UFOs against the laws of physics. Time

UFOs are against the laws of physics. Time

It will be about the alleged ability of extraterrestrial ships to affect space and time. In ufology, many cases of such exposure have already been registered.

According to the Danish physicist P. Heglund, from 1976 to 2001 there were 274 cases of unexplained movements of people and objects in time. The effect on time is manifested in the fact that the aliens, apparently, are able to accelerate or, conversely, slow down the passage of time inside their ships and in the immediate vicinity of them. The examples below suggest that time flows much faster inside these ships than on Earth, and this is confirmed by material evidence.

UFOs are against the laws of physics. Time

The mysterious disappearance of soldiers in China

In 1975, in Yunan Province in China, two soldiers standing on duty saw an object circling above them, similar to a plate. One of them ran to the camp for help, and the other stayed. After a few- the commandant came running to me with a dozen soldiers, but the second guard disappeared. He appeared a few hours later, and his beard and hair turned out to be very long as if they had been growing for several weeks. His watch stopped because the factory had run out long ago, but it was impossible to determine how many days of "other" time had passed where the soldier was because there was no date indicator on his watch. The soldier's memory of the experience was completely erased

Time travel in Chile

Another incident occurred in 1977 in the town of Putre in Chile, where two unknown objects (UFO) with a diameter of 10 m, glowing with purple light, landed in the location of a military unit. Corporal Valdez went to find out what these objects were but disappeared in a beam that was directed at him by one of the objects.

And 15 minutes later, Valdez, shaking with fear, appeared among the six soldiers waiting for him and fell to the ground. The watch on Valdez's hand stopped at 4.30, which coincided with the time of his return, but the date on them indicated 5 days ahead. In addition, the corporal's face, which had been clean-shaven before, now turned out to be overgrown with stubble, as if he had not shaved for 5 days. It turned out that for Valdez, five whole days had passed during these 15 minutes, that is, time inside the object flowed almost 500 times faster than on Earth. But Valdez could not remember what happened to him in those quarter of an hour.

A cloud has kidnapped a locksmith

The third case occurred in 1963 on the outskirts of Rostov-on-Don, where a drunken locksmith S. Kovalev, returning home, noticed some small dense cloud in front of him and lost consciousness. Waking up in the morning, Kovalev came home, but his wife, seeing him, was horrified, because he left the house clean-shaven, and returned with a thick two-week stubble on his face. He, too, could not recall anything about where he was during two weeks of this "alien" time.

Egg-shaped UFO in Madagascar

In the cases below, UFOs also appeared, although their participants did not remember that they had to visit these objects, they could not explain where they had been for a long time. In 1967, an egg-shaped UFO landed in Madagascar in front of an officer and 27 sergeants and soldiers of the Foreign Legion. All the eyewitnesses believed that in just a few seconds he took off and disappeared, but when they looked at their watches, it turned out that as much as 3 hours had passed since landing. None of them could remember what happened to him during those hours.

Egg-shaped UFO in Madagascar

2 UFOs with rays

A similar case took place in 1991 near the city of Posyet in the Far East, where on September 14, at 14.00, three officers lit a fire and began to roast a duck on a spit, while they themselves decided to drink a glass under a cold snack. Suddenly, a UFO appeared above them, which sent two beams to earth and flew away after 10 minutes. After that, the officers approached the fire, which for some reason completely burned out and cooled down, and there was ready-made and already cooled duck on the spit. But the most amazing thing is that the clocks of all three showed 17.10, that is, 3 hours more. This meant that the officers were somewhere in a "different" time for these 3 hours. But they didn't remember anything.

Kentucky incident

Given the examples given earlier, it can be assumed that in these two cases, the legionnaires and our officers may also have been placed in unidentified objects. And the fact that the course of their clocks has not changed indicates that the change in time sometimes, apparently, can only affect human organisms, and not mechanisms.

One of the three American women temporarily abducted by aliens in 1976 in Kentucky, Louise Smith, under regressive hypnosis, remembered that while she was inside the alien ship, the minute hand of her wristwatch moved at the speed of a second and, accordingly, the hour hand moved much faster. In a number of other cases, temporarily abducted people, on the contrary, had the impression that they had spent a few minutes or hours in the alien ships, whereas several days had passed on Earth during this time. This meant that in these cases, time flowed much slower inside the ships than on Earth.

Travis Walton UFO incident

Travis Walton, abducted by aliens in 1975, was sure that he had spent no more than two hours inside the alien ship, but it turned out that 5 whole days had passed.

Travis Walton abducted by aliens

Cigar-shaped UFO

In the city of Ternopil, soldier K., who came out of the barracks at night, saw a cigar-shaped object hovering in the sky, felt that an unknown force was pulling him towards it, and lost consciousness. He woke up in the same place, in the courtyard of the barracks, but in the afternoon, and was very surprised, because he thought that only a few minutes had passed. In fact, he was absent for three days and his wanted list was announced. Attempts to establish what happened to him during this time with the help of regressive hypnosis were unsuccessful.

Abduction by white entities

Another similar case occurred recently in Sichuan Province in China, where a ten-year-old boy Bian Ho disappeared, and residents of this village saw a strange cloud descend to the ground not far from him and some figures in white flashed by.

The search for the boy by relatives and the police lasted about a month but were unsuccessful. And a month and a half later, he suddenly appeared at his parents' house during dinner and apologized for being late. He was very surprised when his sobbing mother rushed to him, and everyone sitting at the table began to cry.

Bian Ho said that today (!) a "white man" approached him and they entered his "house" with him, which then took off. During the flight through the window, he saw some small balls and shiny stars. And then they landed, and the boy was sure that about 3 hours had passed, so he was almost not late for dinner. Scientists subjected Bian Ho to regressive hypnosis, and he confirmed his story.

A traveler from the XIX century was abducted and subjected to experiments

An even stranger case occurred in the USA, in the state of Idaho, where a teacher Katarina Andersen disappeared in 1880. And in 1996, she was found walking along the highway in antique clothes, she could not understand where she was.
Anderson said that in 1880 when she was 38 years old, small creatures that looked like children brought her to some ship and took her to an unknown planet. There she was subjected to a grueling medical experiment and some kind of metal device was mounted in her forehead. On this planet, she spent 116 years in complete isolation and did not age at all, because time there, apparently, flowed much slower than on Earth.

Moving the aircraft

There are also cases when not only people moved in time, but also planes and sea vessels. In 1955, a DC-54 plane with 57 passengers took off from New York to Miami and disappeared. And 35 years later (!), in 1990, he landed in Caracas, the capital of Venezuela, not being detected by radars. The pilot was so stunned when he was told that it was already 1990 that he threw a newspaper for 1955 to the ground, turned the plane around, and took off. The Deputy Minister of Civil Aviation of Venezuela, R. Escobar, said that this amazing fact was confirmed by the entire airport staff.

In 1982, in the Belarusian Military District, a MIG-21 fighter that took off from one of the military airfields soon disappeared from radar screens. The search for the aircraft, which lasted for a day, and the request to the command of the Polish Air Force did not yield results. And exactly one day later, the fighter landed at its airfield, and the pilot was sure that the flight lasted only 12 minutes, and the current onboard clock showed the date of the start of the flight.

A guest from the past - John Walker

In 1996, a badly damaged propeller aircraft from the Second World War landed in Southern England, arriving from the Pas de Calais Strait.

His pilot John Walker confusingly said that he, a lieutenant of the American Air Force, in April 1944, as part of a squadron, covered British heavy bombers flying to bomb military facilities in occupied Belgium. In a dogfight over the Pas-de-Calais, his plane was shot down, he was about to jump with a parachute, but suddenly it went dark in his eyes — he lost consciousness. When Walker came to himself, he saw that his plane was rushing to the ground, there were no other planes in the air, and there was complete silence in his headphones.

Experts confirmed that it was a Tomahawk fighter, which was in service with the American Air Force during the Second World War. Its tail number P-0327 confirmed that this aircraft was part of the 123 Squadron and in April 1944, along with pilot John Walker, went missing. The whole plane was riddled with fresh bullet holes, and the pilot himself did not age at all. Thus, in this amazing case, the plane with the pilot was for 52 years (from 1944 to 1996) in some "other" time.

A guest from the past - John Walker

The weather balloon failed for 30 years

Considering examples of the movement of people, planes, and ships in time, in which UFOs did not appear, it should be borne in mind that they, of course, did not occur spontaneously, but were also carried out by extraterrestrial civilizations. The following two cases suggest that UFOs are even able to make time move in the opposite direction.

In 1995, in Antarctica, American and British-Russian scientists saw a dense fog over the South Pole and launched a weather balloon into it. When the probe was returned to earth, it turned out that the chronometer installed on it showed a date change of 30 years ago, although all other instruments were working properly. The experiment was repeated several times with the same surprising result. (Bic A. The Nature of Time. 2002.)

Thus, we can note that close contact with UFOs is a completely unsafe event. You may lose a life, but come out in a couple of minutes. Be careful and take care of yourself.

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