French explorer of the ocean depths, Jacques-Yves Cousteau, proposed to create a kind of Society of the United Oceans of the Earth. Shortly before that, he and his colleagues had designed "underwater houses" in which they planned to settle scientists with their families. The organization described above, proposed by Cousteau, could have become similar to the UN, but this did not happen for unknown reasons.

At the end of the 70s, all research on the deep oceans was discontinued. The government simply stopped funding scientists working in the above field. After that, scientists stopped thinking about building underwater bases and laboratories. The decision of the leaders of all countries was unanimous — on December 10, 1982, they adopted the UN Convention, in which a person was forbidden to permanently reside in the ocean depths, even if he plans to live there for scientific purposes.

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